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Individual Housing

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The VIPP Shelter / VIPP. Architects Location Denmark Chief Designer Morten Bo Jensen Area 55.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Courtesy of VIPP Heating Fireplace (Spartherm, Various 2L-100h-4S), corner glass.

The VIPP Shelter / VIPP

Ventilation Mechanical ventilation Water 120 liter hot water tank. Insulation 250mm glass wool acc. building usually meant for vacation homes. Protan folio mounted underneath the metal facade / roof. Weight 25 tons. From the architect. A 55m2 steel object emerges in a rugged landscape framed by naked trees and a silent lake that mirrors in the sky frame window facade. A shelter in its original sense has connotations of basic living serving a merely functional purpose and attending to our primal need of having a roof over our head. “The objective was not to make a house or a mobile home. According to Morten Bo Jensen, the biggest difference between this getaway compared to anything else on the market is the fact that he is not an architect. Itzimná House / Reyes Rios + Larraín Arquitectos.

Architects Location 97139 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Architectural and Interior Design Salvador Reyes Ríos, Josefina Larraín Lagos Project Area 500.0 m2 Project Year 2013 Photographs Project Development Collaborators Carlos Patrón Ibarra, Alejandro Carrillo Olguín Landscape Josefina Larraín Lagos Feng Shui Consultant Alex Stark Construction-Structural System Concept Salvador Reyes Ríos Structures Enrique Colli, Xella Mexicana S.A. de C.V., José Manuel Castillo Structural Assembly Ricardo Zavala Civil Engineering Proyecciones Civiles S.A. de C.V.

Itzimná House / Reyes Rios + Larraín Arquitectos

Sunset Villa. OM Townhouse, New York, 2015 - Studio Arthur Casas. Built in 1910, this ground floor flat with garden, located near Central Park, undergone a complete renovation that transformed dark compartmented spaces into an open and luminous dwelling.

OM Townhouse, New York, 2015 - Studio Arthur Casas

Only structural walls and installations from the upper levels were kept, allowing total reorganization of the program in different layers. The greatest challenge was to bring light and to enlarge the space in the core of the unit. The three levels have different heights, with the entrance on the intermediate level. To the left, the master suite is next to the building’s façade whereas the kitchen and the dining room are oriented towards the living room, with a powder room concealed in a volume in-between both.

With a 6 meters high ceiling, the living room connects all different levels. The millwork is highlighted by the bespoken work of legendary American sculptor Michael Coffey. A live-in tale in Madrid, Madrid, 2015 - Egue y Seta. Let ourselves open the recipe book on its “pretty homes” section in order to get a glimpse on how to turn an old Madrid house from the 50´s into a new and welcoming home to a young couple with kids.

A live-in tale in Madrid, Madrid, 2015 - Egue y Seta

Ingredients:High ceilingsA splash of natural lightComfort Dressing: AuthenticityCreativityA passion for books, stories and film Preparation:Mix all ingredients thoroughly, and let cool. Serve generously and prepare yourself to share with family and friends a delicious home with a happy ending and a savoury aftertaste that manages to convey the personality and lifestyle of a well-read couple and their fairy tail children. Zen House / H.A.

Architects Location Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Area 78.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Building Company Qcons Technical Design Duong Dai architecture and construction The owners are all Buddhists looking forward to having a place of peace, tranquility and completely free from the hustle city.This is not simply a house, it is a monastery… A place where there os no limit in work, where you can either travel or stand in one place and other remaining angles are transparently as a continuous open space designed.

Zen House / H.A

22.House / Chon.a. Architects Location Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam Area 280.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Architect in Charge Nguyen Cong Toan Associates Architects Vu Bao Ngoc, Le Minh Duc Structural Engineer Dang Son, Nguyen Dung From the architect.

22.House / Chon.a

Starting a new day with a cup of coffee in small house, it is a habit that never give up every morning of young couple. The first morning coffee, they talk about their life, work, children, the hard time for beginning their career in a narrow house, their hobbies and love nature of every member in their family. The second morning coffee, they talk about the land that they will be built for their new house. Colorado Outward Bound Micro Cabins / University of Colorado Denver. Architects Location Project Year 2015 Photographs Students Derek Ackley, Sidney Aulds, Brent Beicker, Matthew Breen, Andrew Brown, John Giddens, Brandon Gossard, Aaron Gray, Dane Hardy, Chad Holmes, Casandra Huff, Mark Hurni, Timo Jyrinki, Rachel Koleski, Kate Lucas, Nathan Moore, Matt Ollmann, Aleka Pappas, Holly Paris, Nathan Pepper, Kit Piane, Ken Roberts, Louisa Sanford, Joe Stainbrook, Brandon Sweeney, Phil Stuen, Amanda Tharp, Elliott Watenpaugh Maymester Students Becca Barenblat, Jeff D'Addario, Sam Palmer-Dwore Faculty Rick Sommerfeld, Scott Lawrence, JD Signom, Jordan Vaughn Structural Engineer Andy Paddock Community Partners Altitude Steel, Carlisle Syntec Systems, Airgas, Oldcastle Building Envelope, Rocky Mountain Lumber, Simpson Strong-Tie, Cummins Rocky Mountain, DuPont Tyvek, Red-D-Arc Welderentals, Glass Systems, VonMod From the architect.

Colorado Outward Bound Micro Cabins / University of Colorado Denver

These homeowners built a delightful games room on the edge of their property. Photography by João Morgado Photographer João Morgado, has sent us photos that he took of a small detached extension to a home in Sassari, Italy, that was designed by Officina29 Architetti.

These homeowners built a delightful games room on the edge of their property

Located close to the main home, a wooden walkway leads you to the extension. When building the extension, all of the natural elements were respected and not one tree was cut down to make room for the building. Reinforced concrete pillars hold the structure, which floats above the ground and allows native plants to grow underneath. Skylight House / Andrew Burges Architects. Architects Location Design Team Andrew Burges, Louise Lovmand, Anna Field Area 205.0 sqm Project Year 2013 Photographs From the architect.

Skylight House / Andrew Burges Architects

Located in a predominately Federation and California Bungalow neighbourhood on the north shore, our brief for this residential alterations and additions project was to rework a badly planned existing dwelling, and previous alterations project, to create a functional house for a family of 6 with improved natural light and greater connection to the garden. After initially exploring a two level option at the client’s request, we encouraged a compact single level proposal with improved planning and a spacious cross section as the best solution within the project’s tight budgetary constraints.

ADX Architects - Project - HOUSE WITH SCREENS. The existing semi-detached house was a 30 year old house that had stood the test of time.

ADX Architects - Project - HOUSE WITH SCREENS

Our clients approached us for a reconstruction of the existing house- with a intent to cater for their family consisting of the couple and their 2 young children, From the start, our brief was not to maximize the buildable area. The family appreciated the outdoors and the greenery in front of the house was to be preserved. It was a play area the kids would most enjoy on a elevated land a few steps above the car porch.

In rethinking the use of the spaces, we sought to make the indoor spaces functional for our client's purpose while enhancing them with a connection with the outdoors. The blurring of boundaries begins with the entrance. NAT Office - Project - HLBH. Abstract An ancient and listed building, heritage of the past, becomes a new home/office, intertwining a dialog between indoor and outdoor, place and space, voids and levels, walls and glasses. The roof with terrace, skylight and pv panels becomes a fifth "facade". Like in a Piranesi's work you can move in many directions through the space. Report The architectural recovery of the historical listed settlement Casa Gualerzi is based on the preservation of the typological and morphological building’s characters.

Up2green on Architizer. SEHW Architektur - Project - Einfamilienhaus in Brandenburg an der Havel. Island Dream Located on a peninsula near downtown Brandenburg on the Havel, we recently built a large new home for a private couple. This architect's dream is more like a small village than a single house. With 600 m2, the residential landscape consists of five buildings spread out on the grounds like a group of islands. Each pavilionlike building floats above ground due to the close location of the plot to the Havel. They are interconnected via a base plate and a roof panel.

Spanning between them are different open spaces, fortified places that serve as terraces, garden landscapes, and a swimming pond. The different cubically shaped buildings house diverse functions. Final Wooden House / Sou Fujimoto. Architects Location Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan Architects Sou Fujimoto Architects Project Team Hiroshi Kato Structural Consultant Jun Sato Structural Engineers Lighting Hirohito Totsune Contractor Tanakagumi Construction Constructed Area 15,13 sqm Area 893.0 sqm Project Year 2006 From the architect.

I thought of making an ultimate wooden architecture. It was conceived by just mindlessly stacking 350mm square. Lumber is extremely versatile. Thong House / Nishizawa Architects. Architects Shunri Nishizawa, Vu Ngoc Tam Nhi Location District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Area 325.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Contractor Trung Long Company Supervisor Nguyen Van Hanh The perceived quality of life in buildings should come from the geometry and how that geometry connects to human beings”. It was the initial thought we had when being offered to design a row house in Phu My Hung, a new urban development area in the Southern Saigon. Wolfson Tree Management Centre Mess Building / Invisible Studio. Architects Location The National Arboretum, Westonbirt, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8QS, UK Engineer Project Year 2015 Photographs Courtesy of Invisible Studio From the architect. Invisible Studio were commissioned to build 2 new buildings comprising their new tree management centre – which is a Machinery Store and a Welfare Facility for the Tree Team.

We particularly wanted to use the timber from the arboretum – as the client had an extraordinary resource which they hadn’t exploited previously for building. As a result, all the timber was grown and milled on site, and used untreated for the construction with no further processing. One of our interests is how you can use imprecise materials to make a precise building, and this is something we have enjoyed with this project, which was constructed with volunteers working alongside a skilled contractor. This hillside home goes for the rusty and rustic look in a big way. Photography by Lance Herbst. General Architecture - Project - Villa Eder-Hederus. Casa No Muro / Saperlipopette les Architectes + Martial Marquet. Colorado Outward Bound Micro Cabins / University of Colorado Denver. Architizer - Wooden cladding, louvers and shutters feature...

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Are you dreaming of a tiny house to call home? Whether you’re looking to downsize for financial freedom or a smaller environmental footprint, you’ll be pleased to know that a whole market has sprung up to offer a wide array of micro-homes that are not only affordable, but also beautiful to boot. Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates - Project - House in Yamanote. When I came for the first time on this project site, the whole site was covered in the shade. Because there is a 6-story apartment complex is built in the site south side.

Desnivel Arquitectos integra un árbol al diseño de Loft Junior. Casa unifamiliare, Selva di Val Gardena, 2015 - Rudolf Perathoner Architect. The single family house, projected by Rudolf Perathoner Architects, is situated on a steep hill just outside the mountain village of Selva in Val Gardena in a unique position with astonishing views of the beautiful Dolomites. In this work, the appropriate integration of the architecture into the site and the surroundings was a priority, inserting it in the natural topography of the slope dividing the house into 2 floors plus an additional garage and cellar underground level. The project was inspired by the traditional architecture of the old rural houses of the valley, which is expressed for instance in the saddle roof with it`s typical shingle covering and the use of local building materials like larch wood which was employed on the exterior as well as on the interior.

Careful implementation of energy efficient solutions were hallmarks of the project. La casa unifamiliare si trova nella zona nord di Selva di Val Gardena con vista sul massiccio del Sassolungo. See inside this tiny home that’s only 160 square feet. Under Pohutukawa, Piha, 2011 - Herbst Architects. Sharifi-ha House / Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni. Cousins and Cousins Architects - Project - Chetwynd Road. House in Guimarães / Elisabete de Oliveira Saldanha. Architects Location Preparation of design work Elisabete Saldanha, Filipe Santos, Paulo Castro Area 2010.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Design Furnitur Elisabete Saldanha Construction Company Mota-Engil Carpentry MachadosL.da Locksmiths IRF Inacio Rosas e Filhos L.da Stone Peixoto e Antunes Construction area 1500,00m2 + 510,00m2 Propriety area 28 695.00 m2 Implantation area 434.00 m2 Annex Implantation area 118.50 m2.

Forest Retreat / Uhlik architekti. Réalisations. SaLo House / Patrick Dillon. THAT HOUSE, Melbourne, 2016 - Austin Maynard Architects. The Sustainability Treehouse / Mithun-Solomon. Sommos - Project - El estudio y la vivienda. QT HOUSE , Hanoi, 2016 - Landmak Architecture. Ancient Party Barn, Folkestone, 2014 - Liddicoat & Goldhill LLP.

Naked House / Taller Estilo Arquitectura. Baan Arn Dao / AKU ASA Volunteer 13. THAT House / Austin Maynard Architects. Casa Nirau. Un entrepôt new-yorkais de 1884 transformé en un loft de 3 000 m² ! L4 House / Luciano Kruk. Promenade House. Perforated House / Kavellaris Urban Design. MORRISON DILWORTH + WALLS - Project - Casa di Luce. Pump House Renovation / NAN Architects + JWDA. Bento Noronha Residence / Metro Arquitetos. Girl Scouts of Utah Summer Cabins. Petting Farm / 70F Architecture. House in Rokko / Tato Architects. Tower House / Andrew Maynard Architects. Stunning Tubular Glass House Built Around Tree – Architecture & Engineering. The Open House / STUDIO Nishita Kamdar.

Pleated House / Johnsen Schmaling Architects. Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin - Project - EZEQUIELFARCA SHOWROOM. Tropical Box House / WHBC Architects. Jost Architects - Project - Malvern House. See what it’s like to live in the world’s narrowest house. Terrace House Renovation / O2 Design Atelier. House extension in Nantes , Nantes, 2015 - Mabire Reich architects. Little House with a Big Terrace, Tokyo, 2015 - Takuro Yamamoto Architects. Laidley Street Residence by Michael Hennessey Architecture. Sagemodern Design A New Rustic Contemporary Home In Lake Tahoe. A Home Designed For A Growing Family In Houston, Texas. Private House, Perugia, Giammetta Architects.

Casas del XVI, Santo Domingo, 2014 - Alejandro Marranzini, Juan Mubarak. Little Gore Street Studio. Barwon Heads, Marshall, 2011 - Pleysier Perkins. Maison Beaumont. House S. Allgäu. House in Hatogaya. Fagerström House. Padma Residence. VLV House. Neo-Traditional Korean Homes: 6 Modern Updates on the Vernacular Style. Casa Gabriela. S.51 All Aluminum Folding Door. Shulman Home and Studio. Urban Treehouse, Berlino, 2014 - baumraum. GCP HOUSE. Eyrie. Stretched House, Rijswijk, 2015 - Ruud Visser Architects. FORM Design Architecture on the “Quiet Sophistication” of Peter Zumthor and the Spine-Tingling Magic of Fallingwater.

Dutch architects design a new house around a preserved dune landscape. This Victorian-era home has been transformed for contemporary living. The Eppan Housing Complex. 10 Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World. One Couple’s Brave Decision To Live Small Results In A Brilliantly Designed Home. Blueys Beach House 4. 9 houses that have made a hillside their home. Villa for anna & saeed. Casa 7x37, Sao Paulo, 2013 - CR2ARCHITECTURE. Fenlon House on Architizer. Casa Santo Antonio. The Desert Villa by Studio Aiko. AYA House.