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Like in the years before there will be a huge Christmas special with SP-Studio updates every day! This event will take place from December 1st until December 24th. Make sure you tell me what you want to see in this year’s Christmas special. You can write in the comments or use the wish voting area in the SP-Studio community too improve your chances of being picked. If you have already wrote about your wish you do not need to repeat it though.
Put on your safety glasses. Point the gun in a safe direction. Load a minimarshmallow into the mouth piece, seal your lips to the mouthpiece, and give the gun a quick burst of air. Yes, the marshmallow does go around all those curves. Pretty cool, huh?! Marshmallow gun Marshmallow gun
Shockwave Air Cannon
Summary How to make a shot glass out of ice. Motivation Shot glasses can get expensive especially if you want a lot of them for a big party, here we make shot glasses out of ice, it costs very little to make a bunch, and they're pretty sweet. Introduction IceShotGlasses - ElephantStaircase IceShotGlasses - ElephantStaircase