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Making Paper Beads. I made a ton of paper beads in 2006 for a paper dress competition.

Making Paper Beads

Here is the winning dress! And here is the corresponding paper bead tutorial that you know you love. You’re welcome. Here’s how you get on the paper love train and make some of those pretty little things: FIRSTLY- The motto of bead making and/or life- Just roll, baby. How to Make Altered Books - Free Altered Book Projects, Altered. Art & Crafts : Altered Books and Other Altered Art Transform old books into new works of art!

How to Make Altered Books - Free Altered Book Projects, Altered

Altered book art combines several types of artistic techniques into one unique art form. Starting with a book base, the artist tears away pages and then adds their own creative expressions through rubber stamping, scrapping, collage, photomontage, and writing. Funky Junk Jewelry JOTW #10. Hello buddies :) This week I made a Funky earring made out of pure junk.

Funky Junk Jewelry JOTW #10

Its made of a completely surprising material :) Guess what ? Pista Shells and old resistors looted from college lab ;) See how I made these Supplies Required : Shells of one pistaTwo resistorsBell pinsEar hooksPliers and wire cutter. DIY: Paint Chip Ombre Earrings. I like candy corn - but I would not dare wear candy corn-colored earrings.

DIY: Paint Chip Ombre Earrings

So I figured orange ombre can be a good substitute, you know, for Halloween festivities. It's pretty easy, takes about 15 minutes (or less) to whip up. Ready to start this project? Paperclip statement necklace. I’ve had a pewter-gray jumpsuit stashed away in my closet, in want of a statement accessory.

paperclip statement necklace

My parents’ early Christmas party this weekend was the ideal occasion to don the outfit and motivation to make my own crafty diva-on-a-dime jewelry. I decided on making a statement necklace out of less than $2 worth of paper clips from the dollar store and some leather string I’ve had stored in my craft drawer for years. Quite timely, my old leather string is a very current, trendy shade of burgundy (wines are making quite a reappearance in the fashion scene, as is every trend from the nineties). So there I am, striking a no-nonsense pose in front of my parents’ beautifully adorned tree, boldly wearing my homemade necklace, which no one seemed to guess was fashioned out of paperclips until I pointed it out.

You will need 280 paperclips and 3 strings or chains of your choice material, each being 2″ shorter than the next. How to Make a Bracelet out of Safety Pins. Paper bead template. 1000 × 752 - 1920 × 1080 - 3000 × 1983 - 986 × 739 - 500 × 375 -

paper bead template

Paper Mache Beads – Homemade Beads DIY Tutorial. This is probably the cheapest craft ever.

Paper Mache Beads – Homemade Beads DIY Tutorial

What you’ll need to make your own paper jewelry: Newspaper, get some of those free ones for extra cheapness.Bowl.Water.Craft paint or whatever type of paint you have at home. As long as it sticks on paper, it’s cool! (Probably shouldn’t use water colour though..?) 29 Types of Paper for Making Paper Beads. One of the best things about making jewelry with rolled paper beads is the huge number of sources to get your paper.

29 Types of Paper for Making Paper Beads

Almost any type of paper that is flexible enough to roll into a cylinder is can be used for making paper beads. Once you start looking around, you’ll notice sources for paper beads everywhere! Experimenting with different types, weights, colors, and thicknesses of paper is a great way to expand your creativity. Paper Beads, Beads and Beaded Bracelets. Paper Beads, Paper Bead Jewelry and Paper Jewelry. 10 Ideen wie du aus alten Stoffen neue Dinge zauberst.

Upcycled Zippered Book Clutch – Free Sewing Tutorial. Upcycled Craft Ideas. How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry. September 23rd, 2010 Email 419 users recommend Experiment with various coil sizes, and even glue coils together!

How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry

Diane Gilleland Magazine paper lends itself well to this colorful little project. This pendant is made with parts of three different pages. 221 Upcycling Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind. DIY MOD PODGE MAGAZINE CLUTCH. Recycle Your Shoebox. Tote Craft - Making a Purse. How to make a purse/clutch from a Book.

It's a Book! It's a Bag! For today’s DIY I’m gonna show you all how to make a book bag.

It's a Book! It's a Bag!

Now, when I say book bag I don’t mean a bag to carry your books around in. I mean an actual book made into a rad and totally useable handbag. Sound cool? Here’s how it’s done! You’ll need: 31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds.