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EuraTechnologies - Startups, corporates, labs, formations, événements... 44 Ways To Catch Rain. Posted Categories: Rainwater Harvesting There are a lot of reasons a person might decide it's necessary to collect water from the sky.

44 Ways To Catch Rain

First and foremost that comes to mind is drinking some of it. It takes such sophisticated equipment to rapidly remove salt from the ocean, yet our planet was designed with a most amazing filtration system that leaves the salt in the ocean, and puts fresh water in the sky to fall all around our planet. How wise of us it is that we find ways to capture some of it and keep it nearby. The majority of rain in coastal areas goes immediately back to the ocean, so the more of it we can store before it goes back the the sea, the more prepared we might be for dry our drought conditions presently or in the future. Agriculture, élevage, paysans, un modèle dans l'impasse ?

La Relève et La Peste. C’est un village en transition, c’est à dire un village qui fait le choix depuis plusieurs années déjà, de vivre selon un mode de vie particulier, celui du retour aux sources.

La Relève et La Peste

Aux sources de nos terres, aux sources intellectuelles, aux sources manuelles, aux sources naturelles qui permettent une auto-suffisance assumée et organisée. Les Grands Voisins – Fabrique de biens communs. Les Grands Voisins – Fabrique de biens communs. China To Get Vertical Gardens In 2018 To Help Tackle Pollution. What’s the best way to deal with urban smog?

China To Get Vertical Gardens In 2018 To Help Tackle Pollution

Well, here’s an intriguing solution – vertical gardens that scale up buildings. Several such projects have already sprung up around the world, in places like Italy and Mexico. Paris : légumes, fruits et champignons pousseront… dans ce parking souterrain. « C’est par où les fruits et légumes ?

Paris : légumes, fruits et champignons pousseront… dans ce parking souterrain

25 Ways You Can Be More Self Reliant Today. Plant fruit.

25 Ways You Can Be More Self Reliant Today

Not everyone has the space for an orchard but there are new varieties of miniature and dwarf trees that stay five feet tall or less and yet produce fruit. Usually you need two varieties of each fruit tree for proper pollination. By planting fruit trees as landscaping you will have s guaranteed supply of fruit in hard times. Strawberries, blackberries, and grapes are other good choices. Consider bee keeping as a fun hobby and a way to ensure that your sweet tooth gets fed. Consider dairy goats. Bâtiment et biodiversité. Et si l'on pensait les villes et les bâtiments comme des écosystèmes.

Faites pousser douze légumes bio dans un petit appartement grâce à ce potager intérieur. Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem. Grove. Open-Source CNC Farming. SPARK Proposes Vertical Farming Hybrid to House Singapore's Aging Population. SPARK Proposes Vertical Farming Hybrid to House Singapore's Aging Population To address issues surrounding Asia’s aging population and food scarcity, SPARK has unveiled a conceptual project the blends affordable retirement housing with urban farming.

SPARK Proposes Vertical Farming Hybrid to House Singapore's Aging Population

The proposal, titled "Home Farm," integrates vertical aquaponic farming and rooftop soil planting with high-density housing designed for seniors that provides residents with a desirable garden environment and opportunities for post-retirement employment. "We designed this concept for Singapore," says SPARK Director Stephen Pimbley, "but there is the potential for it to be applied in any location that would support the growth of leafy green vegetables on building facades and rooftops. " 5 Super-Fast Indoor Vegetables You Can Grow In About A Month. Image source: Wikimedia Winter gardening is good for the mind.

5 Super-Fast Indoor Vegetables You Can Grow In About A Month

It keeps us thinking and learning new things, which helps our brains stay alert, healthy and young. But gardening can be hard when there is a foot of snow covering the garden. Have you ever thought about growing vegetables indoors? Open Building Institute.

Urban Gardening: Tips and Products for the Space-Starved - Curbed. Quelle part du territoire français est occupée par l'agriculture ? Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’: Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm. Grow Your Food All Year-Round With a $300 Underground Greenhouse. This earth-sheltered greenhouse taps into the thermal mass of the earth, so that much less energy is needed to heat up the walipini's interior than an aboveground greenhouse.

Grow Your Food All Year-Round With a $300 Underground Greenhouse

Of course, there are precautions to take in waterproofing, drainage and ventilating the walipini, while aligning it properly to the sun -- which the manual covers in detail. Growing food is an every day necessity, if we are trying to become independent and self sufficient, you realize very soon that one of the biggest concerns is that of our food supply. To be able to eat healthy and provide nourishment for our family and loved ones. Végétalisation des villes : les Français en redemandent, la sécu aurait 3,4 milliards à y gagner. Jardin des plantes de Nantes ( Crédit : MacMaster/FlickR )

Végétalisation des villes : les Français en redemandent, la sécu aurait 3,4 milliards à y gagner

Sans titre. Hackez votre supermarché : Voici 11 fruits et légumes que vous ne devriez acheter qu'une seule fois dans votre vie, si vous connaissez ces astuces ! Powered by Translate Si vous pensez que faire pousser vos propres légumes, c’est compliqué et que ça demande d’avoir un jardin, voici quelques trucs et astuces qui pourraient bien changer votre perception des choses.

Hackez votre supermarché : Voici 11 fruits et légumes que vous ne devriez acheter qu'une seule fois dans votre vie, si vous connaissez ces astuces !

Et peu importe que vous vivez en ville, dans un petit T2 sans balcon, ou que vous ayez une ferme avec 120 hectares de terres : n’importe qui peut le faire chez soi et très facilement !


Fermes verticales. Permaculture. Why We Won’t Be Able To Feed The World Without GM. One thing I remember vividly from my childhood is The Day of the Triffids. In John Wyndham’s apocalyptic novel, the triffids were carnivorous plants that didn’t need roots and had developed three legs to allow them to find prey (whose nitrogen they fed on instead). They were originally bred by humans to provide high-quality vegetable oil, since the growing population’s demand for food was outstripping supply. Initially contained on farms, the triffids escaped following an “extreme celestial event” and began to terrorise the human population. Replace “breeding” with “genetic modification” and you have the contemporary cautionary tale about the threat of “Frankenfoods” to human health and the environment. Semencesbuissonnieres on Vimeo. How To Attract Beneficial Bugs. Some bugs eat our crops, but fortunately, there are other bugs that eat those plant-eating bugs.

The trick is to make your garden appeal to them. Just like in the world of mammals, in the insect world, there are plant-eaters and there are animal-eaters. Those species that are referred to as beneficial insects, though they may be cute (like ladybugs), are those with carnivorous tendencies. The bug-eating bugs are the ones you want in your garden. Une prometteuse agriculture urbaine et périurbaine. Rencontre avec Claire Martinet.

How to Build A Worm Tower. Building a worm tower is a simple, enjoyable, sustainable way to nurture your garden so that it can continue to nurture you. They work great and it is very easy to maintain them fed doing it in this manner. Earth—the stuff on the ground, not the planet—is essential for life. Culteev - Votre jardin en intérieur. Accueil IRHS - Les pôles de recherche. How a Robot in the Garden Might Save a Trip to Whole Foods. This summer, I started wondering what you might do to build a small farming robot to manage a home garden. I then discovered the interesting FarmBot project, which has been working on this for much longer, and has done much of what I thought might be useful.

So I offer kudos to them, but thought it might be worth discussing some of the reasons why this is interesting, and a few new ideas. The rough idea is to use robotics to manage a modest garden. DIY - Sustainable Living. A l’assaut des villes avec le seed bombing. Encore peu connu en France, le seed bombing est une pratique de végétalisation qui commence à faire parler d’elle. Une enseigne bio la met aujourd’hui en lumière et propose à ses visiteurs de se lancer dans la confection de bombes végétales. SAD-APT UMR INRA Agroparistech - Accueil. Bienvenue sur le site du SAD-APT. Les Jardins de Cocagne cultivent les hommes libres. Le SIOM de la Vallée de Chevreuse.

Homepage - Fresh Square. Accueil. FRANÇAIS — An ECOMODERNIST MANIFESTO. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Will Artificial Intelligence Transform How We Grow and Consume Food? [Video] Today, agriculture is more efficient than ever, but it's also more dependent on environmental, technological, and social issues like never before. Climate change, drought and other disasters, shifting energy landscapes, population growth, urbanization, GMOs, changes in the workforce, automation — these are just a handful of the factors that affect the global access to food. We'd all like to see a future in which people worldwide have a sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food to help them maintain healthy and active lives. Is this realistic in our lifetimes? To borrow a phrase, artificial intelligence is eating the world, and it can help move us closer to this future of abundant food. Plastic-Eating Mealworms Could Help Reduce Landfill Waste.

Mealworms could be the natural trash-disposers we need to battle the scourge of plastic polluting our planet. The study, published in Environmental Science and Technology, is the first to provide in-depth evidence for how these pudgy little bugs can survive munching on a diet of Styrofoam and other types of polystyrene plastic, which aggregate in landfills and were previously considered non-biodegradable. ”There's a possibility of really important research coming out of bizarre places," said Craig Criddle, a Stanford professor who supervises plastics research, in a statement.

"Sometimes, science surprises us. This is a shock.” Ville résiliente. Vegetable Garden Ideas. How Robots and Sensors Will Transform Transportation, Agriculture, and Elder Care. Sensors and robotics are two exponential technologies that will disrupt a multitude of billion-dollar industries. This post (part 3 of 4) is a quick look at how three industries — transportation, agriculture, and healthcare/elder care — will change this decade.

Before I dive into each of these industries, it's important I mention that it's the explosion of sensors that is fundamentally enabling much of what I describe below. We forget that we are heading towards a trillion-sensor global ecosystem. Cheap, powerful, microscopic sensors are ubiquitously entering every aspect of our lives, allowing us (and our robots) to know anything we want, anywhere, anytime. Nbs. Environnement et développement durable. Agroécologie. Université Virtuelle d'Agroécologie. Google science fair: Le robot jardinier made in France d'Eliott Sarrey va-t-il remporter le concours? 12 PROJECTS. Retour de POC21 : quelles licences pour l’Open Hardware. Natureparif.

Laboratoire d’Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution - Trajectoires EcologiqueS et Société. Comment créer un ECOVILLAGE. Ants Might Be Cheap, Effective Alternatives To Chemical Pesticides. Les pôles de Compétitivité - Advancity, Ville et Mobilité Durables  - Moteur de croissance et d'emploi.

Paris-Saclay, Territoire à énergie positive - Participez à la transition énergétique pour la croissance verte. Turning big promises with 'big data' in agriculture into farmer and consumer benefits. Dairy Farm Produces Enough Energy From Poop To Power 1,000 Homes. How Earthworms Digest Dead Leaves Despite the Plant Toxins. 60 ans que l'agriculture a tout faux- 18 juin 2015. « Habiter un monde qui change » : une œuvre collective autour de la ville de demain. Capteur de nutriments dans la clé voie métabolique de régulation de la croissance identifié / Exploit : dans son micro-jardin, Joseph produit 300 kilos de légumes.

Architect Creates Sound & Pollution Resistant Urban Treehouse. Paris-Saclay TV / n°12. 15 Gardening Hacks For A Greener Thumb.