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North Africa Advisers | Home Welcome North Africa Advisers is consultative service that provides expert knowledge on business development, market facilitation and risk assessment in North Africa. We inform and support organizations and businesses from around the world on critical issues relevant to North Africa with their business and interests in mind. North Africa Advisers | Home
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Libya Oil Infrastructure Report - AKE Ltd Libya Oil Infrastructure Report - AKE Ltd AKE's Africa analyst Alasdair Reid talks to Bloomberg about the rising risk of militant attacks in Kenya. Read More AKE's John Drake talks to Dukascopy TV about the impact of Iraq violence on would-be investors. Read More AKE will be holding a travel safety awareness training course in Aberdeen on 1st April. Read More
Blue Mountain Group - Security Blue Mountain Group - Security Our team at Blue Mountain draws on years of professional experience, and a thorough understanding of the UK security landscape. Our customers rely on us to consistently deliver their security, discreetly and unobtrusively. Security consultancy and planning
We are offering security services as an organized group of security professionals with experience in the line of maritime security and PSD tasks.
REDfour Security Group (RSG) is a professional and highly experienced company with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of cross-cultural environments which has enabled us to successfully integrate with host country nationals. RSG was established in 2004 after clearly identifying the need for a fresh approach to international corporate security, utilising many collective years of specialist training and integration into other languages and cultures. REDfour has established its core security ethos around the principle of balance and understanding, by using the most professional and experienced specialist personnel. This has enabled REDfour to mitigate risk and to establish a culturally less obtrusive security footprint. REDfour Security Group High quality security management services REDfour Security Group High quality security management services
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Potential issues on the 17th February
Scott W. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sicuro Group LLC Hi all, Just a note to re-introduce myself. I was with SicuroGroup previously and am now back in Libya with my new company providing a range of risk, information and logistics management services. I'm really keen to expand my network of those who are here in Tripoli or Benghazi and to help those outside who are looking for advice on how to break in to the Libyan market. Back in Libya and keen to meet others here... Back in Libya and keen to meet others here...
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AKE Libya Specialist Alan Fraser talks to Fox News Radio about the events surrounding the death of and three other Americans in Benghazi. AKE publishes press release covering the , covered in Zawya . MENA open for business? AKE’s Alan Fraser writes for ATPI Travellers News on the post Arab Spring. Libya - Overview - Global IntAKE Libya - Overview - Global IntAKE
Weekly Security Review | Libya Business News Weekly Security Review | Libya Business News Summary Tripoli will remain stable although there is an on-going risk of clashes between rival militia groups. In a clash on 3 January, four people were killed and five injured. Meanwhile, a local militia leader claimed to have detained a number of pro-Gaddafi supporters who were planning to carry out an attack in the capital.
Those of you on the ground in Libya will know that the collection, interpretation and analysis of intel is currently flawed, if you have or are planning a local forum please share with the group INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT SPECIALISTS SEEKS STRATEGIC ALLIANCES IN LIBYA, EMAIL kprojects
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At Risk Angels we understand that risk management is a vital component of your business strategy and that the legal obligations facing your senior management require you to ensure you have robust systems in place to fulfill due diligence and duty of care requirements.We know that regulatory bodies expect high standards of compliance and our experience working with them enables us to understand the inspection regimes and how you can prepare and develop systems, processes and policies to meet every requirement not only in today's environment, but with an eye on tomorrow's. What you have today is not what you necessarily need tomorrow. Here at Risk Angels we pride ourselves on the lifecycle approach to evaluation of systems.Many systems are specified several years before utilisation rendering them potentially out of date before the end user has taken ownership. Risk Angels | Home Risk Angels | Home
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PAS Security Analyse de l'exposition aux risques SZP-Security accompagne les entreprises souhaitant s’implanter et/ou recherchant des partenariats avec des entreprises en Afrique, au Proche et au Moyen-Orient. Elle les aidera dans la compréhension des enjeux locaux et dans la conception de leurs stratégies de développement international dans les zones sensibles. Partant de ce principe, SZP-Security vous propose les solutions suivantes : PAS Security
When your business operates globally, you need to make decisions based on the best information and advice. Accurate, timely and relevant information about the threats in the world today is an essential requirement for corporate security and for risk managers charged with mitigating the risks to their corporations, their staff and their shareholders. Pilgrims gives all levels of staff within your organisation the knowledge they need to prepare themselves and your business for everything from, business travel to in-country operations (both at the operational and strategic level) as well all threats pertaining to terrorism, crime, political and economic stability. Information and intelligence :: Pilgrims Group