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Collaborative writing

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Collaborative Writing Sites. UConn Writing Center. A collaborative writing project Stacie Renfro Powers, Courtenay Dunn-Lewis, and Gordon Fraser University of Connecticut Writing Center The resources that follow include ideas, research, and worksheets to help instructors integrate collaborative writing projects (CWPs) into their curriculum.

UConn Writing Center

Some techniques will be more practical for larger projects or projects of extended length. Many of the class resources are available in Microsoft Word and are intended to be customized for to the specific needs of each project. General Considerations: A. Collaborative Language Learning and Teaching. Etherpad. Collaborative Writing Tasks on Pinterest. Collaborative Writing. Print version Collaborative writing assignments transform the usually solitary work of writing and editing college papers into a group endeavor.

Collaborative Writing

Instructors value such assignments because of their real-world relevance. After all, in most workplaces writing is typically produced by a team or goes through multiple hands for revising. Collaborative writing tasks in the L2 classroom: Comparing group, pair, and individual work. Collaborative writing activities. Collaborative writing Some teachers tend to avoid writing in class, perhaps feeling that as it is something which learners do individually and in silence, it is better done for homework.

Collaborative writing activities

However, when writing is done as a collaborative activity, it can have many of the same benefits of a group speaking activity: Discussing the writing process obviously provides more opportunities for learners to interact in English, a benefit in itself. Collaborative Writing tools. LaTeX Stuff (for Windows) Collaborative Writing Sites. Collaborative writing.