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Univeresity of Wales - e-Resources

OoW London Campus E-Resources. Uow St D - e-Resources - London Campus. BESA. BESA. Social. Pearltrees videos. National Rail Enquiries - Official source for UK train times and timetables. Plan a Journey - traveline - English. Transport Direct. Poetry Foundation. Gruesome. To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell. Upon Julia's Clothes by Robert Herrick.

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold. Beowulf. Beowulf is the longest epic poem in Old English, the language spoken in Anglo-Saxon England before the Norman Conquest.


It is one of the most famous works of Anglo-Saxon poetry, and tells the breathtaking story of a struggle between the hero, Beowulf, and a bloodthirsty monster called Grendel. For many winters, the court of the Danish King Hrothgar has been terrorised by the fearsome monster Grendel, who comes at nightfall to devour men in their sleep. Beowulf (2007) Beowulf ye Therapist (BeowulfShrink) sur Twitter. - Science Fiction (sci-fi) news, books, tv, movies, comic books, video games and more...

Life on Mars (TV series) Life on Mars refers to the scientific investigation on the possibility of life (past or present) on the planet Mars.

Life on Mars (TV series)

Life on Mars may also refer to: Life on Mars (U.S. TV series) Life on Mars garnered critical praise for its premise, acting, and depiction of the 1970s but shortly after its premiere, the show's momentum was interrupted by a two-month hiatus followed by a timeslot change which resulted in a decline of viewership.[2][3] On March 2, 2009 ABC announced that it would not be ordering a second season.

Life on Mars (U.S. TV series)

A DVD set of the complete series was released on September 29, 2009. After reviewing the pilot episode, ABC ordered an overhaul. The Gene Genie. Ashes to Ashes (TV series) The series began airing on BBC One in February 2008.

Ashes to Ashes (TV series)

A second series began broadcasting in April 2009. A third and final series was broadcast from 2 April to 21 May 2010 on BBC One and BBC HD.[2] The series tells the story of Alex Drake (played by Keeley Hawes), a policewoman in service with the London Metropolitan Police, who is shot in 2008 by a man called Arthur Layton, and inexplicably regains consciousness in 1981.[3] Tension between Drake and Hunt is built through the unsatisfactory explanation of Sam Tyler's absence, and the perceived underhandedness and shoddy work of Hunt in contrast to the methodical, ethical and thoroughly modern Drake. Gene hunt best quotes. BladeZone: The Online Blade Runner Fan Club and Museum. Silent Running (1972) Part 1. Silent Running (1972) Part 2.

Localtradar - Bexhill

Morgan Computers - for cheap computers, printers, digital cameras and accessories. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Roundels. A roundel is a circular disc used as a symbol.


The term is used in heraldry but also commonly used to refer to a type of national insignia used on military aircraft, generally circular in shape and usually comprising concentric rings of different colours. Other symbols also often use round shapes. The Mod Generation - The Society of Cool. Modrevival. The style council. “I had a total belief in The Style Council.

the style council

I was obsessed in the early years. I lived and breathed it all. I meant every word, and felt every action. Our Favourite Shop was its culmination.” Paul Weller 2006. Home - The Who. The Jam. The Jam – 30 Years of Fire and Skill The Jam exploded onto the punk scene in 1977.

The Jam

Led by guitarist/singer Paul Weller, a young, sharp suited mod, who was inspired by Otis Redding, Dr Feelgood, The Who and the Sex Pistols in equal measure, with Bruce Foxton, the Motown influenced bassist and Rick Buckler, the metronome time keeper, they delivered their ferocious mission statement – In The City, a musical tribute to London over three minutes of aggressive urgency. The song hit the Top 40 and fanfared the arrival of a three piece that would over the next five years produce six studio albums (and a live one) four of which would place in the Top 10, their final outing 1982’s The Gift topping the charts, and 18 singles including four Number 1s. The Jam was formed in 1972, by Paul Weller and his school friend Steve Brookes. Such was their popularity that by the time of The Jam’s thrilling 10th single Going Underground, the single was already a guaranteed Number 1 before it was even released.

The Kinks Official Website. John Barry - The Ipcress File (theme) 10 Commonly Misunderstood Words. My friends and I are self-professed grammar geeks.

10 Commonly Misunderstood Words

Upon hearing Alanis Morissette’s 90s hit “Ironic” on the radio, a worn out discussion usually breaks out: is she using the word “ironic” correctly? Yes, you can roll your eyes now. But, seriously, “It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife” is not really ironic, is it? English Language. Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 1. Infographics are great learning materials.

Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 1

The colourful graphics, clear text and their size make them ideal for classroom integration. I have been posting some of the ones I deem educationl to help teachers leverage this resource to create engaging, relevant and personalized learning experiences in their classes. Urban Dictionary, June 21: friending spree. Visual Thesaurus. Community-based english language lessons. Grammar rules. Peter gabriel. Discover Bexhill. DLWP, The De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, East Sussex. A Modernist icon for the contemporary arts and live music on the seafront in Bexhill.

Hang on lads I've got a model.


Berlin. The Berlin Wall. The Berlin Airlift. PRELUDE TO CONFLICT At the end of WWII, a defeated Germany was divided amongst the victors, the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France.

The Berlin Airlift

The Soviet Union took control of the Eastern half of Germany, the Western half was divided amongst the US, Great Britain, and France. Like the rest of the country, the capital city of Berlin, sitting dead in the middle of the Soviet-controlled Eastern half, was also divided into four parts, one half being Soviet controlled, and the rest divided amongst the others. The Berlin Airlift. Checkpoint Charlie Museum! Sovereign light cafe.


Localtradar. CQI Body of Knowledge. Localtradar - Bexhill. Localtradar. Localtradar. Localtradar - Bexhill.