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Ressources on performance in flash

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ActionScript 3 optimization techniques at - B. If you attended my session about bytecode inlining at FITC Toronto you might remember that I said I have a document covering a lot of common optimization techniques.

ActionScript 3 optimization techniques at - B

After talking to so many of you and getting nice feedback I decided to release it in a state which is a work in progress. My main idea is still to put this into a Wiki so everybody can share his or her knowledge. Since I am pretty busy the next weeks I do not know when this will happen so for now I hope you get some use out of the PDF. ActionScript 3 optimization techniques. As3opt.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Abrealey_gmontagne.presentation.pdf (Objet application/pdf) - Mo. Resource management for ActionScript 3 (AS3) and Flex 2. Garbage Collector Interactive Simulator. Posted on September 19, 2006 by Grant Skinner This is an interactive simulator I built to demonstrate how the Garbage Collector operates in Flash Player 9.

Garbage Collector Interactive Simulator

It allows you to diagram objects and references, then see how reference counting, and mark and sweep routines would play out for your scenario. It’s pretty easy to use. Flex Performance, Memory Management, & Object Caching - InsideRI.