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Essential Vitamins for Expecting Women. Women need more vitamins and nutrients during their pregnancy as the baby relies on its mother for nutrition.

Essential Vitamins for Expecting Women

As a medical clinic in Ontario, we recommend taking prenatal vitamins and eating a healthy diet to ensure that the mother and child have enough nutrients during the pregnancy. Unlike regular multivitamins, prenatal vitamins have more of certain nutrients needed during pregnancy. Why Health Checks Help You Manage Diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic lifestyle disease that affects millions of people.

Why Health Checks Help You Manage Diabetes

In Canada alone, there are about six million people diagnosed with pre-diabetes. There is no known cure for diabetes, but its most effective treatment is proper diabetes management to avoid further complications. Considered as a silent killer, diabetes often catches patients off guard – it is usually detected when it’s already too late. That’s why it’s essential to get your blood sugar levels checked regularly. What You Should Know About OTCs. Over-the-counter medicines save us a lot of time and resources.

What You Should Know About OTCs

For common health problems, we have our go-to pharmacy in Guelph to purchase some relief. As part of our diverse services as your medical clinic in Ontario, we strive to offer the healthcare you deserve. Arkell Walk-In Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy provides medications and services for your needs. Staying True: Pharmacy Loyalty Pays Off. The top-notch medical clinic in Ontario is within your reach.

Staying True: Pharmacy Loyalty Pays Off

Arkell Walk-In Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy is your trusted name when you need quality pharmacy services. Choosing to remain in your chosen pharmacy in Guelph brings many benefits. We offer the services of a family doctor in Guelph. Things to Know About Flu Shots. The skepticism people feel about getting vaccinated stretches far back into the mid-1800s when the first vaccine for smallpox was discovered.

Things to Know About Flu Shots

And today, many still refuse or completely forget to get the necessary flu shot and other vaccinations, which can put their lives at risk of disease. The flu can attack even the best and healthiest of us — you don’t have to be young or have a compromised immune system. There are even unique cases where seniors 65 and older lose their lives to this sickness. It has become all the more crucial to get vaccinated now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The best and, so far, the most effective way to avoid getting sick and prevent spreading it to others is the flu vaccination. A Friendly Reminder: Choose to a Healthy Lifestyle. One reminder that health experts from our medical clinic in Ontario always give to our patients is that it is never too late to choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

A Friendly Reminder: Choose to a Healthy Lifestyle

It is, after all, a choice to live healthily and avoid unhealthy habits. You are in control of your own life, including the health complications that you may be diagnosed with. Sure, there may be diseases that occur due to factors that cannot be controlled such as age and genes. But, practicing the following healthy habits can make a huge difference in your daily life: Staying Healthy Amid Pandemic. The global spread of coronavirus has changed many lives as we know it.

Staying Healthy Amid Pandemic

People feel that their lives have been disrupted significantly by the outbreak. But truth be told, your lifestyle will determine if you’re going to get sick or remain healthy. Diet Tips to Improve Blood Circulation. Proper blood circulation helps in supplying oxygen to the brain, promote healthier skin, increase cell growth, and more.

Diet Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

Various ways affect the body’s blood circulation including smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. However, you can improve circulation with the help of these diet tips below: Avoid overconsumption of alcohol Too much alcohol consumption not only affects blood circulation, but it can also lead to various health complications such as heart problems. Wound Care Tips After a Stitch Removal. One of the most common procedures of closing a wound is stitching.

Wound Care Tips After a Stitch Removal

From lacerations, accidental cuts, or operations, stitches are used to allow the skin to heal naturally. Depending on the location and size of your wound, stitches can be removed within 14 days by your family doctor in Guelph. Healthy Guide to a Happier Family. Whether you’re a loving parent or a caring child, we only have one mission—a happier family.

Healthy Guide to a Happier Family

From good conversations to healthy food, it is vital to take into consideration the proper way of providing only the quality care we could muster. With years of excellent service, Arkell Walk-In Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy shares a healthy and effective guide to a happier family. Small things matter They say a dollar starts from a single cent. Top Disease Prevention Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle. Simple Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Affecting millions of people worldwide, Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that may result in health complications, such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, and other serious conditions. Genes and an unhealthy lifestyle are the main contributors to diabetes—these factors are certainly unchangeable. But, Arkell Walk-In Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy, a medical clinic in Ontario, prepared a handy list to help you in preventing diabetes with these achievable ways. Work out regularly Regular physical exercises not only cut down your risk to diabetes. It promotes overall health benefits as well. Choose an exercise that you enjoy so you can regularly engage with it and consistently perform it on a long-term basis.Limit sugar and refined carbs from your diet Too much consumption of sugary foods and refined carbs can contribute to the faster development of diabetes.

Ways to Improve Your Metabolism. Boosting metabolism should be everyone’s Holy Grail since this process is essential in maintaining a healthy body. There are many ways to improve metabolism such as seeking professional advice from a family doctor in Guelph at Arkell Walk-in Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy, a medical clinic in Ontario, as well as following these four easy tips: Move More The most important part of maintaining a healthy body is burning more fats and calories. For starters, do light exercises daily. Things to Expect During Baby Checkups. Whether you’re a veteran or a first-time parent, you will always have a lot of questions and priorities regarding your baby’s health. It’s during this time that you will need to consult a doctor for a well-baby checkup to learn and monitor your little one’s health.

Although exams may vary, here are some things to expect during your baby’s first visit to the clinic. Physical Checkup A well-baby checkup from our walk-in clinic in Guelph usually starts with body measurements, which will serve as your baby’s growth progress indicators. Subsequently, a thorough exam of the head, ears, eyes, mouth, skin, heart and lungs, abdomen, as well as the hips and legs will be done to determine your baby’s overall health. Run for Your Life! Running and jogging are two of the most popular forms of physical activity there is. About one in five Canadians try it at some stage in their lives. According to medical clinic in Ontario, running is an appealing exercise because it doesn’t cost a lot to take part in it – anyone can run at any time that suits them. These two exercises can bring about tons of health benefits e.g., build strong bones, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty of kilojoules, and help maintain a healthy weight.

Common Complications That Occur After Surgery. Despite it being carefully planned, the general fact about surgery is that someone is cutting you open and tinkering with your insides. What Are Skin Tags? A skin tag is a small piece of soft, hanging skin that may have a peduncle or stalk. They can appear anywhere on the body, but especially where skin rubs against other skin or clothing. Some people can go their entire lives without noticing they have skin tags; some really visit walk-in clinics in Guelph to inquire and ask for advice on treatments. In some cases, skin tags may rub off or fall off painlessly. On the other hand, very large skin tags can burst under pressure. How to Properly Treat Your Sunburns. What You Need to Know About Shopping for Supplements. Why Are Generic Drugs Affordable? Many of us have the mindset that cheaper items are usually lower quality than more expensive items and for the most part this is true.

However, when it comes to medications, a lower price does not reflect the quality of the drug. Generic medications are actually just as good if not better than their more expensive brand name cousins, so why are they affordable? Well, the answer is quite simple. Generic medications do not have development costs to recoup. So what does this mean? Generic medications do not have development costs to get back. If you are worried about the same of generic medications, don’t. 7 Things You Get By Being Loyal to One Pharmacy.