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EDUCATION SYSTEM WHICH NEED TO BE CHANGED - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. Hola readers, this time it's not just a blog but my personal opinion too regarding the Indian education system.


In recent times, there have been many changes in our education system, but still, there are few changes which can be satisfactorily be accepted. There is still a huge need to change or fix a few things. Although if we compare and analyze the current educational system with what we had decades ago. We can easily establish a record of advancements in the educational system. I did my senior secondary from one of the most privileged schools of Jaipur where I had to pay attention to everything in the surge of my happiness. I was like drawing a blank in this Grey area and this school was like MUMBO JUMBO to me.

Prior to this, I did my school from one of the most prestigious schools in my locality. In remembrance of late Sunil Sharma sir, the founder of this school was a very kind, humble, and cool. TRIP TO CHANDIGARH - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. Since the time we have known we are traveling in the surge of visiting a place that fulfills our life or satiates the demand for traveling partially or wholly.


A visit to The City Beautiful from Pink-City with my friend and family is one such which impels we to write as it was the first planned and dream city of India’s 1st honorable PM Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji. It all started with Ajmer — Chandigarh Garib-rath express. Well, the irony is in the name of the train; The train is fully air-conditioned with vast amenities still its name is Garib-rath.

THE REALISTIC SOULMATE - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. A delightful evening where two people are sitting, enjoying their moment by sharing a glass of wine with infinite feelings for each other can make every second beautiful and romantic…….


And suddenly the director says “CUT”, “VERY GOOD SHOT”, “Let’s move to the next shot”. This is how the ideal soulmate is portrayed in Bollywood of which I am a huge fan; then, the whole romantic film continues with full of depth of emotions, psychology, love, a fantasy which Is loved by the audience like us because all we want is “A PERFECT HAPPY ENDING”.

Well! Well! Well! DEPRESSION AN UNNECESSARY EVIL - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. The recent incident that happened in B - town has turned me down.


The demise of SSR is unbelievable, such a young talented boy took that huge Step which is costed his life. Actually, its not our problem, this problem is being developed by others in our mind and the reason can be anything but what I know is everything has a solution though we can't find that solution at the right time. Say for homework's load, getting bad grades can be a reason for the development of stress in his/her mind but it can be resolved. Talking about a person who is earning or has started his professional carrier EMI, loan, unsatisfied job could be the reason behind stress. Looking at the married couple, their few shortcomings of marriage could lead to develop tension in their marriage relationship. Any factor can lead to stress in all age groups particularly the youth is getting more and more involved In such tension, stresses.

The are many counselors, doctors taking care of such people. FRIENDSHIP - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. Friends is not just a word but it is a complete package of love, care, loyalty, worthy A true friend is very rare to found.


Actually, you don't need to go in search of a friend. It's the time which depicts the true friendship. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. Everything was running as smooth as butter, then came a never forgettable day .. our school's last day.


I actually can't forget such a beautiful day where you are sitting with your friends in school uniform, talking about nothing but just scarp for the last time because who knows the fate. You can't predict your future. I had a mixed feeling for my last day in school as that the day was not normal for me. Some of our fellow students rolled down the wings of the fan on the very last day of the academic year. Irony is our group get punished for rolling down the fans which was completely unacceptable.

Though we were released later as real offenders were caught red-handedly. Every time I remember this incident, it makes me laugh harder till my ribs start paining. After being released from the punishment we had our last words with our teachers when they really tried to inspire us for exam hovering overhead which we took casually. MUSIC - THINKING BEYOND IMAGINATION. Music is not just a 5 letter word for me it's an addiction, it's a sense of calmness in all this hustle, a way to everything as music can relate to every bit of our life Music is not a word for some people it's their emotion what they feel or connect with Music is not what we hear it's about those feelings lyrics which crash deep down to our heart A fantastic story beautiful lyrics tranquilizing beats and the heart touching vibes make a song enjoyable but more importantly loveable Everyone has his/her own playlist of a particular genre as some like jazz some like hip-hop while others may enjoy classical, while some people opt for regional music.


I am Musicophile particularly stating about Punjabi music.