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Furniture and Lighting From NYC's Apparatus Studio. It seems as if every time NYC-based design studio Apparatus releases a new line, there's something to covet—especially when they successfully modernize classic shapes and materials. At ICFF this year, the studio did not disappoint. Apparatus debuted two new lighting fixture lines—CIRCUIT and TASSEL—both of which employ brass to great effect, and they've released two variations of the PORTAL table in marble. As with all good lighting, the aforementioned pieces are not ostentatious but manage to deliver a subtle sense of wonderment. The tables, however, feel substantial with clean lines keeping everything orderly. If it was their mesmerizing Cloud lighting collection that put them on the map, then the TASSEL section is what moves their understanding of layering even further forward. All of the fixtures in the TASSEL collection (except for the sconce iteration) feature parallel-placed mold blown cylinders, emanating toward the ground from a central brass basin.

Create A Cozy Room In Your Backyard With A Garden Igloo. Designer Cagla Isin Alemdar spent two years designing the Garden Igloo as a way to enjoy the space in your backyard, even when the weather isn’t so great outside. The multi-purpose geodesic dome is large enough to stand up in, and is able to be completely enclosed, protecting you from rain, wind, or insects. It’s designed to be able to easily change covers depending on what it’s being used for. There’s a transparent cover, a canopy cover, and a mosquito net cover. The Garden Igloo is an easy way to add an enclosed room to your backyard. Sensational Space-Saving Suspended Beds For Creative Bedrooms - Top Dreamer.

Hey there my favorite Top Dreamers! I know that all of you love to see great space-saving ideas that can be really useful for you, so in this article you are going to have the chance to see the Sensational Space-Saving Suspended Beds For Creative Bedrooms. We are more than fascinated by furniture elements that have out-of-the-ordinary design and are not something we see very often. The suspended beds are not something new, but not many people decide to implement them in your house. Now, when you will see how space-saving they can be, you would want to have them into your home immediately.

You have to admit that they are very extravagant, super creative and really playful! Check out the decor ideas below, and make your picks! These interior designs feature beds that are hanged or places just under the ceiling, or are held on the wall. This is a suspended bed that is carefully crafted and you can adjust it to the height you like the most. Similar Posts. When Wallpaper and Lighting Intertwine. Some years ago, the ever-whimsical luminaire designer Ingo Maurer developed a lighting product of a different sort. Instead of a chandelier made to resemble birds in a tree or floating circuit-board strips, the simply named LED Wallpaper was a non-woven covering with integrated LEDs creating a field of isometric shapes.

Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Ingo Maurer Since then, niche brands have been coming up with even more sophisticated wall coverings that incorporate lighting elements. There's the London-based design company Meystyle, for instance, who began exploring this with area in 2004 by combining bold patterns with LEDs as well as crystals. Meystyle Meystyle's wide variety of dramatic illuminated wall coverings range from more intricate diode patterns to works of art with a bedazzled appearance. A newer product line developed by Elon Technologies and Xtend Design London takes illuminated wallpaper to a level beyond the bedazzled and Lite-Brite diode look. Coma - film (2017) 20 Really Cool Ideas To Make Your Balcony The Best Place In Your Apartment. Advertisement For many of us, the balcony in our apartment is just the place where we store our bike or hang up our washing.

But with a little ingenuity and hard work, you can transform it into your favorite place for chilling out and having fun. We picked 20 of the best designs which could help you create the living space of your dreams in the place where you perhaps least expected it was possible. Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source. 12 Lovely Plant Stands That Are Perfect To Display Your Favorite Plants Indoors. Plants are considered to be a sign of life, vitality and freshness. That is why they are very often included in your interior decor as well. Plants are a very good indoor decoration and they are also extremely beneficial because they are keeping the air fresh and clean. For plant lovers who love decorating their home with plants it is very important to choose good plant stands that will make their plants more organized and will keep them in one place.

If you are one of them and you need some ideas how these plant stands should look, check out the following 12 lovely plant stands that are perfect to display your favorite plants indoors. There are many plant stand designs you can buy, but there are also many options to use the things you already have at home that can still serve as plant stands. Plant stands indoors can be found in different designs and if you don’t want to spend money on buying a new one, there are also ideas for DIY plant stands. Articles from our friends. Bloomframe. Ce qu'a fait cet homme dans ces cavernes ou il a passées 10 ans va vous ébahir. Durant ces dix dernières années, l’artiste Ra Paulette a vécu dans des cavernes qu'il a découvertes dans le désert du Nouveau Mexique.

Conscient de l'énorme potentialité de ces lieux non exploitée, il va les mettre en valeur. Ainsi il passe ses journées à sculpter les pierres de la caverne. Et le résultat est extraordinaire, on peut dire que c'est devenu une vraie galerie d'art en imaginant tout le sacrifice qu'il a consenti pour y arriver. Les lieux sont tellement beaux qu'on rique d'en avoir le souffle coupé. C'est à la limite méme surréaliste, jugez en vous-mèmes! A PROPOS DE L'ARTICLE ( Source: ayoye | Publié: il y a 2 heures | Réference: #3315 )

The Great Wall of WA, 2015 - Luigi Rosselli Architects. The longest rammed earth wall in Australia and - probably - the southern hemisphere, has been selected as a finalist in the (Australian Institute of Architects) Western Australia architecture awards. At 230 metres long, the rammed earth wall meanders along the edge of a sand dune and encloses twelve earth covered residences, created to provide short-term accommodation for a cattle station during mustering season. With their 450mm thick rammed earth facade and the sand dune to their rear and forming their roofs, the residences have the best thermal mass available, making them naturally cool in the subtropical climate. The rammed earth wall (construction) is composed of the iron rich, sandy clay that is a dominant feature of the site, gravel obtained from the adjacent river and (bonded with) water from the local bore (hole). 5 Ways to Communicate Your Killer Concept to Clients.

A seemingly never-ending debate exists regarding the authority of architects to dictate design decisions to the wider public. Given that it is those people who will ultimately inhabit and live with the structures we create, what right do we have to tell them what’s good for them? Is our lengthy architectural education enough to negate their lay perspective, assuming they will trust in our professional judgment, specialist knowledge, and theoretical standpoints? Do we really know best? Of course, the optimistic amongst us will be confident that our thorough education and subsequent years of professional experience puts architects in the best position possible to shape the built environment for the benefit of society as a whole.

However, simply producing great designs is not enough; the clear communication of those designs is critical to winning the support of our clients, local residents, city councils, and the public at large. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection 1. 2. 3. 4. Building Tomorrow: The 3 Forces Driving Change in Design. ‘Building Tomorrow’ presents the contemporary trends in building design and the global forces driving them forward, using Architizer's annual A+AWARDS submissions as the benchmark. The data is creatively visualized to provide valuable insights for designers, retailers, and any industry working to create experiential designs. Download the full report for free at The world is changing fast, and all good architects know they must stay in tune with its evolution, constantly adapting their thinking to respond to new social, technological, and environmental conditions at every scale.

These complex issues demand increasingly innovative solutions from designers in order to assure that the built environment is economical, sustainable, and comfortable for its inhabitants, responding not only to their practical needs, but also to their political and social values. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection 1. Ring of Celestial Bliss by J.J. 2. 3. World’s First Urban Algae Canopy Produces the Oxygen Equivalent of Four Hectares of Woodland Every Day | Ares.News. The Urban Algae Canopy by ecoLogic Studio is a piece of bio-digital architecture that combines micro-algal cultures and real time digital cultivation protocols. To be displayed at Expo Milano 2015, the structure is able to control the flow of energy, water and carbon dioxide based on weather patterns, visitor’s movements, and other environmental variables.

It’s the first of its kind in the world, and once fully completed, the canopy will be able to produce the oxygen equivalent of four hectares of woodland, along with nearly 330 pounds of biomass per day. Related: Stunning Chinese Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 Resembles Billowing Wheat Fields This intersection between technology and biology means that when the sun shines more intensively, the algae would photosynthesise and grow, which in turn reduces the transparency of the canopy and provides more shade.

Tile Trends at Cersaie 2015, Part Three. While there are many, many more trends to discuss — from stone-effect slabs looking even more realistic to products being offered in thicker versions for use as outdoor pavers — we’re concluding our Cersaie show recap with a look at the category of texture and shape. Italian tile manufacturers are undoubtedly having fun in this area, whether it’s applying new forms to stone-mimicking styles, recreating the hand of a woven textile, or casting a sculptural relief that channels classical friezes with a modern twist — there’s a style to suit every type of project.

And not to worry: it’s not all about hexagons this year. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Otto by 41zero42 (also at top) 41zero42: Otto, Signs This Italian concern may be one of the newest kids on the block, but it’s certainly making a name for itself with its edgy and original designs that rely heavily on research and technology. 41zero42's Signs Atlas Concorde Ceramica Sant'Agostino Del Conca FAP Ceramiche Imola Mutina. Lumber Jacked: 4 Whimsical Shapes for Wood Flooring. When a project calls for a little something out of the ordinary, it is most often achieved via color palette, playful furnishings and wall finishes, or kitschy objects and art — probably not so much wood flooring.

But some recent products from two European companies might sway some minds in this regard. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Medoc Three of them hail from the Natural Genius collection, a line that Listone Giordano developed in collaboration with various celebrated designers. Vibrazioni Marco Tortoioli Ricci designed Vibrazioni with a three-degree angle cut at both board ends and three different stain colors, enabling architects and designers to create slightly skewed yet striking compositions. Slide Perhaps the most radical of the Natural Genius series, Slide by Daniele Lago is a rhombus offered in five different formats to be rotated and combined like a giant puzzle. Wave. Wood Paneling. Barn Charm: 10 Attractive Barn-Door Hardware Products. From residential settings to hospitality venues and even healthcare facilities, the barn door trend is here to stay and with good reason: “One sliding door can save up to 20 square feet of floor space compared to a typical swing door,” says Tom Gloss, owner of Redondo Beach, Calif.

-based Specialty Doors. But, let’s face it, the exposed track hardware above a doorway also has aesthetic appeal, whether farmhouse rustic or industrial chic in style. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Specialty Doors While Gloss’s business has provided and installed some serious, high-performance products — such as acoustic elephant doors at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch — its bestselling product line is the flat-track barn door hardware. Consider these recent and attractive barn-door hardware products — from complete track systems to pulls and handles — for your next project, large or small.

CRL-U.S. CRL-U.S. Formani Halliday+Baillie Krownlab's Ragnar Krownlab's Oden (also shown at top) Stonescape. 3 Ideas For Using Hexagon Tiles On Walls. Hexagonal tiles are usually found in bathrooms or kitchen floors, but we’re noticing a growing trend of people using them on walls wherever they want. Here are three examples that use the TWIST tile series from Ceratec, to create tiled walls in a variety of designs. From Dark To Light (the darker tiles gradually mix into the lighter ones) A large abstract repeating pattern (seriously, this is repeating, look closely!) A more traditional repeating pattern (these ones also flow onto the floor)