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DIY~Adorable Toilet Tissue Roll Gift Card Holder Ornament! How To Make Acrylic Sprays. ALCOHOL INKS AND MAKING YOUR OWN INKS WITH ENVELOPES?? YES! DIY: Alcohol Inks. More Homemade Creations. How To Use Home Made Alcohol Ink. Full tutorial For all models : paper jewellery multicolored. Paper Beads From Crepe Paper Streamers, colorful paper jewelry, make beads, beading, bracelet. PAPER BEADS from paper clips, how to diy jewelry making, recycling. How to Create Paper Beads. Mache-Mache-Beads. How 2 Make Paper Mache Clay. Aluminum Foil Bead. How to Make Paper Mache Buttons. Mixed media beads from fabric. Paper Beads and Jewelry Set Tutorial. Paper Bead Tutorial.

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How to make a crochet yoke summer top. Part 1. Yoke. How to Crochet Motif V neck Coverage. How to Crochet on Fabric: Tshirt Yoke. Wax paper resist technique an oldie but a goodie. DIY Alcohol Sprays. How I make my own Glimmer mist using eye shadow!!! How-To Series---HomeMade Glimmer. DIY L.A.Colors EyeShadow Glimmer Mist. TUTORIAL :HOMEMADE GLIMMER MIST - 3 WAYS. Make Your Own Intense Color Ink Sprays. My home made dylusions spays. MAKING MIXED MEDIA INK SPRAYS FROM FOOD COLORING. Make Your Own Shimmer Mists.wmv. Making My Own Glimmer Mist Spray Paint Sprays Craft Tutorial. Homemade ink spray similar to Dylusions. How to Make your own Glimmer Mist or Ink color Spray TheAlleyWayStamps.

Make Your Own Intense Color Ink Sprays. DIY : How to Make Your Own Acrylic Spray Paint วิธีทำอะคริลิคสเปรย์เพ้นท์ How to Make Handmade / DIY Alcohol Inks From Acrylic Paint. QUICK HOW TO MAKE ALCOHOL INK "LOOK" WITH ACRYLIC PAINTS! DIY Alcohol Ink. DIY Sharpie Ink!! Make Alcohol Inks @ Home W/Sharpie's!!! EASY D.I.Y. How to make 3 Types of Alcohol Inks DIY. DIY Alcohol INK. Home made alcohol inks and other deals @. $Rama. Making Alcohol Ink Using Sharpies Tutorial Part 2. Homemade Alcohol Ink Sprays- easiest ever!!! Tin foil alcohol ink technique. How to Make Home Made Alcohol Ink DIY. Alcohol Ink Tutorial. How to Make Your Own Alcohol Ink (CHEAP)!! Alcohol ink alternatives.

Alcohol Ink Home Made Tutorial. How To Make Alcohol Ink DIY Dollar Store Craft. How To Use Home Made Alcohol Ink. Homemade alcohol inks. Homemade Alcohol Inks. Making Alcohol Ink. Make Your Own Alcohol Ink Blending Solution. Making Alcohol Ink Using Sharpies Tutorial Part 2. Making Alcohol Ink using Sharpie 80's Glam 24 Pack Part 1. DIY Homemade Ink Sprays/ Mist using food coloring/ MAKING MIXED MEDIA INK SPRAYS FROM FOOD COLORING. DIY_glimmer_spray_ink_and_daubers. Homemade alcohol inks via Pinterest recipe ( slightly modified by me) How to Make Handmade / DIY Alcohol Inks From Acrylic Paint. How to make metalic Alcohol ink Experiments Episode 2. Tutorial How to make alcohol ink. Frugal ways to reuse containers.

How to make alcohol ink. Creating the Look of Metal using Aleene's Original Tacky Glue (Long Version) Stepping Thru Crazy: Recycled Craft: Plastic Bag Beads. I've really been getting into making recycled crafts lately... and when I saw this, I knew I had to try it. Here's how I made myself a plastic-bag bead bracelet: I used: a plastic bagMod Podge (or any other glue)tapeplastic strawnail polishold t-shirt Start with a plastic bag. Cut the handles and the bottom off (save these and toss them into one of those plastic recycling bins at the grocery store). Flatten the bag out, and cut it in half so that you've got two big "sheets" of plastic. Put one aside, and cut the other in half. Again, put one half aside. Fold the bottom up and smooth it out. Add more glue if you need to and fold the top edge down to the bottom edge. Now fold it in half 'hot dog' style, and glue it in place. Cut the strip in half (I guess now hamburger style), put aside one strip half, and grab a straw and some tape.

Smear some more Mod Podge on the plastic, and roll it up on the straw as tightly as you can. Let the glue dry for at least a few hours. Stepping Thru Crazy: More Beads, More Tees... and a Necklace. After making my plastic bag and t-shirt bracelet, I knew I wanted to try that again but in a necklace. And I wanted some more pattern and color that didn't involve me painting anything. Then I remember my pile of scrapbook paper under my desk. A little something about me- I love scrapbook paper... but I don't scrapbook. It's a weakness. Anyway, here's a pic: Alright, to make one of these puppies you'll need: scrapbook paper (or any other paper you like, even magazine pages could work) straws tape Mod Podge (or another gluey substance; I like Mod Podge because it makes the paper beads super strong) t-shirt strips Start by cutting out some strips of scrapbook paper.

Take a strip of paper, tape the end to a straw, brush some Mod Podge on the paper, and roll it up. Cut the excess straw off (and save if you're going to make more), and now your beads are ready for stringing. To start making the necklace, tie one end to another. Now it's ready for wearing! Stepping Thru Crazy: Tattoo Your Beads!!! Stepping Thru Crazy: Envelope of Doom Part 1: Plastic Ring Jewelry. This is a three part series, coming to they come to me. Last week I received an envelope stuffed with random things for me to craft with. It was like Christmas morning for me! Here's the scoop on the stuff; Mich L. in L.A.

(who is super creative, if you haven't checked her out, put that on your to-do- list) held a giveaway/crafting challenge, a.k.a. the Crazy Crafty Wicked Cool Envelope of Doom Challenge. I am so happy that I got one! A necklace and earring set! Yep, those are the little plastic circle-things that are left on the neck of a plastic bottle when you unscrew the cap.

Separate one strand of the raffia from the others, hold it aside, and cut the other strands off. And pull the raffia down to the bottom of the circle. Wrap the raffia around the bottom and secure in place with a tiny dab of hot glue. And for the bottom, just making a smaller loop. Twist the wire to secure it closed, add on another circle, string it onto a necklace, and you've got recycled jewelry! Stepping Thru Crazy: Rolled Fabric Rings. Happen to have some scrap fabric laying around? I know I do. LOTS of it. What do I do with it? Here's one thing- fold it, sew it, roll it and wear it: Yep, it's pretty much as easy as that. Materials: scrap fabric (the longer the fabric, the bigger your ring)hot glue gun & glue stickspiece of scrap fabric for ring backingring blankE6000 glue, or another super strong glueTools:iron & ironing boardsewing machinescissorsCut a strip of fabric and iron it.

Using the following pictures as a guide, fold the fabric and iron the folds down. Take your strip of fabric to the sewing machine and sew a wide zig-zag stitch down the center to hold the folded strip together. Here's what I had my machine set on to do the zig-zag. Start rolling the fabric up, using hot glue to secure it along the way. Roll the fabric up all the way, making sure to secure the end with glue.

Once the glue has dried wear your ring! How To Recycle Plastic Bags To Make Jewelry Beads. How to make a large sheet of paper by Alma Stoller. How to make fabric beads by Alma Stoller. ANOTHER BEAD MAKING METHOD PART 2.