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Paprika - A Drop Filled With Memories
PV】 Perfume - Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
Myron Carlos - Giga Pudding Drum Cover
Tommy February6 - Can't take my eyes off of you‬‏
FPM - Without You aslan+ re-edit
The Crystals / Malaguena‬‏
One Man Army Conquers The Pokémon Theme Song Danny Fong applies his amazing vocal talents to the Pokémon television show theme song, performing not only all the voices, but vocalizing the music as well in a stunning display of a capella coordination and shirt variety. Single-person a capella songs are big on YouTube lately, and it's easy to see why. The degree of timing and coordination required to make something like this work is intense and grueling, so even if the final product makes you seem slightly dorkier than the dorks viewing your performance, they can't help but be impressed. One Man Army Conquers The Pokémon Theme Song