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SVa-Haa: How to recognize a Patriot? Let's start by clearing the conceptual cobwebs and first characterize a pseudo patriot or a PP.

SVa-Haa: How to recognize a Patriot?

The PP apart from being a bombastic, chest thumper will have these five unmissable characteristics : 1) Will be sold on symbolism of flag, anthem and other tokens of the state. 2) will be given to excessive glorification of armed forces and territorial defense. 3) will often consider his national identity as an extension of his own religious or ethnic identity. SVa-Haa. SVa-Haa: Phone Rings. Nawaz first thing is you are not my PM.

SVa-Haa: Phone Rings

Second is why are you picking your phone yourself. What happened to other phone pickers. This is Modi from Secular India. Hello Ji. All good? SVa-Haa: Why we should stop glorifying Armed Forces? I want to make the long form argument against glorification of our men in uniform.

SVa-Haa: Why we should stop glorifying Armed Forces?

I want to outline why we should respect them for their service but why it is pernicious and retrograde to glorify them. Here then are my five arguments against this rampant propaganda: Historical Argument. SVa-Haa: Nation Building. Chandragupta Maurya was surprised that his mentor Chanakya wanted him to allocate so much money from treasury towards education of young. 'Gurudev, our education system is robust and working”. he remonstrated.

SVa-Haa: Nation Building

“We already have a private Gurukul system for teaching students the holy texts and sacred rituals. We also have the martial training academy in the royal palace of Patliputra which trains elite warriors. On the vocational side craftsmen and artists take young men as their apprentice and train them on their vocation”. SVa-Haa: Sahib, Biwi aur Gulam. Moves towards our objectives as also understand nature of our adversary.

SVa-Haa: Sahib, Biwi aur Gulam

Overall our strategy should be to push Pakistan enough to change course but not too much, lest it falls down. So we must push with one hand and pat them with other. This duality is needed because if Pakistan implodes upon too much coercion, the terror fault lines which currently run through its territory will find their seismic resonance in Indian cities. SVa-Haa: My Dear. My Dear, I know you will be surprised to receive this letter from me.

SVa-Haa: My Dear

It has been almost seven years since we last met. I do not know if wounds of betrayal have closed for you or if they still fester somewhere deep down. SVa-Haa: War Games. Le.

SVa-Haa: War Games

Here is a quick analysis of some lessons that it will need to assimilate as it earns its lapels of being a hard power. The big payoffs in any Indian war game is to outmaneuver Pakistan in the short run and deter China in the long. In this game of strategy, the actors are mostly regional (Afganistan/China/India/Iran/Pakistan) with one superpower thrown in (US). The weapons of play are covert, conventional, and economic while fronts of play are strategic and diplomatic. Covert capabilities. SVa-Haa: Century Partnership. No body knew masters real age.

SVa-Haa: Century Partnership

Whenever the discussion came up master would say it is not age but how you age, that matters. Kitchen fireside estimations put it at around 70 until one day somebody in the open forum asked master pointedly about it. “I am gong to be 80 soon”. Master replied. SVa-Haa: Enemy Code. It was a bright day at Fatehpur Sikri and emperor Akbar was in a jolly mood.

SVa-Haa: Enemy Code

Victory news from battles in Mewar and Jodhpur had reached him last night. So as the court assembled, the courtiers hailed kings victory over the enemy. There was lot of self patting and King fawning happening in the court but amidst it all, Birbal stood silent. SVa-Haa. SVa-Haa: Empire Building. “It has been established by three testimonies and recovery of goods from his house that farmer Hirendaya is indeed the thief who raided house of merchant Ajankhay.

SVa-Haa: Empire Building

He is hence sentenced to three years in prison and all of his land will stand confiscated” magistrate of the court pronounced the verdict. Chandragupta Maurya was relieved. SVa-Haa. SVa-Haa: Small Me. When I was young I was the small me. This small me had been there since I remember myself or lets say since I have been me.

It was the same small me who the big boys bullied in park, who got excited on winning the local cricket game, who cried when he was not appointed captain of the Gandhi house in school, who was afraid of sleeping alone in the dark, was jealous of other boys getting higher marks in a class test. SVa-Haa: Life Hacks. Emperor Akbar posed a question to his court and everybody was supposed to come up with an answer the next day. The question was "if life was a game, what is its nature and how would you win it' Courtiers were puzzled and kept wrecking their brains the whole day.

Emperor was fond of tossing these curveballs and seeing his darbaris stumble over each other. SVa-Haa. SVa-Haa. SVa-Haa: 7 Lessons from History. First, dear students, I want to congratulate you for opting to be in my history class. Sadly emphasis on computers and science courses, have edged out study and contemplation of our history. History, to put in a nutshell, is collective human memory. A person without his individual memory will be diagnosed with having amnesia. SVa-Haa: 7 Everyday Life Lessons. 1) Don't just bet on mindful eating for a balanced diet.

Play hide and seek with sweet and fat items in your fridge. 2) Save a predefined part of monthly income by automatic withdrawals or good EMI set ups. 70:30 is a good consumption to savings ratio at any income level. Also never, never consume on credit or its card. 3) Be financially planned for major events in life like education, marriage, medical needs, deaths, retirement for yourself or your near ones.

SVa-Haa: World history in 9 tweets. 1) Sit calmly.Take a deep breath. Let go. #organicliving4u #bebuddha 2) Drinking poison. SVa-Haa: 30 Medals in Olympics. SVa-Haa: Check-List. SVa-Haa: One Sided Love. SVa-Haa: Hi Buddy. SVa-Haa: Habit Loop. SVa-Haa: Gets of Will. SVa-Haa: Social Recognition. SVa-Haa: Public Speaking. SVa-Haa: Change Dynamics. SVa-Haa: Just World. SVa-Haa: My Dear. SVa-Haa: Making Space. SVa-Haa: Structure of Violence. SVa-Haa: Idiocracy.

SVa-Haa: Fairy Tale. SVa-Haa: Gross National Happiness (GNH) SVa-Haa: 8th Centenary of Civil Liberties. SVa-Haa: Labour Pains. SVa-Haa: Daily Life Affirmations. SVa-Haa: Rome – City, State, Empire. SVa-Haa: Top 5 fears of any Politician. SVa-Haa: Dear Husband. SVa-Haa: 7 Rules for a family. SVa-Haa: 2 Riddles. SVa-Haa: Every morning you get to open two gifts. Use them to witness the ongoing reality show. SVa-Haa: Dear Marketer. SVa-Haa: History Snippet. SVa-Haa: Justice Report Card. SVa-Haa: Regress 2 Nature. SVa-Haa: My Dear Fellow Trees. SVa-Haa: Small Talk. SVa-Haa: New Age Addiction. SVa-Haa: Paradox This. SVa-Haa: Ban V/S Spoof. SVa-Haa: Good Morning. SVa-Haa: Love Story. SVa-Haa: Till Death do us Part. SVa-Haa: Shopping Traps. SVa-Haa: Q&A with a Political Speechwriter. SVa-Haa: Persuade Me. SVa-Haa: Golden Words. SVa-Haa: Fools Errand. SVa-Haa: Brave New World. SVa-Haa: Hunters Dilemma. SVa-Haa: Love Incorporated.

SVa-Haa: Happy New Year. SVa-Haa: Natural Talent. SVa-Haa: The Last Mile. SVa-Haa: True Feminism. SVa-Haa: Living on Mars. SVa-Haa: Mother Nature. SVa-Haa: True Grit. SVa-Haa: One Stitch at a Time. SVa-Haa: Wallet Baiting. SVa-Haa: Catfish effect. SVa-Haa: Yeh Saali Zindagi. SVa-Haa: Made in Heaven. SVa-Haa: Art of Conversation. SVa-Haa: No Problem. SVa-Haa: Parenting Puzzle. SVa-Haa: The Antilla Syndrome. SVa-Haa: Good Fortune. SVa-Haa: Drawing Lines. SVa-Haa: Shopaholic Anonymous. SVa-Haa: Paying Forward. SVa-Haa: Imagine This. SVa-Haa: I Believe. Play 3 Card Poker Games LIVE London - Hippodrome Casino.

International Negroni Week – Hippodrome Casino. Hippodromecasino on Instagram: “An absolute pleasure to host the @theniceguys premiere after party this evening. What a film! Here's Simon & Jimmy with @russellcrowe. #niceguys #theniceguys #premiere #leicestersquare #london #hippodrome #casino #hippodrom. SVa-Haa: I have a dream. SVa-Haa: New Beginning. SVa-Haa: Growing Things. SVa-Haa: Give Me Red. SVa-Haa: Two Lives. SVa-Haa: End of an Era. SVa-Haa: Leadership Noise. SVa-Haa: Press Release. SVa-Haa: High Five. SVa-Haa: Vantage Point.