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Data curation

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Data Management & Information Retrieval. Data Management & Information Retrieval We live in a world where data is at the core of everything we do on a daily basis as enterprises, governments, research and service organizations, and individuals alike.

Data Management & Information Retrieval

Today, we generate and measure data at a much higher rate than conventional technologies can sustain. Data Management Plan at EPFL. 30.03.15 - You need to prepare a Data Management Plan for your proposal but don't know how to proceed?

Data Management Plan at EPFL

Read the article below, which will give you important information about the process at EPFL! Funding agencies such as the European Commission with the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program now require, depending on specifics of the research project, the inclusion of a Data Management Plan (DMP) by which the management and safeguard of sensitive data (on humans notably) is ensured. This requirement not only concerns how the project is run, but also the submission of proposals. As a result, the EPFL Presidency on January 26, 2015 has approved the creation of a service to support you in fulfilling this new requirement, which has become an important element in the planning, organisation, sharing and sustainability of your research data.

If you have specific questions about Clinical Trials for your Data Management Plan, please contact Nenad Buncic of the VPSI. LSIS. EPFLTV - EPFL video portal. Our services / Digital Curation at ETH Zurich / ms / Home - Wissensportal ETH-Bibliothek. The ETH Data Archive is available to researchers from ETH Zurich and other interested parties within the university.

Our services / Digital Curation at ETH Zurich / ms / Home - Wissensportal ETH-Bibliothek

Our range of services includes: Safeguarding of data for limited periods (from ten years) or on a permanent basis Access to your own data and control over access by third parties Global publication of data with a citable DOI (digital object identifier, example (external link)) or use solely within ETH Zurich, as required Preservation of all file formats in their original condition Planning and implementation of preservation measures to ensure future accessibility of common file formats Redundant storage of data in the infrastructure of ETH Zurich's IT Services (external link) Preparatory or accompanying measures are often necessary to facilitate the transfer of data to the ETH Data Archive in an organised fashion.

For this purpose, the Digital Curation Office provides the following services: Institutions and managing research data. The issue Research data management is important for institutions as well as researchers.

Institutions and managing research data

Funders now ask that data underpinning published results, and any data with long term value, is made available. This is crucial for both the verification of those results and to maintain the integrity of the research. The data also allows researchers to replicate experiments efficiently and add to existing datasets. What this means in practice is that data needs to be selected, curated, retained and stored, using appropriate metadata. What you can do Work out how well are you doing already To maintain research integrity, institutions and researchers must ensure relevant data is archived, accessible and citable so that results can be verified and data reused in future.

Assess how well your institution is managing its research data using the CARDIO self-assessment tool. Our case studies show what institutions are doing to meet expectations of the EPSRC research data policy framework. Create a plan. Developing RDM Services. Reviewing research data platform capabilities at Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) Browse the guide below.

Reviewing research data platform capabilities at Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER)

Please cite as: Arguillas, F., Heslop, J. and Whyte, A. (2015). ‘Reviewing research data platform capabilities at Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER)’. DCC RDM Services case studies. Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre. Available online: Contents 1. This case study describes repository development priorities identified by the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) [1].

The case study is one of three accompanying the DCC guide How to Evaluate Research Data Repository and Catalogue Platforms. 2. The CISER Data Archive houses an extensive collection of public and restricted numeric data files in the social sciences with particular emphasis on studies that match the interests of Cornell researchers: demography, economics and labour, political and social behaviour, family life, and health. In 2014, the CISER Data Archive applied for and was awarded the Data Seal of Approval [3]. Key issues: Figure 1. Internet Data Sources for Social Scientists.

Direct Access to Selected Datasets available on the Internet American Communities ProjectAmerican Community SurveyAmerican FactfinderAmerican Housing Survey homepage for American Housing Survey HUD USERAmerican National Election Study ANES homepage Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program American Religion Data ArchiveAmerican Time Use SurveyBasketball ReferenceBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance SystemBritish Household Panel SurveyCandidate Emergence StudyCensus of Population and Housing CensusScope.

Internet Data Sources for Social Scientists

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