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Wikibooks. Classic Articles on Reformed Theology. 10 Web Resources For Digital Field Trips To Museums. I went to the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

10 Web Resources For Digital Field Trips To Museums

It was truly amazing. I wish I had been educated enough to fully appreciate the art. I sat in front of the Matisse. Henri Matisse was easily one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. I dismissed the work in front of me. “I think I could make this myself.” “Well,” she said, “Maybe you’re not considering the training he had or some of his other works.” I had the good fortune to study an exhibit of Russian Orthodox icons with a professor of this style of art. “Professor, how does the museum preserve the art?” “Nobody vandalizes art in this country.” Such is life, I suppose. This week’s Learnist feature highlights digital field trips, travel writer Tyler Wilcox and others, as they take us to some of the best museums in the world.

As always, please consider making some boards of your own or adding to some of these boards. The World’s Most Amazing Museums. 62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries. For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world's most beautiful libraries by continent.

62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries

Here they are all in one place, in no particular order. 1. Trinity College Library, Ireland Image courtesy of Irish Welcome Tours' Flickr stream. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, with two story dark wooden arches, this is also the largest library in all of Ireland. 2. Image courtesy of Steve Cadman's Flickr stream. Media Library. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine.

Answers Research Journal - Creation, Evolution, Scientific Research - Answers Research Journal. Ligonier. Scientific Research Publish. Home. Backstage—Free VIP Access. When you join Narrative, you gain immediate, free access to thousands of works by world-class authors and artists.

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You also receive complimentary VIP access to Backstage, where donors and friends of Narrative get to see behind the curtain of great literature. Featuring cartoons, fiction, poetry, essays, video, and more.Free online and via a free App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.Monthly edition available on Kindle. Get a great magazine and vip access—all for free! People Are Talking about Narrative: The gold standard for online literary magazines. Open Access Library. Quora. Partners The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM) Exceptional exhibits are highlighted each quarter.

Partners The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM)

Selections from previous seasons are archived here. Please consider joining our MoOM Board of Directors won't you? You'll receive some nice swag and can lord it over your less civic-minded friends. While even the most daring critic would find it difficult to describe computer viruses as "art," there's a certain bizarre artistry mixed among the prankster-ism and the outright cruelty of their creators. Computer Virus Catalog risks it all in order to capture these devious bugs, sharing what was likely the last image you saw before your hard drive was completely erased.

Back in the day my brand was the TDK SA 90, although the Maxell XLII would do in a pinch. Between 1979 and 2010 Sony sold 400 million Walkmen and the compact design and engineering of these mechanically complicated and ingenious devices still feels relevant. Publish Digital Magazines and More Online for Free. The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary.

Free Internet Libraries. Who Will Solve These Health Care Problems Causes and Solutions to Health Care Problems U.S.

Free Internet Libraries

Education Vs. Germany and Britain, Our Biggest Value Added Competitors GDP Per Capita by State Election Issues, one-page summaries of federal debt, health care, education and economics.. Decades of US Problems Faced by US History Using Quick Notes. Research within Academic Books, Articles and Research Topics. Quotes, Poems, Novels, Classics and hundreds more.

Canadiana. Welcome to the CCEL - Christian Classics Ethereal Library. The World's Largest Library Catalog. Free Classic Books Online at Classic Reader. Public Libraries. Awesome Library. Ipl2: Information You Can Trust. World Digital Library Home. Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine. Internet History Sourcebooks Project. Internet History Sourcebooks Project Paul Halsall, Editor Last Modified: Dec 11 | linked pages may have been updated more recently The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. 1.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

This project is both very large and fairly old in Internet terms. At the time it was instigated (1996), it was not clear that web sites [and the documents made available there] would often turn out to be transient. 2. 3. Feedback and Help While I encourage notes, comments and feedback in general, I am unable to reply to all of them. For guidance on homework, research, how people lived/ate/dressed in the past, see the various Help! I am unable to help locate details about your family, or give translations of your name or nickname into Chinese (a very common request)! I am always happy to hear from people who wish to submit copy permitted texts to the various sites below. Bringing the field trip experience into the classroom.