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Netrunner Rolling is a Linux distribution based on Manjaro that features KDE as the default desktop environment, and a new version has been released and is now available for download. Some of you might be wondering right now why there is a new version for a rolling release distro and the answer is quite simple. Just because an operating system follows the rolling release model, it doesn’t mean that new versions of the OS aren’t being made available. In fact, there are probably more with this model. This is an interesting case since Netrunner Rolling is actually based on Manjaro, which in turn is based on Arch Linux.

The funny thing is that Netrunner Rolling is closer to the Arch Linux release model. In any case, new releases need to be made so that new users don’t go through a massive updating process when they install from scratch. What’s new in Netrunner Rolling 2016.1 Since this is based on KDE, we were expecting some KDE-related changes, and we weren’t disappointed. PORTFOLIO CREATION - PORTFOLIO CREATION. I have developed several architectural portfolios that have each served a specific purpose in both my academic and professional career. My first was to get me into graduate school. I then made a second portfolio of my graduate work to take with me into job interviews and send out to firms. My third was based on experiments through this site and was meant to be a synopsis of my understanding of visualization.

In all of these cases, I played up my strengths and built on what I had learned from the previous iterations. I also have had opportunities to review many other's portfolios through both and academic and professional lens and have been able to pick the brains of those making the decisions to see what they were looking for. I am still learning and refining, but below are posts describing my thinking behind my PORTFOLIO VOL 2 developed after graduate school. An Overview of things to think about when setting up a portfolio page and the settings I used to setup my own portfolios. Space / Context / Program / Structure | Oliver David Krieg. University of Stuttgart, Faculty for Architecture and Urban PlanningInstitut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen des EntwerfensProf. M. Allmann, F. Beck Oliver David Krieg.