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Specialized Turbo Ebike Review. The huge global bicycle company Specialized invited 30 members of the media to an exclusive ride-event in San Francisco which included: breakfast, a presentation by the Specialized engineers, a talk by the Specialized founder, a ride through San Francisco on 30 Specialized Turbos, and they capped it off with a nice lunch.

Specialized Turbo Ebike Review

Arriving at the meeting place, I noticed that the fleet of Specialized Turbo bikes were lined up on a red carpet in an impressive (and very expensive) formation. At $6000 each that is a lot of cash. This press event is way beyond what I have seen or heard of any electric bike company ever doing. Specialized is big bucks, and knows how to throw a good party.

Let’s move on to this exciting $6,000 28-MPH bike. Specialized uses a purpose built frame (read our definition). We will look at all the features to this bike in detail in this review. The key benefit to this bike is that it can achieve close to 28-MPH, while still weighing-in at a very light 47.5 pounds. Pros Cons. EMBACHER/COLLECTION. What’s in a name?


The ideas that later paved the way for the Breezer Beamer (see page 48) were introduced on a bicycle as early as 1925. The Vélastic from the Vialle brothers and their Établissements Industriels des Cycles Élastiques of France was said, as the newspaper advertisements claimed, to make cycling as comfortable as sitting in an armchair. It was even supposed to be possible to ride down a kerb without noticing the drop. Even when you strip away the usual hyperbole of advertising, the impression that remains of the Vélastic is one of comfort; after all, a considerable portion of the frame is formed by a leaf spring.There is no seat tube so the rider sits on the end of a spring with the rest of the frame aimed at torsional strenght which it achieves to a certain degree.

The seat can of course also be adjusted in height. 1925, FRAFrame: Steel varnishedBicycle gearing: 1 SpeedBrakes: Rim Rod Brake / Rim Rod BrakeTyres: 26“ Wired Tyre / 26“ Wired TyreWeight: 38,14 lbs.


Other. Understanding Electric Bike Motors with Jim Turner of Optibike. Understanding Electric Bike Batteries with Jim Turner of Optibike. Batteries - Learn. The battery pack is one of the defining aspects of any PEV project; by and large it determines the weight, range, and cost of the vehicle.

Batteries - Learn

For these reasons a solid understanding of the various battery types is more than a little useful. General Battery Types While there are a lot of chemical combinations that can and have been made into useful batteries, in practice there are only four rechargeable types readily available in sizes suitable for ebikes. These are Lead Acid (PbA), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), and Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer. For a long time, lead acid has been the defacto standard for EV's. Nickel Cadmium was the old standard for rechargeable consumer cells in the familiar AA, C, 9V series. Nickel Metal Hydride is quite similar to Nickel Cadmium, but with a higher energy density and a safer environmental record when disposed of in landfills.

Battery Chemistries Lead Acid Lead acid batteries are the least expensive and heaviest battery option. NiMH. BATTERY PACK. E-bike(Electric Bike) Li-ion Battery Pack. 36V EBike Battery - 36V Li-Ion Battery - High C-Rate Li-Ion Battery - EBike Bottle Battery (3) - BMSBATTERY. 24V LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Packs. Electric Bike / E-Bike battery pack (Li-ion type) Bestgo-Power devotes to provide you the most dependable, highest quality, lightest and best design in Li-ion battery pack for every E-bike.

Electric Bike / E-Bike battery pack (Li-ion type)

We can offer you battery pack assembled with pouch cell, which makes your bike much lighter and smaller. In the same case our battery will store more energy so bike obtain longer driving distance, battery will offer a very long cycle life for daily use. For quality you can learn from "technology" page that our batteries are controlled by PDMS system and all process are finished by high precision, automated equipments. We now have LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery & Li-NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) battery for your selection, 24V10Ah, 36V8Ah, 36V10Ah, 48V10Ah etc are available: 1.Longer cycle life.