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Free the Network. You’re on the Internet.

Free the Network

What does that mean? Most likely, it means one of a handful of telecommunications providers is middlemanning your information from Point A to Point B. Fire off an email or a tweet, broadcast a livestream or upload video to YouTube, and you’re relying on vast networks of fiber optic cables deep underground and undersea, working with satellites high above, to move your data around the world, and to bring the world to your fingertips.

Diaspora. Zegenie Studios Linux Distribution Chooser. Blog de kwizart. Main Page - FrugalWiki. RotomaLUG. 42, Da Ultimate Webzine of Zi Intraweb ! Album & Compilation Releases — blocSonic Netlabel: The best in Creative Commons music, netlabel music & netaudio. For the past decade an alternative culture of music has been sprouting up outside the wastelands of the increasingly formulaic and compartmentalized mainstream music business. This world of “Netaudio” is generally released freely, either independently or through Netlabels. As this culture continues to grow, the amount of available music grows exponentially making it increasingly difficult for folks who are new to the culture to filter the good from the bad.

Each of our free releases, in one way or another, are an attempt to shine the spotlight on what we think is the best of what this world has to offer. maxBlocs The Impossebulls - Everything. Free Music Archive. Libre Projects.