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Building Construction

Louisiana Building Codes | Regional Construction Information | Reed Construction Data. Building Codes References Louisiana's building codes are mandatory minimums for all buildings except one and two family dwellings, unless otherwise indicated. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Authorities Having Jurisdiction are those government officials who are the final authority on questions in a particular area (or jurisdiction). Building codes are also available for these other Louisiana municipalities: EcoArchWiki - Main - Home Page. House Construction - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks. Punch list[edit] Contractor and Home Owner "To Do" List Building Orientation[edit] Grading, Terra-planing and Site Preparation[edit] The site you are building on should be flat, with no lumps or hillocks. to level, you could hire a bulldozer and go over the land with the blade close to the ground to remove all lumps or hillocks.

If the plot is on a severe incline then lay stilts out so that you can lay out a floor level on top of them. At times ground filling has to be done to raise ground to the required level. Foundation Construction[edit] An integral part of home building as the structure will depend on it for load-bearing and to survive the environment. In most construction, concrete is used as foundation. The most typical foundation is made up of a footing which is the portion of the steel reinforced concrete that bears on the undisturbed soil.

A foundation wall is general applied over the footing to above grade. The foundation is the most critical part of any structure. Basement[edit]

Sustainable Building/Consruction

Seed - container housing clemson university caribbean. SEED is a Winners of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, People, Prosperity and the Planet Awards The award ceremony was hosted by the National Academy of Sciences. SEED is also featured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Environmental Research. Check out the featured story! SEED on WYFF Channel 4 SEED is interviewed on WYFF Channel 4 News in response to the housing crises in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. SEED at IABR Opening of Parallel Cases tonight in Rotterdam as part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam!

Home Design/Floor Plans

Freewheel. Prefab Homes. Small House Style. Shipping Container Homes. How to Design Your Own Home | Welcome to TRS Containers. Shipping Container Housing Guide. Gallery - Superbox. Shelter Documenting a personal quest for non-toxic housing. Superbox As the advocates of the brief High Tech design movement of the 1980s -and the Eameses 40 years before them- well demonstrated, there is much practical potential in the creative reuse of industrial products in the application of housing.

This was a natural area of exploration for me because industrial structures have always tended to be made with far more robust materials than is typical of housing and, as a result, make extensive use of non-toxic steel, aluminum, and concrete. And contemporary industry tends to generate a very steady stream of cast-offs with potental for reuse given a little ingenuity. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the ISO standard marine shipping container which, in communities where trade deficits are the norm, often accumulate in great numbers and thus have inspired much invention. As a structural system, the shipping container has many virtues. Container housing concepts. Shippingcontainer. Download Home Improvement Ebook Torrents - YardPods. Index.

Constructing a simpler life. Materialicious. DIY-HOME-BUILDING. Cottage, cabin & small country home plans.

Online Homw Building/Planning/Design Tools

ABG Houseplans - FREE Home Design-Build, House Plans, CAD CD Software: DIY-Prefab. Tiny House Design , Archive » Camping Cabin – Rough House Plans. Tiny House Design , Archive » $4000 16×20 Cabin Plans. Plansheet. "The Long Thin House" Click on the plan or elevation for a larger image. Features The Long Thin house was designed for a standard rectangular urban lot and has 2 bedrooms and 1080 square feet. All of the spaces have vaulted ceilings which contribute to their spaciousness. When you purchase the Long Thin House Design Plan Set you will receive: Main Floor Plan with dimensions and notes.

All 4 Exterior Building Elevations with notes. Building Cross Section showing the construction system with notes and dimensions. Interior elevations of the kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanity, and storage wall. Click here to see thumbnails of the Long Thin House Design Plan Set drawings. The cost of the Design Plan Set is $195.00 for PDF files that you can have printed at any Kinkos or other retail copying center. For customization of this design we recommend purchasing the Autocad file. Frequently Asked Questions Back to Plans Page Home Send us your questions or comments about this plan. Cargotecture - old shipping container becomes an office | Living Off Grid: Free Yourself. The conversion of a 10-by-20-foot shipping container into an eco-friendly mid-town office is a fine example of workplace recycling.

The corrugated steel container, near the corner of Spadina and St. Claire Ave. in Toronto, has been retrofitted with cool birch veneer interior walls, two built-in work stations, a large five-foot-square window, polished mahogany plywood flooring and a green roof with a patio, giving it the feel of a hip conversion space. The project has won environmental kudos by minimizing the use of new materials such as lumber and siding. The container itself would have ultimately been shipped back to Asia, melted down and recycled, an energy-intensive process with high greenhouse gas emissions. “I think people are really drawn to the idea of reusing these containers because they see four walls, a floor, and a roof ready to go,” said Alex Bartlett, of Bsq. Landscape Design. “It seems like a crime that they’re so underutilized.” So what’s the appeal? Green Building Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture 2009 Malestrom Full Rapidshare Megaupload Download - RapidShareGFX.

Cheap House Plans - Catalogs of Budget Houses - Plan Books for Low-Cost Houses. Way back in 1753, a French priest suggested that the Primitive Hut should be the model for all architecture. In the Third Millennium, the authors of these tiny home books would agree. See what can be packed into limited space with these books of plans and designs. 2. Little House on a Small Planet "Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities. " 3. What makes a living space ecologically sound? 4. Tiny Homes Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn book cover courtesy A book that inspires the realization that one CAN live in less than 500 square feet? 5. Do-it-yourselfer Jim Marple has created a series of designs for simple, small homes. 6. Creating the Not So Big House book cover courtesy "Insights and Ideas for the New American Home.

" 7. Subtitled, "Complete Working Drawings and Specifications for Eleven Homes Suitable for Year-Round and Vacation Use, With Step-By-Step Construction Information. " 8. 500 Small Houses of the Twenties 10. 11. Friland forside - GREEN HOMES. Convert a Used Grain Bin to a New House. Anywhere farmers are growing corn, soybeans or wheat, you’re likely to see empty, used steel grain bins. Those grain bins are durable, and steel is recyclable when the building has served its purpose. Why not convert a used grain bin or two into a usable building — maybe even a house or getaway? Check out the photos below of nifty grain bin conversions. You can probably pick up a small used bin for a few hundred dollars (or even free). Used bins are frequently available on craigslist or ebay.

You could also put an ad in a local newspaper or on your local farm co-op bulletin board. There are companies that can move the bins to new sites — ask around at farm stores to find them. Prices of new steel grain bins depend on the diameter, height and region of the country, but costs start at about $7,000 for an 18-foot-diameter bin, not including the cement foundation slab or assembly. Basic carpentry and mechanical skills are required to convert a grain bin to another use. The Mobile Homestead ... RV Travel Info ,Alternative Energy,Farmers Markets , Crafts Fairs ,Graphic Arts,Solar Cooking, T-Shirts,website design. Simple Solar Homesteading - Home. Descriptions of solar homes from the owners. 7 Amazing Handmade Eco-Friendly Homes. Long before anyone thought of the term ‘green building’, there were handmade houses created with sustainability, respect for the land, and the pride of creating something by oneself as high priorities.

Such handmade houses have been around since the dawn of man, but they saw a resurgence – and a new wave of creativity – starting in the 1960s. The home shown above is one of many featured in the book ‘ Handmade Houses: A Guide to Woodbutcher’s Art .’ Now out of print, this cult favorite features everything from tiny cabins to gigantic treehouses, all made by hand in Northern California in the 60s and 70s. Dug into a hillside in Wales, this low-impact woodland home combines some of the aesthetics from those California homes with partially underground ‘Hobbit House’ feel. Built primarily by a man and his father, this handmade woodland home was built with just a handful of common tools like a chainsaw, hammer and chisel. Home Owner-Built House, Cabin and Barn Kits from Shelter-Kit® The Owner gallery of Homes. Natural Building Techniques.

This program offers a wealth of information about construction details and other considerations. It covers adobe block construction, piled adobe (similar to cob), rammed earth, both load-bearing and post and beam strawbale, earthships, earth-sheltering, cordwood, thin-shelled concrete domes, papercrete, earthbags, hybrid structures, and recycling various containers for housing. $29.95 The books shown below are arranged according to when they were published, with the most recent ones at the top.

If you click on one of the images you will be taken to a page at where you can find out more about the book. If you end up buying one of them, will receive a small commission that will help cover the cost of maintaining this website. Thanks for your patronage. This is a 2 bedroom, 1 story, 1725 sf (to the outside) house that is designed around the traditional hogan concept of Southwestern native Americans.

Home Site Map STORE For Email contact go to About Us. Green design will save the world | Inhabitat. House plans torrent - Modern Architecture Design - Interior architecture design, Home architecture design, Luxury architecture design. Tiny House Design. Sustainable Green Building Designs - Sustainable Architecture: Recycle Materials.