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Eyrie Houses / Cheshire Architects. Architects: Cheshire Architects Location: Kaiwaka, New Zealand Partners in Charge: Nat Cheshire, Ian Scott Area: 58.0 sqm Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Jeremy Toth Engineering: Thorne Dwyer Structures: Steve Thorne Building Contractor: Peter Oakden From the architect.

Eyrie Houses / Cheshire Architects

Eyrie comprises two houses near Kaiwaka. Each is barely larger than four sheets of plywood. They are made from wood, are off-grid and autonomous, their outsides burnt black. Our sub-prime estuarine site permitted a 1500m² palace. Design Your Own Home With MUJI's Prefab Vertical House. Japanese design brand MUJI has taken a bold step into architectural territory.

Design Your Own Home With MUJI's Prefab Vertical House

A few years after a collaboration with Kengo Kuma to design two prefab houses, the company has come forth with a Vertical House in Tokyo. Streamlined and efficient, the home accommodates all the demands of residential living within a small plot of land. Interior images and more information, after the break. Intended for the dense urban context of Tokyo, the product is a slender three-story building completely devoid of interior walls and doors, with large north facing windows to usher ample sunlight indoors. The split levels and open floor plans allow related programs to connect together and establish a logical flow of movement. The entire home embodies the functional elegance of MUJI's minimalist design aesthetic, and is made to complement MUJI furnishings and products. ENDÉMICO RESGUARDO SILVESTRE, Ensenada, 2011 - graciastudio. Ubicado en el Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Endémico Resguardo Silvestre es un conjunto de veinte habitaciones independientes de veinte metros cuadrados cada una, localizadas dentro de una superficie de 94 hectáreas, que conforma al desarrollo Encuentro Guadalupe.

ENDÉMICO RESGUARDO SILVESTRE, Ensenada, 2011 - graciastudio

Éste incluye una vinícola, así como una zona residencial. Una de las premisas principales fue no intervenir directamente al terreno, pues parte de la filosofía del proyecto es respetar la naturaleza en la mayor forma posible. La disponibilidad de acero por parte del cliente conllevó al diseño de forma limpia de la estructura de dicho material, el cual eleva del suelo al esqueleto de la habitación, denominada EcoLoft, para no tener contacto con el medio. Con la utilización de acero corten para forrarla, el cual a lo largo del tiempo va desplegando distintas tonalidades, se logra una armonía entre el medio y la obra. JA House / Filipe Pina + Maria Ines Costa. Architects: Filipe Pina, Maria Ines Costa Location: 6300 Guarda, Portugal Area: 260.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Joao Morgado Windows frame : Extrusal Wood Floor : Wicanders “Parquet” Bathrooms : OFA, Sanindusa, Silestone, Cinca Interior doors : Vicaima Kitchen : Bosh, Frasa From the architect.

JA House / Filipe Pina + Maria Ines Costa

Located on the north-center of Portugal, the house was meant to combine the rural and the urban lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by different types of constructions, consequence of the informal settlements, characteristics of most Portuguese cities neighbourhoods. Church Hill Barn. The Architecture of Childhood: HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji No Shiro’s Exquisite Kindergartens. In Japan, more-so than in the majority of Western countries, the value of assimilation into group life and developing a sense of belonging and contribution is recognized as a key ingredient in child rearing.

The Architecture of Childhood: HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji No Shiro’s Exquisite Kindergartens

Japan has one of the world's best-educated populations, with high school enrollment of over 96% nationwide and literacy rate at a staggering 99%. Japanese kids have outperformed U.S. elementary students by more than 40 points on a recent international test of fourth-grade math. Several studies have shown that “children whose experience of education begins as young as two are likely to have up to a year’s head-start over those who are exclusively cared for at home,” which is why it’s safe to assume that these impressive academic results are strongly connected to the fact that Japan enrolls nearly all of its four-year-olds in preschool (compared to only 69 percent of four-year-old American children). Add To Collection Save this image to a collection.

Patio. Strict Elegance / batlab architects. Architects: batlab architects Location: Budapest, Hungary Architect in Charge: Gergő & Péter Batizi-Pócsi "3legs" Tables: Studio Nomad Area: 51.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Norbert Juhász From the architect.

Strict Elegance / batlab architects

We were entrusted with the task to come up with a design for an Austrian couple's apartment in Budapest. The plan and functionality were left almost completely untouched. The box-like sanitary zone is wedged in the social space forming an entrance hall, a kitchen and a living room around itself. Cherry Blossom House. Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement - Project - Veranda House. A single-family home located in a new forest development, the Veranda house is designed to be intimate and discreet.

Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement - Project - Veranda House

In addition to guiding the landscape design, the site’s trees serve as a privacy screen. On the street side, openings mark only the entrance and certain services. Studentboende: Student Unit / Tengbom. Architects: Tengbom Location: 712 91 smaland, Sweden Area: 10.0 sqm Project Year: 2013 Photographs: Bertil Hertzberg A student unit of only 10 square meters is currently exhibited at the Virserum Art Museum in the county Småland, Sweden.

Studentboende: Student Unit / Tengbom

Tengbom Architects has designed a student unit for students which is affordable, environmental-friendly and smart both in terms of design and choice of materials. The project is a collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons and real estate company AF Bostäder. To meet the needs of students in a sustainable, smart and affordable way was the key questions when Tengbom in collaboration with students at the University of Lund was designing this student unit of 10 square meters.

The unit is now displayed in Virserum Art Museum. Giving Thanks: 8 Striking Farm and Agriculture Buildings. Often relegated to the marginal and out of sight, farm and agricultural buildings are as much of a blank canvas for architecture as any other building program.

Giving Thanks: 8 Striking Farm and Agriculture Buildings

Often set in bucolic, rolling landscapes with unique and flexible program requirements, farm buildings in fact can accommodate a high degree of architectural creativity. Often marrying traditional farm building typologies and contemporary design, the projects featured in this collection highlight the design opportunities for beauty and refinement. Moreover, being programmatically tied to the well-being and care of the earth, farm architecture can be connected to and imbued with sustainable architecture practices more viscerally than other types of programs.

This can be seen through the use of locally sourced materials, light construction methods, and passive air conditioning techniques. Let this collection seed your interest in agricultural architecture and may your imagination grow. This barn houses 30 cows. The Apartment - Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp, 2014 - Vincent Van Duysen Architects. "The house is crucial in the entire story.

The Apartment - Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp, 2014 - Vincent Van Duysen Architects

It's a private House where - on the top floor - a family lives, but at the same time it has several public functions that we wanted to bring together in the same floor. We didn't go for spectacular architecture, on the contrary. " THE APARTMENTGraanmarkt 13 is created as a welcoming and warm home, where everyone should feel at ease, with a restaurant, a shop, a gallery space and an apartment all under one roof. The remarkable concept occupies an entire townhouse in the center of Antwerp, with the traditional building being reworked by Vincent Van Duysen, one of Belgian’s best architects. In the past years owners Tim Van Geloven and Ilse Cornelissens turned Graanmarkt 13 into a household name, but wisely kept one secret to themselves.

Atelier Tekuto Co. Ltd. - Project - R torso C. This house is located in the center of Tokyo, on a site area of mere 66㎡. The clients are a married couple both working in the field of chemistry, sharing a passion for architecture and art. "We want to see exposed concrete finish inside and out. A challenging piece of architecture that is at the same time environmentally friendly. " Villa K / Paul de Ruiter Architects. Architects: Paul de Ruiter Architects Location: Thuringia, Germany Area: 248.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Pieters Kers & Patrick Voigt Project Architect: Paul de Ruiter Project Team: Willem Jan Landman Advice Construction: Van Rossum From the architect.

Sõmeru community centre. Helen & Hard - Project - Vennesla Library and Culture house. The new library in Vennesla comprises a library, a café, meeting places and administrative areas, and links an existing community house and learning centre together. Supporting the idea of an inviting public space, all main public functions have been gathered into one generous space allowing the structure combined with furniture and multiple spatial interfaces to be visible in the interior and from the exterior. An integrated passage brings the city life into and through the building. Furthermore, the brief called for the new building to be open and easily accessible from the main city square, knitting together the existing urban fabric.

This was achieved using a large glass facade and urban loggia providing a protected outdoor seating area. In this project, we developed a rib concept to create useable hybrid structures that combine a timber construction with all technical devices and the interior. space, with personal study zones nestled along the perimeter. Warren Schwartz on Anticipation, Maturity, and Happy Accidents. Architizer continues to explore how architects experience the emotional realm during the process of creation — presenting the points of views of some of the profession’s most actualized practitioners. The work of Warren Schwartz, FAIA, came to Saxon Henry’s attention when he wrote an astute essay about Guy Peterson’s architecture in her book FOUR FLORIDA MODERNS. She has been an avid fan since. Today, the founding partner of Boston-based SCHWARTZ/SILVER ARCHITECTS shares his experience in the emotional realm during his process of creation.

Saxon Henry: I have emotional responses when I experience architecture. Sawmill House. JJ HOUSE. Glass Houses: 7 Japanese Residences That Bare All. If indeed all the world's a stage and we are all the players, this collection of Japanese houses, puts the private life of their inhabitants front and center by embracing façade transparency in unique ways. With sweeping windows, open-floor plates, and outdoor living spaces, these projects bring the interior life of the home to the world and at the same time bring the world into the life of the home.

This dualistic element to transparency, that the more you are exposed the more you may see, creates a design tension, especially in domestic architecture, which traditionally is divided between public facing and private space. One of the primary goals of façade transparency in architecture is to allow the transmission of light and air into structure. Modern Texas Prefab. Arup’s Singapore Sports Hub Deemed Best in Structural Engineering for 2015. The Singapore Sports Hub, designed by DP Architects in collaboration with Arup as the structural engineer, has been awarded the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence, the highest award given out by the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) at their annual Structural Awards. The award honors the best example of structural engineering design entered during the year. The sports stadium features the largest free-spanning dome in the world, stretching 310 meters to cover the 55,000-seat stadium, and uses a “third of weight of steel normally used to span this size,” writes Arup in a press release.

To provide shade during sporting events, the dome roof structure is retractable and features “an energy-efficient cooling system that delivers cooled air to every seat.” "The structural solution for what is now the world’s largest free-spanning dome is a testament to ultimate design optimisation and architectural-engineering collaboration,” stated the jury. Brackenbury House. Rough Modernism: 8 Timber-Clad Chilean Homes. Chile’s spectacular natural landscape is matched only by its remarkable residential architecture. Combining rough wooden materials with sharp, elegant lines, Chilean architecture has developed a unique aesthetic. Casa Tmolo. Before and After – A mid-century modern pool house converted into a contemporary two-bedroom home. Before photo by Mark Hammer, After photo by Peter Vanderwarcker. A 1980s house gets a contemporary update by Hillam Architects.

Photography by Joel Barbitta Hillam Architects were asked by their client to design an update for their 1980’s home in Perth, Australia. This nursery room is nice, but we have one question about it… Caterpillar House, California, 2014 - Feldman Architecture. The Architecture School Survival Guide. Starting out on the path of architectural education can be daunting. With so much to learn and so many different ways to approach design, often the most basic principles are left for the student to learn the hard way. Partners In Health Dormitory / Sharon Davis Design. MAD Architects - Project - Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. IKS, Tsukuba, 2015 - no.555 Architectural Design Office. Caiowaá 2. The Perfect Drawing: 8 Sensational Sections That Raise The Bar For Architectural Representation.

It has now been more than 20 years since the demolition of Kowloon’s infamous Walled City. Pitsou Kedem design a home of concrete and glass. How to Drastically Improve Your Architectural Renderings. 29 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever. House and Studio YC / Santiago Parramón, RTA-Office. UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea Visitor Center. Cellar Bar, Madalena, 2015 - FCC Arquitectura. WOKI ORGANIC MARKET / Restaurante CÉLERI, Barcelona, 2015 - Tarruella Trenchs Studio. Wood Does You Good: 9 Well-Clad Health and Wellness Facilities. The Anglepoise Legacy: From James Bond to Pixar and Beyond. “Solis Ortus” - my rising of the sun. Paul Bernier Architecte - Project - House on Lac Grenier. Nerves of Steel: Sheet Metal Façades. Villa N. This Scale Model Embodies a New Synthesis Between Architecture and Art.

Inside The Redesign Of A Concrete Home In Vancouver. 12 Tree Houses From The Future. Dune House / Marc Koehler Architects. La maison sur le toit, Floirac, 2015 - Jeanne Faure. Hammerhavn. A Low Profile Home Designed Around A Theme Of Coastal Modernity. 7 Concrete Churches Resurrecting Brutalist Architecture. 7 Black Timber Residences Embrace Their Dark Side. Rough Modernism: 8 Timber-Clad Chilean Homes. Wood Studio House. Triangular Villa, Västerbyn, 2014 - Leo Qvarsebo Arkitekt. Antinori Winery / Archea Associati. 9 FLATS IN THE GOTHIC QUARTER OF BARCELONA. 20 Smart Micro House Design Ideas That Maximize Space. Stair Master: Neil Tomlinson Architects Not Only Sculpts, but Engineers Elegant Staircases. Piercy&Company - Project - Kew House. An apartment interior designed as a peaceful escape from the busy city. Hunter Douglas - Project - Kings Cross. House on Lac Grenier, Estérel, 2015 - Paul Bernier architecte. Casa Solar da Serra, Brasilia, 2014 - 3.4 Arquitetura. Pedari Guest House (Paternal Guest House)

Hike, Paris, 2015 - SABO project. Mihaly Slocombe Architects - Project - Kids Pod. Trevose House. Penda Designs River-Inspired Landscape Pavilion for China’s Garden Expo. Architecture Allianz Arena (part1) - vidéo Dailymotion. The rope swing in the kitchen of this San Francisco house is a sign that it was designed for a playful young family. What Are the Benefits of Starting Your Own Architecture Firm Over Joining an Existing One? Flatiron House. Redevelopment of the east side Paprocany lake shore in Tychy. The Couch / MVRDV. DmvA Architecten - Project - Extention Hous Vb4.

ArchDaily - Photos de la publication de ArchDaily. What Gentrification Really Is, and How We Can Avoid It. Second Life: The Quiet Revolution in Renovations and Adaptive Reuse. Folding Wall Apartment, Ljubljana, 2015 - Boštjan Gabrijelčič. “God Is in the Details”: 6 Architectural Moments to Make Mies Proud. Mehrshahr villa. ARCA / Atelier Marko Brajovic. This home in San Francisco shows us what life is like at the top. When Color Meets Calm , Tel Aviv-Yafo, 2014 - Maayan Zusman Interior Design.

X-Float, Kanchanaburi, agaligo studio. Architect's Workshop. These floating holiday homes on the River Kwai will make you say “oh my!” New office for design firm in old Church. Pour un prix ridicule, cet homme a construit la plus sublime des maisons au milieu de la forêt... Attendez de voir le salon ! Ça fait rêver... 8 Amazing Alpine Cabins, Huts, and Hideouts. Orchard House. Eel’s Nest. Sense and Sustainability: Taking Back Ownership of Architecture’s Biggest Buzzword.