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Zatun Game Studio

Zatun "Where Fun Gets Down to Business" is a cutting edge, innovative, engaging and award-winning mobile, VR and cross-platform game developer and game art studio. It offers external art production across different genres and game platforms, including console, PC, mobile, tablets, VR and game development on iOS, Android and VR.

Game Development

3D Model Optimization. 3D Game Models. ​​​​Prepare for a brand new challenge. A truly immersive experience of surviving on the city streets awaits you, as you battle to prove yourself like the toughest and meanest! Zatun PC Game Development Transforms The Gamer’s World! Put Your Sniping Skills To The Test In Immersive Sharpshooter Sniper Rust VR. Youtube. 3D Modeling Company works with game developer As Your Design Partner! 3D Modeling company provides you all your different kinds of 3D modeling and animation requirements for your game or animated movies.

3D Modeling Company works with game developer As Your Design Partner!

With every year modeling and animation are rising a new high in the gaming industries with non-stop demands of something new to offer. Technology is developed so much that is integrating into 3D modelings. There are 3D Maya modeling, 3D Max modeling, and Zbrush models that are offered by 3D modeling companies. 3D Modeling Company works with game developers As Your Design Partner! Android Game Development Studio. With the development in technology and quality, android games have been revolutionized so much that all kinds of games with high graphics can easily be run on your smartphone.

Android Game Development Studio

For the gaming world, it’s the kind of luxury that gamers always wanted. People who like to play games all the time in their free time are now easily just download the game for the google app store and have fun. Many games have been developed into competitive games, where all the gamers compete with each other to earn the prices. India has set up an Android development studio where Android developer spends their days in front of powerful computers to make sure that your Android Smartphone is populated with enough engaging games.

Android games look so realistic and engaging that if the character is dying in the game, you also felt the same because of the environment created by the game developer. A New Virtual Reality Game By -Zatun : Down and Out. 3D Company for Game Developers! A good 3d company can develop the game into a successful high-quality blockbuster game but there is a big market of 3d companies and it is very necessary to choose the correct 3d developer as per your game requirement.

3D Company for Game Developers!

Games are played across many mediums like Xbox, pS4, iOS, or Android and created according to it taking care of online and mobile gaming. Game developers constantly keep on developing the games to keep up with the gamer’s thought process and demands. If the game is going to be engaging, it will develop more interest in the gamer’s mind. Unreal Engine Game Development. The best part of Unreal is it’s a game engine designed and developed by a game design company.

Unreal Engine Game Development

As a result, it has taken into account almost every single element, no matter how minute, that goes into building a powerfully successful game. Unreal is designed to create a very wide range of games with Unreal. From relatively small games to huge, very large and complex, AAA games, Unreal is suitable for each of them. The range of platforms Unreal supports reads like a who’s who list of platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, HTC Vive6, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, Samsung Gear VR…. looks like nothing’s left out. 3D Modeling And Animation Services By Experts To Make Realistic Games! 3D modeling and animation have been so advanced that now and then games are coming with newly developed features that make the game feel more realistic and emotional. People are crazy about such games which gives them real-life experience in the virtual world.

These newly enhanced games give you vibes of instant transmission to their World. It becomes a primary requirement to develop a character and its surrounding in 3D for visual experience and aesthetic. As in this digital world, the competition is very high in gaming industries that production houses and individuals are collaborating and outsourcing their work to the 3D art studios for fast and better results in affordable cost to stay in the competition. Unity Game Development. At Zatun, we meet your unique game development needs in a robust and quick manner with Unity game development. Our team of experienced and creative unity developers creates highly impressive and interactive game visuals for a rich VR, AR, and mobile gaming experience.

From conceptualization to the release of the final game, we provide end-to-end professional support. By harnessing the toolsets and features of this world-class game engine, our experts can create stunning and feature-rich games for all types of gaming platforms and all game genres. With our best-in-class unity game development, which uses sound knowledge and experience of the Unity platform, we give gaming solutions that offer you a leading edge in the market.

How To Select The Best 3D Art Studio To Outsource Game Art And Assets? You were playing video games your whole childhood now it’s part of your career and life.

How To Select The Best 3D Art Studio To Outsource Game Art And Assets?

You are trying to develop your precious video game idea for a long time. You can do your in-house setup and start developing but it can be a bit expensive to set up the whole studio and sometimes Professional hiring can be more helpful. Collaborate with a Professional 3D art studio and they can develop your game concept into a popular with the best graphics, lead generating with high quality, money-making game. With the boost in gaming industries where every good story is developing into good, philosophical journey Games with other strategic and shooting games.

With this huge surge in the gaming world, many game productions are outsourcing the game art to many different 3D Art studios to speed up the work and stay competitive in the industry. 3 Steps to select the Right 3D Art Studio. Why Android Game Company Are Boosting The Gaming World? As time is progressed towards smartphones where everything can be managed on the android phone.

Why Android Game Company Are Boosting The Gaming World?

Even most of the population who are not professional gamers also likes to play games but on mobile. Programmers have established the Android game company for developing android games for mobiles. As most of the people are always stay with their mobile and when they are free they like to check social network or play android games. Some of My Learnings on how to get a Job in The Video Game Industry! How was your University time?

Some of My Learnings on how to get a Job in The Video Game Industry!

University time was hectic. I didn’t attend a university per se, I did a 1-year diploma at VFS (Vancouver Film School). I didn’t want to spend 4 years doing BFA as the game industry is very dynamic and changing. I wanted a start in the industry right away. Benefits of Exceptional Quality Video Game Artwork Through Outsourcing. At the time of creating video games comprising 2D characters, coming up with the specific artwork seems to be a challenge.

Benefits of Exceptional Quality Video Game Artwork Through Outsourcing

It not only requires an artistic touch and talent but also demands vast exposure to technical skills. Thus, outsourcing the artwork to a trustworthy company with a proven track record makes sense. Virtual Reality Game Development Company in India. Virtual reality, or VR, is a computer-generated real-life sensory experience that a person can interact with user input devices such as headsets or goggles. In recent times, games that make use of virtual reality are becoming increasingly popular among people who love high-quality graphics and animations. At Zatun, we are well-conversed with virtual reality game development. Our virtual reality developers are knowledgeable of the various visualization techniques and thrill on the challenge of applying the latest game development technologies to create appealing VR games.

It’s no secret that virtual reality has revolutionized the gaming industry and brought with it an abundance of previously thought impossible game development opportunities. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the demand for VR games and this has pushed VR game development companies to meet this challenge. One reputable name in the virtual reality development industry is Zatun. Concept Designs: Giving a Crystal-Clear Idea about the Final Design. A game developer with the help of the Eureka moment carries on with research to come up with a wonderful concept for a new game.

Concept Designs: Giving a Crystal-Clear Idea about the Final Design

Eureka moment refers to the experience of having a proper understanding of an incomprehensible problem. To come up with a full-fledged game, the developer engages someone proficient in visualizing and creating exclusive sketches. After having a proper understanding of basic inputs, a set of drawings is created that include: Remarkable Benefits of Working with Video Game Development Studios. Do you enjoy playing video games?

Remarkable Benefits of Working with Video Game Development Studios

Yes! Are you aware of the hands that come up with such creative and content-rich ideas? Correct! Down & Out - The Interview - PlayStation. Now. In this issue of Mr. PSVR’s Interview Corner, we take a closer look at Down & Out from ZATUN. A game about defying definitions, comedy, and just what you need when you are feeling down about life that is coming to PlayStation VR. Interview with Game Developer, Unreal Programmer, &Art Director of ZATUN, Rohan Jadav, Punya Aachman, & Rajesh Suthar Welcome to The PlayStation Brahs. Would you please introduce yourself and what you do at ZATUN?

3D Modelling Success Stories. 3D modelling projects have become essential for modern game development companies. With more and more smart-phone apps and games released by the company on a regular basis, it becomes significant for the game developers and 3d artists to explore new ways to engage the audience by providing a higher level of thrill and excitement and high-quality game 3d models. When you outsource the development of models 3D to a top-notch game art studio like Zatun, they can recommend the factors that have a direct impact on the success or failure of the 3d modelling services projects. Irrespective of the mode of developing the 3D modeller and unity 3d models, every company must understand the significant elements having a make or break impact on the outcome of the game development project.

The 3D animation industry has grown many folds in the last decade. Video games have always been the first home for 3D characters. Get Ready To Be The King Of The Streets – Down and Out. Life is hard when you are on the streets and sometimes you just have to prove yourself not only for those around you but for your own self. But you do have one thing going for you, fighting. Even with nothing, you have something. Hidden Objects Games. Do you remember your childhood days when you used to browse magazines having large pictures of fruits, stars, and animals? Playing hidden object games like “Where and Waldo” was a great time pass. Wasn’t it? There is no need to move here and there as these games can be played at their own comfort. Action-Adventure Indian games for Kids. The highlight of the game is its exquisite hand-painted 2D graphics in traditional Indian miniature painting style and mesmerizing gameplay that give game enthusiasts an outstanding adventure experience.

The stunning visuals combined with an incredible soundtrack and enchanting gameplay captivate the player and make the player wander in a magnificent dreamland from where they would hate to come back. 3D Animation Characters. “Where do ideas come from?” Once stated Saul Bass, American graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker. What he meant was how do animators imagine what they need to present to the world, most of the time it is a hard-hitting trend that makes imagination fertile with ideas. Game Development Services. Digital games including mobile games and video games have grown many times over the wildest of speculations. They immerse gamers in a different world that’s full of excitement, fun, and surprises. PC Game Development Company in The India.

With the introduction of various high quality and a story packed Pc games, People of all the range has shown interest in Fun-filled, action-packed, mind-boggling experience that keeps them guessing what they need to face next with solving a current level in the games. With the animation nowadays developers are creating is only creating so much engagement towards the games and the number of PC game lovers is rising by the day and the list of games is also defying gravity. Hidden Objects Game. Top Gaming Companies in India. Unity Game Development. Unreal Engine Game Development. Unreal Engine Game Development.

3D Animation Outsourcing Services. Down and Out on Steam. 3D Animation Services. Down And Out - VR - Gameplay First Look - (Oculus,PSVR, Steam) Down And Out But Undisputed King Of The VR Streets. 3D Modeling for Games. " Put up your fists and VR controllers, and get ready to experience the mean streets of the city in an all-new immersive experience by Zatun, where you fight to prove yourself to be the toughest and meanest in the city! " - Games Press. Outsourcing v/s In-House Creation Of 3D Characters. Unity Game Development Company in India. 3D Modeling Services. Down & Out is a VR Game in which a player is a homeless person fighting to survive on the streets of the city. Amazing Hacks to Start a 3D Video Game Development Studio. 3D Character Models.

Game Design & Development Strategies for Beginners. Game Design & Development Strategies for Beginners. The Legend of Vraz. Put Your Sniping Skills To The Test In Immersive Sharpshooter Sniper Rust VR. An Incredible Start For Developing Hidden Object Games Online. The Artwork Studio That Unleashes Your Potential. Concept Designing Studios And Their Impeccable Impact. The Unyielding Progress of 3D Game Studio. Game Development Studio and The Conducts to Approach It. The Best Unity3D Game Development Company At Your Service. Unity Game Development. Mobile Game Development Company in India. Hire Sharply Skilled Android Game Developers & Programmer.

Ever-Growing Necessities to Develop 3D Character Models. Acquiring Precision With ZBrush 3D Printing Art and Reality. 3D Printing Designs Services. 3D Animation Studio in India. PC Game Development. 2D Art Services. Game Development Services. 3D Printing Designs. Low Poly 3D Models. Unity Game Development. Virtual Reality Development. A New Way to Think About Hologram 3D Models, Table & Wall. Unreal Engine Game Development. Oculus Rift Game Development. Virtual Reality Game Development.

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & Stream Games on Sale. Virtual Reality Game Development Company in India. Create 3D Character & Models. A New Way to Think About Hologram 3D Models, Table & Wall. Game Design & Development Strategies for Beginners. iOS Game Development Company in India. The Best Game Development Company in Ahmedabad. Game Development in Unity 3D, Unreal for PC, VR, iPhone, Android. Game Design & Development - A New Thread to The Entertainment World. Unity 2D-3D Game Development.

Top Sniper Shooting Games for Virtual Reality 2019. Traffic Jam - The Fun Game. The Best Sniper Games on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & Stream. Free Android and iPhone Game - Truck Zombie. Action Adventure Game. Puppies Out! is a free Running Game for Kids. Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Unity Game Development. Indie Prize at the GameDaily Connect - Shenzen, China. Tips to Help You Choose the Right Unity 3D Game Developer. The Best 3D Modeling Services Company in India. How to Use 3D Modeling in Video Game Development. Introduction to Game Development with Unity. How to Get Started with Unity Game Development.

Why 3D Modeling Has Been So Popular Till Now?