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Arleen Beutel

Hey everyone, I am Arleen. I wanted to become a photographer but couldn't make it so I joined engineering as my professional life. But I still have passion for photography.

Appliance Authority. 2015 Best Coffee Grinders Shopping Guide. Coffee aficionados everywhere agree that the best cup of coffee comes from the freshest grind of coffee beans.

2015 Best Coffee Grinders Shopping Guide

That makes it a very special beverage because unlike beer, wine, or even tea, freshly brewed coffee involves a two-step process. Our ancestors have been grinding beans for centuries now with the handy-dandy mortar and pestle, and although we could tell you to go ground your own coffee beans yourself, we know the hustle and bustle of today’s hectic environment doesn’t really allow time for that anymore. Our ancestors were lucky with all the free time they had – when they weren’t busy hunting their own food or fighting to defend their territory. Why Coffee Grinders Are So Great So what makes the coffee grinder so great and why should you think about getting one? If you have a bad blade grinder for your coffee beans, any home brewer who appreciates great coffee will tell you you’re not doing the beans justice.

Price. Nature's biggest secret healer: Coffee enemas. (NaturalNews) "How do you want your coffee?

Nature's biggest secret healer: Coffee enemas

" is a question that we hear a lot. A coffee colon cleanse probably would not immediately come to mind. Coffee enemas have a history in healing In many cultures, colon cleansing has been used to improve health. Coffee enemas have been used in the United States to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Digestive health issues on the rise Our current lifestyle has presented enormous health challenges due to additives and chemicals in our food and water. These ridges are not very easy to remove, and they limit the amount of feces that can move through the bowel, allowing parasites to flourish. Toxins are ultimately released into the bloodstream and make their way to the liver.

How can colon enemas help my overall health ? Coffee enemas help to remove the toxic mucoid plaque around the colon walls, thus killing parasites. How drinking coffee can give you a long, happy life. (NaturalNews) People joke about how drinking coffee has created a culture of caffeine junkies, people who are basically zombies without their cups of Joe.

How drinking coffee can give you a long, happy life

But the reality is that while some people will take anything to excess, moderate coffee consumption may actually be good for you. Very good. Research links drinking coffee to lowered risk of serious health condition, to longevity, and to better moods.Studies indicate that drinking coffee correlates with lower risks of diabetes and heart diseases, two major contributors to premature death. It could also have a protective effect against Alzheimer's disease or delay the onset. These benefits only seem to come from consuming coffee with caffeine though; decaf doesn't do the trick. Researchers from two universities in the United States discovered a link between greater levels of caffeine in the blood of people aged 65 and older with later appearances of Alzheimer's.

Dr. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that coffee boosts the mood. Four cups of coffee per day can cut endometrial cancer risk by 18% (NaturalNews) While there has been a lot of research both in favor and against one of America's favorite drinks, this latest bit of research leaves you feeling a little less guilty after having that second, or third, or even fourth cup of coffee.

Four cups of coffee per day can cut endometrial cancer risk by 18%

The results of a new study suggest that drinking up to four cups of coffee a day may reduce your risk of developing cancer of the endometrium, or the lining of the uterus, according to researchers. Published in the February issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, scientists found that drinking roughly 26 to 37 ounces of coffee per day reduced endometrial cancer by up to 18 percent. "We were not surprised by the results that a high versus low intake of coffee was associated with a reduced risk for endometrial cancer, because they were consistent with what has been observed in previous studies," said study author Melissa Merritt, who is also a research fellow in cancer epidemiology at Imperial College London in England. Dr. Studies show that coffee can boost brain function, burn fat and more. Problem loading page.