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Arjun Solanki

A Technology Enthusiast. Blogger & Author by passion. Whether you talk about passion or profession, by both I am a writer! I am a Guest Author on many reputed sites and have been sharing my knowledge since many years now.

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Software Outsourcing. Outsourcing is the best choice for companies looking to focus on the core activities of their business.

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Software Outsourcing

Traditionally, the primary reason to outsource software development was cost-cutting, but the outsourcing industry has transformed dramatically in recent years. The offshore software development industry has experienced a notable boost in the last couple of years. Several enterprises have started using this model in their business strategies. Awesome Tips for Converting From Flash to HTML5. By now, you've probably gotten to know that by the end of 2020, Adobe, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome won't support Flash.

Awesome Tips for Converting From Flash to HTML5

With Flash going away for good, it's time to find an alternative way to secure and feature your online properties. There are many things that you need to take into consideration while doing Flash to HTML5 conversion — the format you'll use for flash player to HTML5, the resources you'll use, and a proper plan. 1. Record Flash Courses Without Source Files. How to Convert Flash to HTML5. Over the last decade, our business world has drastically changed due to the advent of technology.

How to Convert Flash to HTML5

As a business owner, you know the importance of developing quick loading websites that are secure, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly. These factors are a must to create high performing websites. Hence, you have a website or web app-based business; it’s imperative for you to avail of Flash to HTML5 services and convert from Flash to HTML5. Since most of the major browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome have stopped using Flash, most companies plan Flash to HTML conversion. Besides, HTML drastically improves the user experience and directly affects your company’s image. Essential Web Development Tips for Small Business Owners. Top UI/UX Design Services Company. WeblineIndia is one of the best UI/UX design company in India and USA.

Top UI/UX Design Services Company

Our creative designers use latest UI/UX design patterns to build interactive mobile and web designs interfaces for your business. Why ReactJS Is A Good Choice For Enterprise Organizations. Introduction Developing user interfaces just got faster with the emergence of ReactJS JavaScript library from the software engine room of Facebook.

Why ReactJS Is A Good Choice For Enterprise Organizations

It is worthy of note that it was built to combine speed with fresh rendering methods that offers users’ inputs a highly dynamic and responsive website. Developed in the midst of Framework, ReactJS has risen so fast into the pedigree of the “Big Three” in the Framework sphere. Although the youngest of the three, the other two being Vue and Angular, ReactJS has gained significant interests among software developers because of its similar appearance to HTML, which makes JSX provide a way to structure components rendering using syntax familiar to these developers. Innovation Although, there are many criticism about the stability and unreliability of the software but then, how many successful products attained that height without the pruning blades of criticism? Learn How React Native Served at Airbnb. If you have already encountered or heard the whereabouts of Airbnb, we presume you know what it is and how it works.

Learn How React Native Served at Airbnb

Most people are using the Airbnb site these days to book unique accommodations in various places around the world. Actually, it is a community built on sharing. The Airbnb hosts are sharing their passions and interests with both locals and travelers globally. Well, now, you have the best understanding of this platform. How AI Transforms Business Processes. In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence is incredibly impacting business processes.

How AI Transforms Business Processes

In almost every business industry, artificial intelligence has been the key driver in gaining substantial revolution. RPA - A Guide on Robotic Process Automation. Robotic Process automation is best defined as processers that mimic the human brain to effectively solve problems and log into applications to enter data which is then analyzed to provide the subsequent outcome.

RPA - A Guide on Robotic Process Automation

RPA is generally divided into three categories, these are; 1) Probots, the bots that are programmed to do simple repetitive tasks and follow rules to process data. 2) Knowbots, the bots that know everything and they keep on searching and storing information that might be desired by the user. Steps To Develop A Winning Sales Strategy For Your Business. React Native: A Cross Platform Framework for Creating Native User Interfaces for Mobile Devices and 7 reasons why it should be used more often. If you’re a mobile application developer or consumer, then you may have perceived regarding React native “a JavaScript library for building user interfaces” and the way it’s taken the mobile application trade by storm.

React Native: A Cross Platform Framework for Creating Native User Interfaces for Mobile Devices and 7 reasons why it should be used more often

It obtained enormous traction for its ability to design it and attain mobile apps that stimulate the performance as good as native apps. In the era of the digital world, where speed, shortcuts, and fast tools are a need for any mobile application, computer programmers are putting so many endeavors in building mobile apps to run quicker with smart performance. Interactive user experience and simple to use development are the numerous things that have convinced mobile app developers to work with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS or React Native to create the app.

We at WeblineIndia believe that React Native is the best cross-platform mobile app development, let’s have a glance at the explanations, behind its skyrocketing quality. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hybrid App Development - Benefits that Make Hybrid Apps Preferred Choice in 2019. With the technological advancements being rolled out almost every other day, mobile application development is constantly evolving, with new apps regularly navigating their way to Google Play Store, and App Store, among other platforms.

Hybrid App Development - Benefits that Make Hybrid Apps Preferred Choice in 2019

Because of the influx, new entrants are finding it quite a challenge securing significant hits. Then there is the demand for the same app on both iOS and Android. This is really giving developers serious headache. When embarking on a journey to develop a new app, you’ll often be faced with a wide array of questions. Should you go for a hybrid or a native solution? The idea of building the same app more than two times in order to accommodate different operating systems is what has led to the increase in the demand for the best hybrid app development services. So, why choose hybrid solutions? • Multi-Platform Support Hybrid applications often support all the major platforms. . • Easy Integration With other Apps • Speedy Performance • Incorporated Native Features. White Label Services Boost Your Revenue In 2019. Post Views: 363 Just think this way – there is no need to be an expert on development when you’re into marketing.

When you are into digital world running a business, doing everything can be overwhelming. Handling branding, marketing, reputation, social media activities, etc. can be difficult and you may find it hard to keep up with the pace. Top Advantages of Ruby on Rails – Arjun S. Today the use of Ruby on Rails has increased a lot for website development. This can be because of the benefits it offers the developers and businesses alike. Know How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence For Businesses Effectively. It is a fact that technology is finding its way into our lives silently and now it has started to show its effects in businesses and the way people work.

Still many businesses are not aware about how the technologies can be completely used at their workplace. Unlike people think artificial intelligence technology to be threatening, it has been instrumental in revolutionizing the lives of the people and is still in its early phase. If you plan to grow your business with reliable artificial intelligence development company in India, you will get every chance to move your business upside down, optimize operations, reduce inefficiency and save a lot of money. We can call artificial intelligence as the next great technology revolution. It has completely changed the way data or information is gathered, stored and then used. Boom of Artificial Intelligence in Business. How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be beneficial for business? Advantages Of Choosing React Native For App Development. The demand for cross-platform mobile app development is increasing rapidly across different businesses and even mobile app developers are finding it to be interesting.

More number of businesses prefers to choose it because it saves time, effort and money. They wish to build React Native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Top Tips To Choose Offshore Software Development Company. Tips To Ensure Offshore Software Development Works For Your Project. How to Build a Budget-Friendly Mobile App for Your Business? The industry of mobile application development is evolving at a rapid pace.

Its scope is getting bigger and broader and to build mobile application solutions, this new year is going to be a breakthrough. Technical Considerations For Successful DevOps Implementation in Startups.