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Searching For Good Management Dashboard Examples? InetSoft's Software for Information Dashboards. Flash-Based Dashboards and Reporting. InetSoft's dashboard and reporting applications provide business users with a Flash-based interface that's as simple as using a web browser.

Flash-Based Dashboards and Reporting

Executives and analysts no longer require advanced technical abilities, and can create custom visualizations and reports in a highly interactive, self-service environment that allows for multi-dimensional and drill down analysis. Our solutions are 100% Java so they can be deployed in any computing topography providing the easiest support for large numbers of users whether they be inside or outside of the organization, wherever geographically they may be dispersed, and whatever computing platform they run.

As Style Intelligence is a very horizontal market application it is used by many different functions in many different sectors. Business Intelligence Solutions for Enterprises and OEMs. Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards. With one BI platform, serve mobile BI dashboards to iPhones, iPads, Android-based tablets, smartphones, as well as full dashboard reporting to PCs, Macs, and laptops.

Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

Since 1996, InetSoft has been delivering business intelligence and reporting solutions to developers and enterprises worldwide. As a server-based solution, requiring only a browser to access interactive dashboards and drill-down reports, InetSoft's Style Intelligence has always been mobile friendly. Download native apps for Apple iOs and Android, or use any browser with Flash or HTML5 support to access the cloud-ready server application. While Style Intelligence employs a design-one, deploy everywhere approach, depending on the level of interactivity and frequency of use, you might prefer to design a mobile-optimized version of a dashboard that had originally been created for the desktop. You still can share the same data mashup, querying, and transformation layer between the two versions.

Enterprise Asset Management Dashboards. Embedded Reporting. Client Portals for Your Financial Organization. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): Exploring KPIs. In today's increasingly complex business environment, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) allows executives and operational managers to place a value on activities that are normally difficult to measure, but that nonetheless allow an organization to track its progress toward a goal.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): Exploring KPIs

While KPIs vary widely according to the size, strategy, nature and niche of an organization, they are always derived from two types of data: real-time (short-term) and historical (long-term). Naturally, having the ability to accurately monitor both dimensions of KPIs simultaneously seems ideal. After all, the ability to make day-to-day, short-term changes may bear great affect on long term gains. InetSoft Technology. Equipment Maintenance Dashboards. Dashboards and Visual Analytics for Data Warehouses. Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards. 7 Different Types of Dashboards. Want to know how well your project, business initiatives and marketing plan is performing?

7 Different Types of Dashboards

Then switch to dashboard software. Key Metrics Reporting and Performance Indicators. Accommodation & Food: ratio of national to international guests, spend per head, average number of guests per employee, percentage of rooms with maintenance issues, percentage of cancelled reservation requests, and gross operating profits per available room.

Key Metrics Reporting and Performance Indicators

Agriculture & Forestry: sow mortality %, piglet survival %, average milk yield per lactation, average milk yield per cow, water-to-milk ratio, energy-to-milk ratio, deforestation rate, and percentage of forest areas under protected status. Banking & Insurance: average sum deposited in new deposit accounts, Loss Ratio (%), claims solvency (%), percentage of overdue claims, Tier 1 capital, management fees as % of fund size, % of lending to micro, small and medium size businesses, and percentage of operating revenue from banking fees. 7 Different Types of Dashboards. Some Must-Have Features of a Good Business Intelligence Software. Business intelligence software offers reconfigured or customer-defined metrics, statistics, insights, and visualization into current data.

Some Must-Have Features of a Good Business Intelligence Software

It is used by various companies to gather, explore and control a broad range of data to gain a competitive edge and enhance their visibility in the market. If you are planning to buy business intelligence solution for your company, then take a look at this article to know some important features that must be included in the BI software. Automatic Drill-downs The right BI provides a broader view of your data and also give you the option to zoom in and zoom out whenever required. The automatic drill down helps users to get a high-level view of data and also allows them to drill down to the minute details easily within the same application.

Report Filters. Some Must-Have Features of a Good Business Intelligence Software. Real Time Business Intelligence. A handful of years ago real time was really starting to get initial traction.

Real Time Business Intelligence

We saw certain segments of the world or industries in our world starting to use it. The travel industry really liked real time, and there were great stories around successes there. Of course, financial services always tends lead the parade when it comes to innovation, especially around things with real time but do all industries or most industries have a space for real-time BI at this point, or are they starting to find valid reasons to have real time in some of the other sectors?

There are certain industries that are a lot more obvious where the goods and services delivered are more perishable and the demand for information is much higher. But at the same time, as time goes by, we are seeing more and more different industries using real time information to improve their processes and quality of service that they deliver to their customers.

Operational Business Intelligence Information. Style Report Professional. InetSoft Technology. BI Evaluation Resources. Top 4 Real-Time Business Intelligence Tool. Real-time business intelligence is basically a process gathering, analysis, and visualization of data and that data is delivered at the same time when it was created.

Top 4 Real-Time Business Intelligence Tool

It is a methodology that permits business users to receive up-to-the-minute data by accessing operational systems or giving business transactions into a business intelligence system and real-time data warehouse. Companies must configure their operation systems to feed data into business intelligence software as it emerges to produce real-time BI. Read this article to know some popular business intelligence tools. Quant Connect It is basically a browser-based algorithmic trading and investment back testing platform. InetSoft Style Intelligence Software It is an outstanding software platform that allows the user to design visual analysis dashboards, and reports via data mashup engine, which is basically a tool that merges data in real time from various sources that include relational databases, spreadsheets, and OLAP servers.

Reasons To Use Business Reporting Software. Business Benefits of KPI Dashboard Software. Business Benefits of KPI Dashboard Software Business dashboards are an indispensable management tool and exhibit all the information about the status of your business performances and other data points.

Business Benefits of KPI Dashboard Software

This dashboard provides actionable intelligence on the fulfillment of the company in different areas. With the help of effective visual charts, companies can get a glance at the most critical facets of your company and can easily track and guide their progress. Businesses can arrange and merge every department via a centralized theme, such as customer service and it is easy to seclude the activities that can impact the future sales of the company with the help of KPI dashboards. These dashboards can provide strategic business benefits and gives detailed visibility into the most important areas of your business.

Executive Dashboard Software & Reporting Solutions. Query, OLAP & Ad Hoc Analysis. Ad Hoc Reporting Software. Business Intelligence Dashboards. Financial Reporting Software Demonstration. Well, let’s take a look at it.

Financial Reporting Software Demonstration

First of all, I am going go ahead and put in the data elements that are necessary for the report. Let’s say in your report you want to show your division, the employee name, their gender and their ethnicity. Now we select the summary report template. For your report, we are going to select a detail report. What you see next is the list of the employers within your environment, and you can see I have a number here. As I continue down, we then get into payroll. Well, if you do a lot of the programming, the exact field name might be relevant to you. I will scroll down in my field list and will select gender. And again, for our report style, what I am going to do is go ahead and select from a number of predefined formats. Difference Between Production Reporting Software & BI Systems. This raises a couple of issues. One is operational reporting BI.

In other words, it’s an important question because it gets to the root of who should be managing the operational reports. Because they’re running against the operational system, should source system owners create and manage those reports, or should they be run by the BI team because they are reports? Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Solutions. Learn More about Business Intelligence Dashboard. Learn More about Business Intelligence Dashboard Business intelligence dashboard software is a data visualization tool that shows the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for a company or an enterprise. Dashboards merge and arrange metrics, numbers and performance scorecards on a single screen.

Business intelligence dashboards may be crafted for specific roles or it may demonstrate metrics targeted for a single point of view or department. Things to Consider Before Business Intelligence Software. Business Intelligence tool is basically software that enables the user to get meaningful insight from data for efficient decision management. With these tools, firms get relevant information to know about their sales, market trends and products more efficiently. Business intelligence tool is also used for operation purpose and quite useful for predictive analysis. Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise Reporting Software. Enterprise reporting software is a flexible and effective reporting tool that helps in generating, editing and creating documents to gain insight into business process. It integrates different aspects of business reporting system within your organization that includes statements, sales presentation and employee documents.

Today, various enterprise reporting software are available in the market, so you should choose a software that comes with ad hoc reporting features and data visualizer functionality. Many vendors sell enterprise reporting software that integrates easily with your business application. While choosing software, you should select one that has simple interface so that reports can be customize easily with just one click. Business Intelligence Evaluation Options. Style Intelligence, Business Intelligence Software. InetSoft's Style Intelligence™ is a data intelligence platform.

At its foundation is a powerful data mashup engine that enables fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources, which can either supplement or obviate a data warehouse solution. Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise Reporting Software by ArleneWatson. Style Intelligence, Business Intelligence Software. Dashboard Reporting Software - Easy, Agile and Robust. Real Time Business Intelligence. Dashboard Software with Real Time BI Reporting. Dashboard Software with Real Time BI Reporting.

Executive Dashboard Software & Reporting Solutions. Business intelligence reporting tool: How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Tool? Top 5 Reasons to Use Data Visualization Software. Data visualization plays an imperative role in data management and collection process. Top 5 Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Dashboard. Dashboarding and Visual Analytics for Amazon Web Services. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Data Visualization Software: Top 7 Benefits of Data Visualization Software.

Visualization presents the data in a universal manner and makes ideas sharing easier for people. Top 6 Data Visualization Tools - Mobile Land US. Data visualization plays a very important role in data collection and management process. Top 6 Data Visualization Tools - Mobile Land US. Looking for Dashboard Examples. Popular Open Source Business Intelligence Reporting Tools. Tips to Choose Real-Time Business Intelligence Software Solution. Top 5 Benefits of Business Intelligence Software. Affordable Business Reporting for Midsize Enterprises. Significance of Management Dashboard Software. Visualization depicts the data in a universal manner and makes ideas sharing easier for people.

Trends, relationship and patterns that cannot be detected in text-based data can be easily recognized with management data visualization software. Top 6 SQL Reporting Tools. Role of Business Analytics Software in Todays Time. Affordable Business Reporting for Midsize Enterprises. Mobile BI Dashboards.