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SVa-Haa: Top 5 fears of any Politician. 1) An Educated Public:Fact: Politicians to create their power base need two things 1) identification for themselves 2) emotional engagement with public. By dividing people on basis of religion/caste/geography etc they create identity situations. By creating an in-group and a hostile out-group against whom a war cry can be given, they create emotional engagement.Problem: With an educated public, propaganda is very hard to do. If public can spot the trick of false definition or effort to stir up of their fear, those manipulations stop to work. It is like a magician losing his effect whose sleights are exposed. Conclusion: A public which is alive and aware, forces a politician to be a statesman. 2) A Free MediaFact: A politician needs to control the ongoing narrative.

Conclusion: A politician who cannot control the media is in effect a page 3 celebrity. 3) An Impartial Justice SystemFact: The underbelly of any political system has intrigue, corruption, sleaze and lawlessness embedded in it. SVa-Haa: Dear Husband. Dear Husband, I am leaving you and going to my mothers. I am also taking Neha and Sunder with me. As you find this note of our departure I know you will be outraged. You will rant about my insensitivity to all of our friends, as you will also post on Facebook your unhappy unshaven pics, your feeling low status updates, your life is unfair and women are bitches quotes. The irony is that in all this drama that you will create, you will not miss us. It will not be our departure but its optics and self centered analytics, that will bother you. You will be more concerned about how your food will be laid out, how your shirts will be ironed and how the roses in our garden that you proudly display to everyone, will be watered.

I do not expect you to understand, but for once I want to tell you what a douche you are, who cannot see beyond his self obsession. However I have also myself to blame for letting you continue like this for so long. Someone who refuses to be called, Your Wife. SVa-Haa: 7 Rules for a family. 1) We are a team and our motto like the 3 Musketeers is “One for all and all for one”. No one gets left behind. Ever. 2) We accept each other as we are. We do not try to change or stoop to critique, each other. 3) We keep our word. If something is committed we do it. 4) Hugs are soul food. 5) We share power. I. 6) When disputes arise or situations lead to conflict we acknowledge the differences and negotiate with each other to settle. 7) Family dinner table is sacrosanct. SVa-Haa: 2 Riddles. SVa-Haa: Every morning you get to open two gifts. Use them to witness the ongoing reality show.

SVa-Haa: Dear Marketer. I am not buying that new big car, excellent pool facing house, farm land, summer house in hills or any other big ticket item because we have managed to sign a non-compete agreement within our friends circle. I have no need for any new plasma TV, Xbox, double door refrigerator, home theater system or that new enhanced RO plant for I am very last generation guy. In fact I buy Iphone 4 at reduced prices when market is lapping up new Iphone 6 plus, at full cost. No please do not bother about my finances as I am too broke to sign up for your zero fees credit card, reduced interest personal loan, easy mortgage scheme, family insurance plan or that wonderful mutual fund option. Membership of your club, five star hotel, gymnasium, loyalty schemes, gaming areas are also lost on me as I am just a morning walk enthusiast.

No I do not need to learn english, achieve self actualization, be more successful, practice leadership or be coached in achieving healthy self esteem. SVa-Haa: History Snippet. SVa-Haa: Justice Report Card. Tribal Justice Fact 1: From 1945 to 2001 there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. That is an average of 4.6 armed conflicts every year. 201 of them have been launched by US alone. Overall in 20th century, 190 million deaths can be attributed to wars ( directly or indirectly).

That is more than total deaths in wars of last 4 centuries. Conclusion 1: War is ongoing human condition. Fact 2 To support its world wide empire, at turn of 20th century, Britian assumed the doctrine of “two power standard”. Conclusion 2: Militarism(preparing for war a normality and strengthening military institutions a priority) is a popular doctrine that is followed and world peace is just a popular dream that is talked about. Social Justice Fact 3 Worst victims of war & ills are children. Conclusion 3: We are an irresponsible specie who cannot take care of their young. Fact 4 3 billion people (one-half) live in 'poverty' (less than $2 per day).

Political Justice Value Justice. SVa-Haa: Regress 2 Nature. Master was seated in his traditional lotus pose, having finished a sermon when a disciple asked him: “Master you talk to us on almost every subject but not much on state of enlightenment. Can you tell us what enlightenment is like”. Master smiled in response. “Look all around you. What seems dull and routine is actually a world in state of total enlightenment. It awaits your developing the eyes to discover its mystique. However let me answer your query in a little more detail”.

So saying he beckoned to a senior student standing nearby and soon a small basin with water was fetched. Master uncurled his feet and dipped them in water. Then after what seemed like an eternity he looked back at the student who had asked him the question and said “There… that was a good demonstration of state of enlightenment”. The student now thoroughly confused uttered “Master can you describe it so that we understand better”. Remember enlightenment is the most natural state you can be in. SVa-Haa: My Dear Fellow Trees. I am addressing you today as you stand rooted in our beloved jungle which is nearing extinction. I am one of you and first of all want to thank you for having chosen me as your leader. I will ensure that our collective voice is heard by mankind. Brothers before I start to talk to humans, I want to make you aware of the immense value all of you are creating which is going unrecognized and unrewarded.

Let me give you some numbers to do your photo synthesis on. Each one of you, on a net basis gives out about 100 KG of oxygen per year or enough to support two human beings breathing in. Purely in terms of money, though estimates vary, you lifetime value is estimated between 90 lacs-1 crore INR ( about $150,000) with about 15 lacs each towards oxygen production, preventing soil erosion, water conservation and animal shelter and almost 30 lacs towards air pollution control.

Now brothers as you perform these services, untiringly and silently, humans have started to take you for granted. SVa-Haa: Small Talk. Once a Philosopher(P) and a Religious cleric (R) met at a coffee house and got into a discussion : P : Either you can have a philosophy or a religion. Having both & together, are incompatible. R: Religion though is a matter of belief but at some level it is also a philosophy.

So by being religious you have both: a philosophy as well as a God connect who gives you that philosophy. P: Philosophy is always based on the rabid questioning process. P: Apart from the questioning process which is its core process, philosophy is concerned with big questions about life, death, meaning, conduct and organization of human affairs. P: Philosophy is a very value driven conception with human good as its highest purpose. P: Yes I think overall it has contributed to improving the human lot though when you factor in all the costs I will have to concede that the gains have not been very substantial.

P: Overall, we need a more sustainable philosophy. SVa-Haa: New Age Addiction. A teenage son wanted to open an account on social media channels however the father was apprehensive. He did not want the boy to be exposed to social media situations so early. “Dad all my friends are already online and they keep posting pics and other stuff. Oh come on what is the big deal. Why cant I open an account myself. “ “Son do you know social media is a double edged gift like fire which can help you cook but can also singe you. “What negative consequence dad. “Son there are studied downsides that you have to take precautions for. 1) Too Distracting: You will always find people on their phones with various memes showing entire families on their individual devices. 2) Loss of critical thinking: since there is so much of information out there that critical thought around issues gets lost in sharing like minded posts, confirmation bias ideas and other biased searching aided with computer algorithms and personal search history cookies. 1) Avoid flame wars with others.

“Ok Son. SVa-Haa: Paradox This. According to a Gallup Survey, published on June 17, 2016, military is the social institution which commands highest respect in US. Its confidence ratings are at 73% and for over a decade, have held sturdy at north of 70%. Small businesses enjoy the second spot at 68% while US police are third at 56%. In fact the US society values the people serving in armed forces so much that they are given special perks and privileges and often greeted with the words “thank you for your service to the nation”. Now this fact leads us to some inevitable conclusions, contrasts and comparisons: 1) As a society which is forever organized for war ( 20% of its total federal budget or around 800 Billion dollars are annually earmarked for defense spending) it looks like their democratic doctrine of "for the people, by the people and of the people" needs a wholesale upgrade....

"by force, on force and for the force". 2) Spartans in ancient Greece were a society which prided themselves on their fighting skills. SVa-Haa: Ban V/S Spoof. Zakir Naik is one smart cookie and that makes him dangerous. His attacks on rationality and other religions are often so well concealed that mostly one does not see them coming. A Salafi preacher who runs his shop not on vitriol or cursing as most other radical preachers do but on half lies, sophistry and spin; Zakir has cleverly built his message outreach in years gone by, to almost 100 million. Having studied his methods in some detail here is a small list of techniques he routinely employs to spin his medieval radical doctrine: 1) Disapproves by disgrace: He doesn’t directly say another religion is bad but will use their mythology and gospel to prove that they are irrational. 2) Uses extensive analogical reasoning (citing analogies to prove his point) however in most cases those analogies are irrelevant, out of context and often stretched. 3) Taps into authority bias by quoting extensively from the holy Quran and Hadith.

Girl: lo chai Or Man: Zakir bhai, what is half of eight. SVa-Haa: Good Morning. Master was walking barefoot on his rounds of the village when a thorn pierced his feet. The insertion was deep so he had to hobble and stop. A carriage was called for. In the time it arrived, master sat beneath a tree and spoke thus: “Physical pain as I experience today, is easy to see and rationalize. To an extent even emotional pain can be attributed to events. Existential pain or lack of connect with big life or purposelessness however is invisible, pervasive and causes great misery. “Master, why do these pains exist?” Physical pain is a tool for entity survival. “Physical and Emotional we understand, Master, please talk to us about existential pain and what causes it?” “True Self's default mode is of being asleep. Now ego’s main need is validation (as it is fiction) and its grand strategy to secure that is material and power acquisition.

So saying, the master paused for a moment to wipe the droplet of blood that had formed on his wound. “And master what happens after enlightenment?”. SVa-Haa: Love Story. Dhruv was a player. With his 5’11 frame, gym toned muscles and an upright carriage he commanded attention whenever he walked into a room. His deep penetrating eyes set perfectly in a broad rugged face, swept back hair and a well defined jawline were the very definition of good looks. What nature had bestowed upon him, he had improved further by cultivating charm, presence and a sense of style.

His rawness and his refinement, made him popular with women and an inspiration for men. What made him a player though was his awareness of the impact he had on people and that he actively sought to amplify it, by gaming. Whenever he flirted with woman he would hold her gaze longer than usual or whenever he complimented her it had an intrinsic disqualifier in it (you are good looking but are not a model material yet).

His personality and these skills made him a high scorer. As he continued achieving success with his seductions, he started to lose interest in his work. SVa-Haa: Till Death do us Part. As Vipul Kailash Nath lay on the hospital bed surrounded by whirring life support equipments and beeping of monitors, he knew his time was up. So this is how the end looked like he thought. The circumstances were very much like the beginning of life however the emotional tenor varied considerably. He could see in conduct of his family that they were being extra nice to him; almost treating him like a guest who would depart in a few days.

His two boys and his daughter, who now jointly owned the business empire he had built would visit every night. They were good kids thanks to unrelenting effort and value inculcation by his wife Rita. His top management staff from over 2000 people workforce he had, was also visiting him, in the order of their hierarchy. However in death as in life, Vipul was determined not to go down without a fight. However nothing was relevant now as here he was, in those final excruciating hours, awaiting death. “Actually Lord, No. “Hmm….that can be considered”. SVa-Haa: Shopping Traps. Dear class, thanks for attending this supermarket layout session for marketing professionals. Today I will be teaching you how to lay down shopping traps, to entice your customer to buy more, once s/he is in your store.

This is called in-store marketing as it aims to maximize three things 1) time spent by consumer in store 2) their physical interaction with their purchases 3) money they spend on impulse purchases ( apart from their regular shopping list). I will introduce some general design principles and then highlight tactics to implement them for maximizing your in-store sales. Now, while creating your supermarket store, you should be focused on the 3C’s: 1) Convenience: This is all about the ambiance of your store and has big impact on all extra sales you generate. Essentially you want entire families to come and participate in shopping, as research shows that when whole family is present, roughly 40% extra shopping gets done. SVa-Haa: Q&A with a Political Speechwriter. SVa-Haa: Persuade Me. SVa-Haa: Golden Words. SVa-Haa: Fools Errand. SVa-Haa: Brave New World.

SVa-Haa: Hunters Dilemma. SVa-Haa: Love Incorporated. SVa-Haa: Happy New Year. SVa-Haa: Natural Talent. SVa-Haa: The Last Mile. SVa-Haa: True Feminism. SVa-Haa: Living on Mars. SVa-Haa: Mother Nature. SVa-Haa: True Grit. SVa-Haa: One Stitch at a Time. SVa-Haa: Wallet Baiting. SVa-Haa: Catfish effect. SVa-Haa: Yeh Saali Zindagi. SVa-Haa: Made in Heaven. SVa-Haa: Art of Conversation. SVa-Haa: No Problem. SVa-Haa: Parenting Puzzle. SVa-Haa: The Antilla Syndrome. SVa-Haa: Good Fortune. SVa-Haa: Drawing Lines. SVa-Haa: Shopaholic Anonymous. SVa-Haa: Paying Forward. SVa-Haa: Imagine This. SVa-Haa: I Believe. Play 3 Card Poker Games LIVE London - Hippodrome Casino. International Negroni Week – Hippodrome Casino.

Hippodromecasino on Instagram: “An absolute pleasure to host the @theniceguys premiere after party this evening. What a film! Here's Simon & Jimmy with @russellcrowe. #niceguys #theniceguys #premiere #leicestersquare #london #hippodrome #casino #hippodrom. SVa-Haa: I have a dream. SVa-Haa: New Beginning. SVa-Haa: Growing Things. SVa-Haa: Give Me Red. SVa-Haa: Two Lives. SVa-Haa: End of an Era. SVa-Haa: Leadership Noise. SVa-Haa: Press Release. SVa-Haa: High Five. SVa-Haa: Vantage Point. SVa-Haa: Home Truth. SVa-Haa: Sleeping with Nature. SVa-Haa: Fevicol Sey. SVa-Haa: Calculus of Addictions. SVa-Haa: Heartbreak Reality. SVa-Haa: That Weird Inversion. SVa-Haa: Dear Editor. SVa-Haa: The Communicator. SVa-Haa: Nationalism Ahoy !! SVa-Haa: Event Control. SVa-Haa: A Thought Bouquet- 5 Big Points. SVa-Haa: 2 Arguments Around Nationalism.

SVa-Haa: 5 Logical Fallacies. SVa-Haa: Democide. SVa-Haa: Good Time. SVa-Haa: New Age Rebellion. SVa-Haa: Hello Junior. SVa-Haa: Dear Humans. SVa-Haa: India –The Big Idea. SVa-Haa: Aftermath of Kanhaiya Kumar’s Speech. SVa-Haa: Moral Matrix. SVa-Haa: World Explorer. SVa-Haa: Few Definitions. SVa-Haa: High Level Language. SVa-Haa: Liberal Values. SVa-Haa: Two small stories. SVa-Haa: Steve Jobs’ Last Words. SVa-Haa: Healthy Living. SVa-Haa: Everyday Spirituality. SVa-Haa: Prisoner’s Dilemma. SVa-Haa: Niceness Reloaded. SVa-Haa: Public Policy. SVa-Haa: Guilty as Charged.

SVa-Haa: Virtue Ethics. SVa-Haa: 5 Big Fears. SVa-Haa: Unequal Halves. SVa-Haa: The Warrior Code. SVa-Haa: Conflict Sales. SVa-Haa: Conflict Sales. SVa-Haa: The Ego Principle.