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Anonymous Operation Last Resort. Twitter Accounts. “Merry LulzXMas’’: Hackers de Anonymous infiltran firma de seguridad y donan los recursos obtenidos. Op:Bart. Jeremy Hammond. Jeremy Hammond (born January 8, 1985) is a political activist and computer hacker from Chicago.

Jeremy Hammond

He was convicted and sentenced[1] in November 2013 to 10 years in US Federal Prison for hacking the private intelligence firm Stratfor and releasing the leaks through the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.[2][3][4] He founded the computer security training website HackThisSite[5] in 2003.[6] Background[edit] Childhood[edit] Education[edit] Hammond attended the University of Illinois at Chicago on a full scholarship. Music[edit] Jeremy, along with brother Jason, has had a lifelong interest in music, performing in numerous bands through the years. Career[edit] Hammond worked as a Mac technician in Villa Park, Illinois.[6] He also worked as a web developer for Chicago-based Rome & Company. Hack This Site!

Free Jeremy Hammond - A support site for accused activist Jeremy Hammond. Operation AntiSec. Anonymous targets top cops: Cabin Cr3w launches #OpPigRoast - National Anonymous. Anonymous hacktivists are targeting a top cop group thought to be behind the police brutality directed against the Occupy movement.

Anonymous targets top cops: Cabin Cr3w launches #OpPigRoast - National Anonymous

Cabin Cr3w drops dox on PERF Board of Directors, members, staff; Operation Pig Roast (#OpPigRoast) engaged. Monday, Cabin Cr3w, a faction of the international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous, released private personal information belonging to PERF members, staff and Board of Directors. PERF is the Police Executive Research Forum, a private, influential, national non-governmental organization with close ties to law enforcement agencies across the country, as well as the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security. The group allegedly orchestrated and coordinated the sometimes brutal police crack down on Occupy Wall Street, and other Occupy movements across the country. The Cabin Cr3w release comes as retaliation for PERF’s alleged involvement in the recent violent police actions against Occupy activites across the country. Proyecto Chanology. La eliminación del vídeo de Tom Cruise sobre la cienciología de YouTube es una de las razones por las que la Iglesia de la Cienciología es acusada de censurar información sobre sí misma.

Proyecto Chanology

Proyecto Chanology (en inglés: Project Chanology), también conocido como Operación Chanology, es una serie de protestas que comenzaron en Internet, promovidas por el grupo Anonymous, en contra de la Iglesia de la Cienciología. Proyecto Chanology también se refiere a un sitio web del mismo nombre, utilizado por el grupo Anonymous para planificar y coordinar las acciones. El proyecto en principio fue la respuesta a los intentos por parte de la Iglesia de la Cienciología de retirar de Internet un vídeo promocional de exclusivo uso interno donde aparece Tom Cruise, un conocido cienciólogo. El proyecto fue lanzado públicamente en forma de un video publicado en YouTube,[1] denominado «Mensaje a la cienciología» (en inglés: Message to Scientology), el 21 de enero de 2008. Lulz Security. Lulz Security (también denominado LulzSec) Grupo o individuo hacker sombrero gris (en inglés: Grey Hat).[1] Su lema Laughing at your security since 2011!

Lulz Security

, “Riéndose de tu seguridad desde 2011!” Hector Xavier Monsegur. Identity[edit] Sabu was identified by Backtrace Security as Hector Montsegur [sic] on March 11, 2011 in a PDF publication named "Namshub.

Hector Xavier Monsegur

" [9] On June 25, 2011, an anonymous pastebin post claimed to identify Sabu as Hector Xavier Monsegur,[10] a man of Puerto Rican origin.[11] Arrest and activity as an informant for the FBI[edit] Federal agents arrested Monsegur on June 7, 2011. The following day, Monsegur agreed to become an informant for the FBI and to continue his "Sabu" persona.[14][15] "Since literally the day he was arrested, the defendant has been cooperating with the government proactively," sometimes staying up all night engaging in conversations with co-conspirators to help the government build cases against them, Assistant U.S. The FBI attempted to use Monsegur to entrap Nadim Kobeissi, author of the secure communication software Cryptocat, but without success.[19] Monsegur served 7 months in prison after his arrest but had been free since then while awaiting sentencing.

SABU. AnonOps. Descrip. Anonymous Operation #OpQuebec PR, news and updates. Anonymous Operation #OpIndia PR, news and updates. We are Anonymous. Expect us!