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Ley Lines

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What is a ley line. Ley line. Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are supposed alignments of numerous places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords.

Ley line

The phrase was coined in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track. He sought to identify ancient trackways in the British landscape. Ley Lines: A Definition. "It defies conventional scientific explanation today and like you said Kat, science has to seriously examine This Most Ancient of Mysteries.

Ley Lines: A Definition

Their is nothing More Ancient than the evidence of Leys Lines on this earth and the Most Misunderstond and the Least Educated about Them! Its a phenomena in itself how many people are not even aware of the words "Ley Line"? *DDn***" DDn - I think the leys are probably already being studied by science today. But I suspect those studies are being done in secret and carried out by people involved in researching the military applications in the ley lines. There are countless archeological texts that absolutely suggest that whatever this technology was, "the gods" of antiquity, the Anunnaki, were the ones who ultimately gained access to the Pyramid-ley technology, and used it for their own advantage to manipulate, control and even kill mass populations of people.

This was a BIG TIME war, and the war was apparently fought between opposing god systems. Ley lines. Ley line. Ley Lines and Earth’s Chakras. We know about the main vortexes of energy in the human body – chakras, but I accepted quite naturally that Gaia, mother earth too has Chakras.

Ley Lines and Earth’s Chakras

How we have energy flowing through our body, the earth too has an energy flow that seems to be quite a topic of interest. While doing the post on Sacred Geometry, I came across something interesting, Ley lines, and the following night I ended up hearing a music track called ley lines, it was total synchronicity. On digging deep into this matter, I pulled up some interesting stuff for you to take a look at. What are Ley Lines? Alfred Watkins spoke about Ley Lines in his book The Old Straight Track, he realized that old monuments, burial grounds, religious structures, monoliths all ended up on a straight line. Leylines of Earth Energy: Earth Magic - Tuning into Our Mother at Rajuna's Refuge.

Alfred Watkins, discovered leylines in 1921 from his realization that a series of straight lines could link all of the Earth's various landmarks into a network of ancient tracks.

Leylines of Earth Energy: Earth Magic - Tuning into Our Mother at Rajuna's Refuge

"Watkins believed that this alignment could not be due to mere chance. He believed that prehistoric man had deliberately made the tracks as a sort of road network, using the various landmarks as sighting points. Many of them are situated on hilltops where they could be seen against the horizon, and thus made excellent reference points for the Neolithic or Bronze Age traveller. He first voiced his discoveries in public at a slide-show and lecture to fellow members of the Woolhope Club where, although treated with some scepticism, they were well received and aroused keen interest.

A few months later, in 1922, Watkins published his first book about Leys, called the "Early British Trackways". Earth’s kundalini: Questions answered. Earthchakras. Great lakes Ley Line Map. Energy Vortices. Atlantis and the Earth grid. Chapter 7 Atlantis and the Earth grid.

Atlantis and the Earth grid

The World-Grid. The World Grid: (Prehistoric Geodesy) The basic essence of a world grid is the intellectual division of the surface of the world into a mathematically predictable model.

The World-Grid

Earth Grid. [under construction] Curry Lines Hartmann Net or Hartmann Lines Ley Lines Schumann Waves/Resonance Black Lines R.

Earth Grid

Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Map Becker-Hagens Grid Map (Unified Vector Geometry/UVG 120 Sphere; Earth Star) Becker-Hagens UVG 120 Sphere electromagnetic Earth Grid. Earth grid & chakras. Hemesh-Dave-Bollinger-1.jpg (1000×1000) MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMF)& LEY LINES IMPACT REPRODUCTIVE AND IMMUNE SYSTEMS. By Barbara J.


Andrews, Hall Of Fame, AKC Master Breeder While magnetic crate pads are great for arthritic pets, magnetic fields are not. Powerful magnetic fields are often associated with ley lines that link ancient sites and geometric oddities. While Ley lines may be magnetic navigation guides for migratory birds and animals, the purpose here is to warn animal owners that consistent exposure to magnetic fields and the electromagnetic radiation (ref #2) they generate can cause immune system damage, heart irregularities, fertility or behavioral problems in both humans and animals. If your home is exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) (ref #3) such as is emitted by satellite towers, you may experience difficult to diagnose medical problems.

For example; in the mid-eighties, Wisconsin dairy farmers were awarded multi-million dollar settlements after new power grids across their pastures affected milk production and sickened herds. Electromagnetic radiation symptoms: #104gZ142. Earth Quakes & Fault Lines. Sinkholes. Earthquake-Causing Fracking to Be Allowed within 500 FEET of Nuclear Plants.

Nuclear Plants Vulnerable to Earthquakes The American government has officially stated that fracking can cause earthquakes.

Earthquake-Causing Fracking to Be Allowed within 500 FEET of Nuclear Plants

Some fracking companies now admit this fact The scientific community agrees. See this, this, this, this and this. Earthquakes can – of course – damage nuclear power plants. For example, even the operator of Fukushima and the Japanese government now admit that the nuclear cores might have started melting down before the tsuanmi(sic) ever hit. More here. Image sourced at Food Freedon (This site is worth a browse in it's own right) The article is full of links to other articles in Washingtons blog. ☢Radiation☢ Planetary Grid System. Mapping The World Grid. MAPPING THE WORLD GRID by David Hatcher Childress What is the World Grid?

Mapping The World Grid

How can it be it mapped? What does it do? Why should we be concerned about it? What does it have to with anti-gravity? PYRAMID GRID. The European Pyramid grid an unsuspected synchronicity Ever since my discovery of the fact that there are indeed ancient pyramids in Europe – long known ones as well as recently discovered ones – I tried to find a pattern or template for their positions within the so-called world energy grids. Neither one of those energy grids seemed to fit for all of the European pyramids.

Earth chakras. Ley line - Dresden Files. Ley line are natural streams of magic running all over the world, often connecting places with outstanding magic and supernatural energies. Description Edit. Ley Lines, Neolithic Structures and Magnets. I would like to begin this post by saying that I have not come to any conclusions and about this topic. Rather I am merely presenting a series of thoughts, based on recent research I have been doing. Some of the things here have been discussed on ats in detail before. I have been utterly baffled about this subject, I have been having dreams about it most nights and I awoke a few minutes ago with the absolute need to spew out some of these thoughts on Ley Lines.

Magnets, and their possible role in the creation of giant neolithic structures around the world. One note is that I am in no way a physics or science major.