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The Memory. The Tower House / Gluck+ Architects Location Upstate, New York, United States Project Team Peter L.

The Tower House / Gluck+

Gluck, Thomas Gluck, David Hecht, Marisa Kolodny, A.B. Moburg-Davis Area 2545.0 ft2 Project Year 2012 Photographs Manufacturers Arcadia, Benjamin Moore, EPDM Roofing, Larry Hayden, Oldcastle Building Envelope, VaproShield Structural Engineer Robert Silman Associates P.C. Mechanical Engineer IBC Engineering Services Inc. Façade Forst Consulting Co., Inc. Environmental Engineer IBC Engineering Services Inc. The House and the Trees / Iglesis Arquitectos. Casa en La Playa. Punggol Waterway Terraces / group8asia. Tribeca Loft, New York, 2014 - andrew franz architect. In Manhattan’s landmarked Tribeca North area, the 3,000-square-feet top floor and roof of an 1884 caviar warehouse are reconceived as a residence with large open entertaining zones and a fluid connection with the outdoor environment.

Tribeca Loft, New York, 2014 - andrew franz architect

Outdoor ConnectionThe residence is transformed by a relocated mezzanine where a sunken interior court with a retractable glass roof connects to the planted green roof garden above. This gesture of subtracting volume from the interior brings the outdoors into the primary living zones. The roof, peeled back, showers the spaces with natural light. When open, ample air flow enters what was once a poorly ventilated and dark loft. By night, the court acts as an internal lantern illuminating the loft below. Historic DialogueEmbracing the building’s industrial past, a visual discourse between new and old is devised through insertions of modern materials along with restored or reclaimed materials from the loft.

Parkville. Heat 360, Dnepropetrovsk, 2014 - Azovskiy & Pahomova architects. Eco-Sustainable House / Djuric Tardio Architectes. Architects Location Surface 246 sqm SHAB Project Year 2012 Photographs Antony-Paris, France The new project has been realized in a neighborhood, Antony that is an example of the belief that architecture, whether heterogeneous and homogeneous, is shaped by outdated zoning regulations.

Eco-Sustainable House / Djuric Tardio Architectes

The delays in securing permits, along with conditions of the urban situation and our desire to continue and refine our own research on wood constructions, led us to propose a type of construction system. This type is still not released in urban areas and rather reserved for detached houses in less dense sites. Casa C14, Huentaleuquen, 2015 - nuform. Exteriors materials: - Exteriors walls structure and coating in timber of pine.

Casa C14, Huentaleuquen, 2015 - nuform

South End Residence. V-Lodge / Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. Architects Location Area 120.0 sqm Project Year 2013 Photographs This all-year cabin is located in the mountains above the village Ål, amidst cross-country ski tracks in winter and hiking tracks in summer.

V-Lodge / Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

It is well suited for the family of five and designed to accommodate changes in family composition and a mix of generations in the years to come. The project has had a particular ambition to adapt to the existing topography and natural surroundings, while taking advantage of the beneficial opportunities of the site. Simplicity and restraint characterize the lodge in its form, program and materials. The building consists of two bodies united in a V-shaped plan with a south-facing glazed wall at its chamfered intersection.

The interior is simple, but refined: walls, ceiling and fixed furniture is finished with bare plywood sheets, and the combined fireplace and kitchen counter is cast in-situ concrete. Baan Kanom Chan / Anonym. Architects Location Soi Chan 37, Khwaeng Thung Wat Don, Khet Sathon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120, Thailand Project Team Phongphat Ueasangkhomset, Suteenart Chantarajiraporn, Parnduangjai Roojnawate Area 600.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs From the architect.

Baan Kanom Chan / Anonym

Since the owner's family just started their new business which is "bakery catering". So, they decided to build a new house in proximate distance which will become their sweet home and a business place. The name of this project comes from "Kanom" which means "dessert" in Thai language and the street named "Chan" where the project is located. About 100 square was, the site location is in a high-density area of Sathorn which surrounded by houses, row houses and old buildings. Alkhemist Architects - Project - Two houses at Nichada. Abstract ; Brothers decided to build their first houses in the same plot.

Alkhemist Architects - Project - Two houses at Nichada

They wish their house to be unique and sooth well with their difference personality, yet they wish their houses to establish a sense of dialogue. Project Description; The site of two houses at Nichada Village is located in a suburban gated community in Bangkok, Thailand, where the land plot is very tight for two houses. The houses belong to two brothers, who are very close, yet, have a different lifestyle. They wish to live close to each other and spend some time together. However, they also wish to establish a private distance when they need. MTKarchitects - Project - ROKUTENGOKEN-DO(House Matsumoto Okada) Dear Architects - Project - Red House. The house program is summarized in three atmospheres which get arranged in three different stories that solve the project settlement on a site with a slope of twenty percent, this same topography foster the lyric of paths and the sequence between spaces: In direct contact with the lower garden the areas for the family interaction get established, at street level, with a cantilever of 4.5 m above the garden, all public areas are located, and the higher level is reserved for the areas of rest and privacy.

Dear Architects - Project - Red House

Every level owns its specific terrace, with the characteristics that responds to the nature of the program which expands the room with the higher hierarchy. The plot, being a block corner open to the west, slopes south-north, same direction the volume develops, this allows to afford the views to the mountains, city, neighboring park and an impressive sunset. and projecting over the onsite made concrete and colored glass terrazzo. Ecologic Pavilion In Alsace / Studio 1984. Architects Location Muttersholtz, Alsace, Francia Year 2012 Photography Cortesia de Studio 1984 From the architect.

Ecologic Pavilion In Alsace / Studio 1984

In search of the architecture of the lesser impact, the "nest" is largely inspired by agricultural vernacular constructions. Its familiar shape and texture pay homage to traditional barns and are an attempt at restoring their discreet charm. This pastoral imagination dictates the choice of local materials widely available such as straw and wood, the environmental impact of which are virtually nil. An Old School Building Was Converted Into A New Apartment For A Young Family. Photography © Standard Studio CASA architecten transformed an old 1910 school house in Amsterdam, into ten large apartments.

An Old School Building Was Converted Into A New Apartment For A Young Family

One of those apartments in the renovated building was designed by Standard Studio for a family of four. Casey Brown Architecture - Project - JODIE’S HOUSE. Jodie’s House on Sydney Harbour is situated on a dramatic steeply sloping site with north-easterly views over the beach and the water beyond. The topography resulted in the building being articulated as a series of pavilions. Intricately linked they cascade from the top of the site towards the shore. Connections between these levels are both complex and subtle, giving both a sense of journey and discovery as you move throughout the house. The topography of the site also inspired the materiality of the house itself, with cutaways revealing walls of hewn sandstone, contrasting with near-white off-form concrete.

Additional contrast and warmth is introduced through the recycled spotted gum ceilings and flooring and reddish brown tones of the copper roofing, which in time will mature to a rich blue-green. Plasma Studio - Project - Schäfer Roofscape. The building is located in the historical center of San Candido, a small touristic village in the Dolomites. In the first three storeys (including one underground floor) it houses a department store while the upper three storeys have been transformed from a partly underused attic space into four large, independent apartments for the owner and his 3 daughters.

One façade faces a public plaza protected by local planning regulations could only be raised to the level of the neighboring roofs. Efforts were directed towards the rear façade, where it was possible to slice the inclined plane of the typical pitch roof and enable daylight to penetrate into the new living spaces whilst creating generous exterior balconies. Reticence. This project aims to open up the discussion by respectfully working from within the local vernacular but expanding,embracing and articulating new contemporary options that also relate to the genius loci and conditions of the area in various ways.

This House Addition Was A 13th Birthday Present For Their Daughter. Photography by Patrick Reynolds When Jeremy Smith of Irving Smith Architects became the owner of this almost unchanged 1960s house, there were a few updates that needed to be done to make it work for a family of five. One of those updates was an addition to the house to create a new bedroom, which was a gift for their daughter’s 13th birthday. Because teenagers like to have their own space. The home also received updates to the kitchen, family spaces, and the way the home connected to the garden. Inside, there are custom exposed shelves, and a curved kitchen countertop. Dark wood cabinetry softens the industrial nature of the stainless steel countertop and appliances. Ant-house / mA-style architects. Architects Location Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Design Team Atsushi Kawamoto, Mayumi Kawamoto Plot Area 241.13 sqm Area 66.24 sqm Project Year 2012 Photographs Plot Area 241.13 sqm From the architect.

The outer wall of black covers whole cube, and that screens visual field completely. TD House / sporaarchitects. Architects Location Area 146.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Manufacturers Kuns·g fenster, Lumoconcept, Szauer parketta, cookroom Structural Engineering Dávid Bacsik HVAC Engineering Zoltán Korompay. Australia’s Finest: 7 Timber-Clad Bungalows Along the Sunshine Coast. Australia’s Sunshine Coast is a pristine landscape lined with unbroken beaches and rolling hills. Collector's Pavilion. Anoro House. Thong House / NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS. Architects Shunri Nishizawa, Vu Ngoc Tam Nhi Location District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Area 325.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Contractor Trung Long Company Supervisor Nguyen Van Hanh The perceived quality of life in buildings should come from the geometry and how that geometry connects to human beings”.

Archello Classics - Project - Eames House. Johnsen Schmaling Architects - Project - TOPO HOUSE. The Topo House was designed for a biomedical engineer and his wife, a sculptor and installation artist. Sanaa architecture plan. This multi-floored apartment has a sunken kitchen design. Photography by Takumi Ota MAMM DESIGN has designed the renovation of an apartment in an 85-year-old building in Amsterdam that includes a rarely seen sunken kitchen design. The renovation was designed for a family of four, who requested a space with the maximum amount of sunlight and floor space possible. Studio Loft / GASPARBONTA. Architects Location Lead Designer Gaspar Bonta Area 100.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Assistant Designer Orsolya Lőrincz Interior Styling Brand and Content Studio Stylist Ákos Starcz. Ga On Jai / IROJE KHM Architects.

57 Drawers / Alexey Rozenberg. Architects Location Area 175.0 sqm Project Year 2015 Photographs. The Kitchen In This House Flows From Inside To Outside. MGARK, MICHELE GAMBATO ARCHITETTO - Project - THE STUDIO FLAT. H House / VACO Design. LUMO Arkitekter - Project - Shelters by the sea - Blue Landmarks. LJUBLJANA apartment, Ljubljana, 2016 - SoNo arhitekti. Piercy&Company - Project - Kew House. Townhouse / Elding Oscarson. Two Houses at Nichada / Alkhemist Architects. Forest Retreat / Uhlik architekti. CASA EFFE-E, Bomporto, 2016 - ARCHIPLAN. House in Kasugaoka.

Two Beams House / Yuri Vital. Villa Boréale, Québec, 2015 - Cargo Architecture. The Backyard Of This California Home Was Turned Into A Cascading Garden. Fones Arquitectos - Project - LAGUNA CONDORES’ POINT OF SALES. Kirkwood McCarthy - Project - Winkley Workshop. Skygarden House. This 309-Square-Foot Micro Apartment Has A Home Theater, Full Kitchen, And Even A Guest Bedroom. Moramarco+ventrella architetti - Project - Casa CS. Casa Meztitla. Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin - Project - Barrancas House.

Floating House / Nha Dan Architects. Project of the Month: March. The Architecture of Healing: 12 Maggie’s Centres by Gehry, Hadid, Heatherwick and More. Gian Salis Architektur GmbH - Project - House on a Slope. Tropical Getaways: The Exclusive Resorts of Thailand. Shell House, Kitasaku District, 2008 - Artechnic, Kotaro Ide. Nic Owen Architects - Project - Yarraville House (Art house) Ian MacDonald - Project - Go Home Bay Cabin. Perathoner Architect - Project - single family house. MUSTARD Architects - Project - NESTLE Studio. DS House, Sao Paulo, 2015 - Studio Arthur Casas. Neuman Hayner Architects - Project - T House (House in Tel Aviv)

Box House / Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato. Houses made from cardboard? Really? It’s true, and these people are making them. Earth House / BCHO Architects. Ktima House / Camilo Rebelo + Susana Martins. Ktima House / Camilo Rebelo + Susana Martins. Øvre Tomtegate 7. House for Pottery Festival / Office for Environment Architecture.

The Origami Project / Qarta Architektura. House in Litoral Alentejano / Aires Mateus. No Place Like Home: Step Inside Jim Olson’s Stunning Treetop Residence. Ramos & Bassols - Product - Warm. Mc architecture studio ltd - Project - Kingswood. Villa S. Bath Kitchen House. PLAZA Apartment , State of Rio Grande do Sul, 2015 - AMBIDESTRO. Loft 9b, Sofia, 2014 - Dimitar Karanikolov. Jose Campos Architectural Photographer - Project - Forte apartment renovation. Thong House / Nishizawa Architects. Austigard Arkitektur - Project - House in Stavanger. Olson Kundig Architects - Project - Tye River Cabin.