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EcoVelo. DIY Solar Bike Trailer: Eco Pioneer. By Derek Markham on February 28, 2009 The Greener Gadgets Design Competition brought tons of great green ideas into the limelight, from composters and Twittering electric metering devices to cardboard computers and public bicycle service systems. One of my personal favorites was the entry by Eco Pioneer, a DIY solar bike trailer. It's a modern day covered wagon, ready to power your next adventure. The objective of their design was to help further the educational development of the US population through the creation of a working micro-solar system which can be easily transported to and from grassroots festival events.

The frame is a repurposed kid-carrier bike trailer, and the power comes from a 25 watt solar panel on top. Included is an 8 amp battery and a 175 watt power inverter, enabling both an AC and a DC power supply. The design is meant to be a DIY project, not a production model, although the potential is there to market some version of these to bicycle campers and tourers. Electric Bikes & Vehicles.