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SZP Security. Trango Special Projects. Pro-Intell security solutions. Personnel - REDfour Security GroupREDfour Security Group. North Africa Advisers. Arezki Daoud. Libya Oil Infrastructure Report - AKE Ltd. AKE's Africa analyst Alasdair Reid talks to Bloomberg about the rising risk of militant attacks in Kenya.

Libya Oil Infrastructure Report - AKE Ltd

Read More AKE's John Drake talks to Dukascopy TV about the impact of Iraq violence on would-be investors. Read More AKE will be holding a travel safety awareness training course in Aberdeen on 1st April. Read More The Financial Times displays AKE maps and graphs illustrating rising violence in Iraq. Read More AKE Africa analyst Alasdair Reid interviewed by Interfax on the political and security risk environment in Mozambique. Read More AKE's John Drake talks to AFP about the resignation of Muqtada al-Sadr.

Read More AKE's John Drake talks to the Christian Science Monitor about violence in Anbar province. Read More AKE and Air Parter to discuss security risks and emergency evacuation at the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce on 28 February. Blue Mountain Group - Security. Our team at Blue Mountain draws on years of professional experience, and a thorough understanding of the UK security landscape.

Blue Mountain Group - Security

Our customers rely on us to consistently deliver their security, discreetly and unobtrusively. We are offering security services as an organized group of security professionals with experience in the line of maritime security and PSD tasks. REDfour Security Group High quality security management services. Phil Webster. Support Services. Potential issues on the 17th February. Back in Libya and keen to meet others here... New Libya Business Network Group News. Security Networking Events Special Projects Ltd. NTC. Libya - Overview - Global IntAKE. 28 September 2014 AKE's John Drake talks to the FT about the business of political risk forecasting, with various examples from the Arab Spring to South East Asia.

Libya - Overview - Global IntAKE

Weekly Security Review. Summary Tripoli will remain stable although there is an on-going risk of clashes between rival militia groups.

Weekly Security Review

In a clash on 3 January, four people were killed and five injured. Meanwhile, a local militia leader claimed to have detained a number of pro-Gaddafi supporters who were planning to carry out an attack in the capital. In general, AKE sources on the ground have reported that the situation for foreign personnel operating in Tripoli is positive. AKE sources have also highlighted that the process of entering the country at Tripoli International Airport is relatively smooth and assess that the air route via Tripoli is now the most practical way of reaching the capital. Projections Tripoli will remain stable; however, there is an on-going risk of clashes between rival militia groups, especially if efforts are made to disarm those groups who remain. The risk of clashes in other areas of the country will endure as long as the militia groups remain independent of the NTC.

Those of you on the ground in Libya will know that the collection, interpretation and analysis of intel is currently flawed, if you have or are planning a local forum please share with the group. INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT SPECIALISTS SEEKS STRATEGIC ALLIANCES IN LIBYA, EMAIL kprojects. PRC ASSOCIATES, INC. Company. Principal Risk Solutions. Sign In. Risk Angels. SOC Libya. PAS Security. Analyse de l'exposition aux risques SZP-Security accompagne les entreprises souhaitant s’implanter et/ou recherchant des partenariats avec des entreprises en Afrique, au Proche et au Moyen-Orient.

PAS Security

Elle les aidera dans la compréhension des enjeux locaux et dans la conception de leurs stratégies de développement international dans les zones sensibles. Partant de ce principe, SZP-Security vous propose les solutions suivantes : Les évènements sécuritaires récents qui ont secoué l’Afrique du Nord et le Proche-Orient ont une fois de plus démontré l’importance de l’analyse préalable des risques au profit des entreprises de l’hexagone, implantées dans cette zone instable de la planète. La recherche du développement international reste évidemment indispensable et nécessaire à toute entreprise souhaitant conquérir de nouveaux marchés, mais l'anticipation de ces risques politiques, économiques et culturels est aussi essentielle que l'étude de leur impact sur l'activité de l’entreprise. Information and intelligence.

When your business operates globally, you need to make decisions based on the best information and advice.

Information and intelligence

Accurate, timely and relevant information about the threats in the world today is an essential requirement for corporate security and for risk managers charged with mitigating the risks to their corporations, their staff and their shareholders. Pilgrims gives all levels of staff within your organisation the knowledge they need to prepare themselves and your business for everything from, business travel to in-country operations (both at the operational and strategic level) as well all threats pertaining to terrorism, crime, political and economic stability. Pilgrims provides information services to clients in the energy, engineering, construction, defence, pharmaceutical, financial services, insurance and media sectors.

Information to Intelligence Pilgrims is not merely an information aggregator, reformatting open source information and reissuing it to clients.