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Set Emacs As Default File Manager In Ubuntu! In this post, lets see how to do this I am using Ubuntu and it has nautilus as default file manager.

Set Emacs As Default File Manager In Ubuntu!

You might need to use some other commands based on your OS. File Manager: If you are in terminal, to open file manager, you need to run nautilus. If you want to open file manager in specific folder, you can run nautilus /foo/bar When you have downloaded some files using browser, if you click Show in folder in downloads page, it will open nautilus with that specific folder. Emacs is My New Window Manager. Unlike the previous century, this century has been defined by web applications.

Emacs is My New Window Manager

Most of my web efforts are looking up code documentation and other technical resources, and this is good using a text-oriented browser like w3m or eww embedded within Emacs. Whenever a page doesn’t render well (can you say JavaScript), I can hit the & key to bring up a web browser.. You can kick off a graphical browser to a specific URL by binding a function that calls this: Emacs-tw/awesome-emacs. Org Dotemacs. Commentary Keeping your emacs config in an org file makes it easier for you to keep your .emacs under control, and avoid DotEmacsBankruptcy.

Org Dotemacs

With your config code stored in an org file you can easily edit the structure and keep notes. EnigmaCurry. May 09, 2008 at 03:27 PM | categories: python, enigma curry, emacs | 29 Comments Update 01/2009: this post is still valid, but see updated installation instructions here.


Last night at the Python user group I gave a short demo on using Emacs as a Python editor/IDE. My macbook pro refused to display on the projector so I thought my demo was going to be a 'no go'. Thankfully, sontek allowed me to use his Linux laptop. I hurriedly copied over my emacs environment, installed a few packages and was able to present after all. Emacs as file manager — IT daily blog, news, magazine, technologies. Practically each user of the computer should face a renaming problem at once of several files sooner or later.

Emacs as file manager — IT daily blog, news, magazine, technologies

For example, to replace filename extension, to change a name, to insert sequence number and so on. Someone writes shell scripts, someone uses the programs which are specially created for this purpose, but the real Indians use Emacs. In Emacs there is such mode as dired. It is a directory browse mode. Writing Beamer presentations in org-mode. Beamer has the concept of block, a set of text that is logically together but apart from the rest of the text that may be in a slide.

Writing Beamer presentations in org-mode

How blocks are presented will depend on the Beamer theme used (customisation in general and choosing the theme specifically are described below). There are many types of blocks. The following ** A more complex slide This slide illustrates the use of Beamer blocks. Jedi.el - Python auto-completion for Emacs — Emacs Jedi 0.2.0alpha2 documentation. Command line arguments to be appended to jedi:server-command.

Jedi.el - Python auto-completion for Emacs — Emacs Jedi 0.2.0alpha2 documentation

If you want to add some special sys.path when starting Jedi server, do something like this: (setq jedi:server-args '("--sys-path" "MY/SPECIAL/PATH" "--sys-path" "MY/OTHER/SPECIAL/PATH")) If you want to include some virtualenv, do something like the following. Note that actual environment variable VIRTUAL_ENV is treated automatically so you don’t need to pass it. Also, you need to start Jedi EPC server with the same python version that you use for the virtualenv (setq jedi:server-args '("--virtual-env" "SOME/VIRTUAL_ENV_1" "--virtual-env" "SOME/VIRTUAL_ENV_2")) To see what other arguments Jedi server can take, execute the following command: python --help Advanced usage. Soulphysics/.emacs.d. Capitaomorte/yasnippet. Org Mode tools! Edgimar / michel-orgmode. Emacs – Emacs ist ein sehr umfangreicher und mächtiger, enorm weit verbreiteter Editor, eine Programmierplattform und Laufzeitumgebung für Lisp-Anwendungen, beispielsweise News- und Mail-Clients, eine offene Entwicklungsumgebung.

Emacs –

Manche witzeln, er sei ein eigenes Betriebssystem. Die folgende Präsentation gibt mit vielen Screenshots einen guten Überblick [1]. Die Programmierung am Emacs wurde 1984 von Richard Stallman in Lisp begonnen. Org for GTD and other Task managment systems. Org-mode Frequently Asked Questions. XeLaTeX is an alternative to pdfLaTeX for typesetting LaTeX documents.

Org-mode Frequently Asked Questions

XeTeX can use any fonts installed in the operating system without configuring TeX font metrics, and can make direct use of advanced typographic features of OpenType and other font formats. By default, org-mode exports org files to pdf via pdfLaTeX. Here is one way to smoothly incorporate XeLaTeX into org-mode's export process. This solution takes advantage of latexmk, a perl script that intelligently and automatically manages latex compilation. It is included with TeXLive, but at present the version included is not quite up-to-date enough for our needs.