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Villa Boréale, Québec, 2015 - Cargo Architecture. The Villa Boréale is a charming contemporary residence located in Charlevoix, an eastern region of the Quebec Province well known for its wooded valleys, skiable mountains and breathtaking points of view.

Villa Boréale, Québec, 2015 - Cargo Architecture

At the heart of the boreal forest, the Villa is set on a sloped and private site, matching up nicely with the ubiquitous vegetation of the surroundings. The clients, a dynamic young couple in their early thirties, approached the CARGO Architecture team in order to find an architect who could assist them throughout the construction process. The collaboration then begun by finding the ideal site within the Municipality of Petite-Rivière-St-François and near the ski center Le Massif. Being involved as early in the process, the architect was able to adequately inform his clients about the different aspects to be considered and future impacts of the site choice in the development of the project.

Green Box on Architizer. 7 Design Lessons To Learn From This Awesome Roof Deck In Chicago. Photography by Tony Soluri When dSPACE Studio were designing this roof top deck for a building in Chicago, they really thought about how to create an urban oasis within the downtown core.

7 Design Lessons To Learn From This Awesome Roof Deck In Chicago

Here are some lessons to learn from their design… 1. A Potted History: Thomas Heatherwick’s Architectural Gardens. The English countryside is known for its rolling hills, green fields and luscious gardens, but British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s studio is located in the most urban of settings, near King’s Cross Station in the heart of London.

A Potted History: Thomas Heatherwick’s Architectural Gardens

Despite this, it appears that the multidisciplinary artist is always in touch with the natural context surrounding this frenetic city, and his penchant for bringing moments of rural respite to urban settings is making an impact both home and abroad. The latest project by Heatherwick’s firm to achieve planning approval is a case in point: the new Maggie’s Centre in Yorkshire was given the go-ahead last month and will be the 19th building dedicated to the support of cancer patients. Maggie’s Centres were the brainchild of the late Maggie Keswick Jencks, the wife of famous architectural writer Charles Jencks, who believed in the power of great buildings to uplift people. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection. Ion Popusoi - Project - Damian House. 8 Toys Designed by Architects From the 1940s to Today. When did you first realize you wanted to become an architect?

8 Toys Designed by Architects From the 1940s to Today

If you ask anyone in the profession this question, most architects will hark back to their childhood and remember the building blocks, LEGO bricks, and doll’s houses that captured their imaginations and kept them enthralled for hours on end. Of course, many of us never really grow up, and many designers appreciate the power and potential for toys to inspire children and get them thinking about space, materials, and the joy of construction itself. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Tsumiki by Kengo Kuma; images © Ikunori Yamamoto Kengo Kuma is one such architect.

Kuma is not the first architect to design a plaything that can inspire creative thinking. Saigon House, Ho Chi Minh City, 2015 - a21studio. In Saigon, there is a story about Van Duong Phu, a masterpiece of architecture, built by Mr.

Saigon House, Ho Chi Minh City, 2015 - a21studio

Vuong Hong Sen, a culturist, an academic, and a famous collector of antiques. Moreover, he also had a deep knowledge of southern Vietnam and wrote many books about Saigon. At the end of his life, he wanted to dedicate his house to a museum in order to prevent the antiques from being stolen and to introduce Saigon's culture to visitors. However, after his death, the house was abandoned, and its spirit was totally lost. We've recognized that although being respected and successful in his works, he failed in passing his love to his family. Cabin Fuglevik. BHM. A Mid-Century Modern House in California Gets A Remodel. Photography ©2015 Mariko Reed.

A Mid-Century Modern House in California Gets A Remodel

Siu Siu – Lab of Primitive Senses / DIVOOE ZEIN Architects. Architects: DIVOOE ZEIN Architects Location: Taipei, Taiwan Area: 270.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of DIVOOE ZEIN Architects Construction: Divooe Zein Architects Interior Design Group Site Director : Divooe Zein Interior Design Group Structure: Divooe Zein Interior Design Group, 丞瞬有限公司 Interior: Divooe Zein Interior Design Group M/E: Divooe Zein Interior Design Group Landscape: Divooe Zein Architects From the architect.

Siu Siu – Lab of Primitive Senses / DIVOOE ZEIN Architects

As human beings (ourselves) are detached from civilization to access a lifestyle of scanty materials, our inner animality generated from primitive natural habitat is emancipated. Inexplicably, we come to our instinctive senses. Siu Siu Laboratory of Primitive Senses is a workshop set to explore the environmental transition between urban space and natural forest. Plant-in-City's Architectural Terrariums. With the ease of upkeep for air plants and terrariums—not to mention their flourishing, eco-wonderland-like contributions to offices and living spaces—there is an array of curious new options on the market.

Plant-in-City's Architectural Terrariums

One, rather distinct from the rest, is NYC-based Plant-in-City founded by Huy Bui. In lieu of glass or ceramics, Bui works with wood, copper and steel—and his geometric pieces take their design cues from modular architecture. Inside his creations, Bui houses cacti and succulents, along with moss he forages from upstate New York. And whether bought separately, or in sets, each terrarium is customizable, even after purchase. "I first started with the motivation of designing and building green walls for my workshop and home," Bui explains to CH. Bui and his collaborators source all their wood from sustainably harvested locations in New York state, and the wooden terrariums are made in his Brooklyn workshop.

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos - Project - Bartolache 1944. Fcc arquitectura - Project - Cella Bar. House in Shinkawa / Yoshichika Takagi. Architects: Yoshichika Takagi Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Construction: Daisuke Hasegawa (Daisuke Hasegawa & Partners) Area: 78.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Yuta Oseto From the architect.

House in Shinkawa / Yoshichika Takagi

This is a house with a space that looks like an interior as well as an exterior. The space has a large air volume, covered with a roof and translucent surface which keep off the rain and wind. However, it doesn't have heat insulation performance. House Bierings / Rocha Tombal Architecten. Architects: Rocha Tombal Architecten Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands Architects: Ana Rocha, Michel Tombal Project Team: Iwona Wozniakowska, Enrique Otero Neira, Elena Cabrera Vacas Client: Fam.

House Bierings / Rocha Tombal Architecten

De Haas-Bierings Construction: Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft bv Contractor: Aannemingsbedrijf de Hek bv, Giessen/Oudekerk Budget: $1,716 Euro/sqm Area: 239.0 sqm Project Year: 2009 From the architect. From a basic form, defined by the municipal urban plan, sculptural “eyes” emerge with direct views to the varied countryside landscape. The form and orientation of the building avoid visual contact with the adjacent houses: at the ground floor the angled ceiling of the kitchen accentuates the intensive contact with the garden.

JVArchitekt - Project - House in Olomouc-Slavonin. Flat land to build a house is located in Olomouc-Slavonín. Access to the site is from the east side, where it is also connected by new driveway. The surrounding lands were until recently used as private gardens. Due to construction of a new access road (including utilities) in place of the existing dirt road, housing development in the area started. House proposal is designed to create maximum privacy for its inhabitants from their surroundings. Capital A Architecture - Project - Contemporary Extension to 1930's House. Capital A have made a classic 1930’s Edinburgh house fit for modern life by adding an elegant contemporary extension. Construction of an elegant contemporary extension has recently been completed in Edinburgh. The extension was designed by Níall Hedderman, director of Capital A Architecture Ltd.

The project was commissioned by Donal McBreen and Emma Russell, who needed to alter their 1930’s one storey, square plan, detached house. “There are thousands of similar houses across suburban Edinburgh, they are hugely popular but their original layout is unsuitable for modern life” Níall says. This house had enough bedrooms for Donal and Emma’s young family but it didn't take advantage of the large rear garden. INTERIORS: Star Wars. Interiors is an online film and architecture publication, published by Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian. Interiors runs an exclusive column for ArchDaily that analyzes and diagrams films in terms of space. Their Official Store will carry exclusive prints from these posts. Star Wars (1977) is more than a film.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon. Le bois brûlé, cette technique japonaise ancestrale - Cosy Design. Il arrive parfois que des contraintes fassent naître des idées brillantes. Il en est ainsi avec la rénovation de cette salle des fêtes de Bourgneuf, une commune composée de plusieurs hameaux, située à l’entrée de la Maurienne. A Home Of Brick And Concrete For A Young Family In Sydney. Photography by Luc Remond THOSE Architects have recently completed a light-filled home for a young family in Sydney, Australia. The home was originally owned by the clients grandmother, but needed an update, as it was designed over 60 years ago, and was unsuitable for the lifestyle of a young family today.

One of the key features added to the home, are these large windows that allow you to sit on the window sill. Sterna Residence I. Force4 - Project - The Floating Kayak Club. 2-Dec-2015 The Floating Kayak Club is located on the water pulled away from the shore, which highlights the building as a sculptural object and focuses on kayaking as an outdoor water sport. As the building floats, the relationship between the building and the water is so close that the user gets the full experience of practicing the sport in its true environment.

Two volumes, one dedicated to the users, the other to the kayaks, creates a courtyard surrounding a central water space angled to give the users full advantage of the direct sailing route into the fjord. The central water space strengthens the community and supports a 'club-feeling'. Outdoor activities relating to community training and playing are raised to the roof deck, which in various ways is enabled with sport activities, barbecue area, outdoor kitchen, dining area and sundeck. This 1980s house was updated with a lot of glass. This house has a huge set of doors that are 23 feet tall. House in Byoubugaura / Takeshi Hosaka. Eureka! Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s Masterplan Draws a New Skyline for Oslo. Danish firm Schimdt Hammer Lassen has won an international competition to design a new district in central Oslo, Norway, totaling almost one million square feet.

According to the architects, Eureka Kvarteret has been conceived as a “unifying urban development icon” notable for its phased construction plan intended to create “fertile ground for the life between buildings.” 4 Columns. The skin of timber fringing on these townhomes, is meant to be a modern take on Victorian-era wrought iron latticework. Photography by Lynton Crabb Photography Wood Marsh Architecture, together with interior designer Kendra Pinkus, have designed 30 Esplanade, a collection of 24 contemporary townhouses in Brighton, a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Australia. “Our intention was to reinterpret the traditional Victorian terraces that line many of Brighton’s streets and reappropriate this ideal for a contemporary lifestyle,” says Wood Marsh Director, Randal Marsh.

“The building’s strong skin is naturalised by the timber fringing; we consider this to be a modern take on the typical wrought iron latticework you would see in period homes.” “Drawing inspiration from the neighbouring bay, we took the concept of coastal living and reimagined it with a depth of materiality and refinement that challenged conventional interpretations of seaside homes and stereotypical townhouses,” says Marsh. Inside, the living room has a large wall of windows that lead out to a private outdoor space with a green wall. Rasų Namai. Tools of the Trade: 10 Wooden Workshops Across the World. Starting Your Own Practice: The Challenges and Rewards, According to ArchDaily Readers. Architecture is in some ways a paradoxical profession.

On one hand, it projects a popular image of the lone, creative genius, taking control over all aspects of a building project and forming them to their creative ideals. A contemporary barn house for a young family near Petaluma, California. 15 Totally Unique Ways To Design Your Courtyard. Barn House / Inês Brandão Arquitectura. Connecticut Pool House, Sharon, 2011 - RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTURE. TOWN HOUSE WITH A FOLDING-UP SHUTTER. Råå Day Care Center / Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.

Weingut Scharl. Shelters by the sea - Blue Landmarks. Fitty Wun, San Francisco, 2014 - Feldman Architecture. Endless Summer: 7 Luminous Courtyards From Down Under. A Hill On A House / Yuko Nagayama & Associates. Casa Nirau, Ciudad de México, 2015 - PAUL CREMOUX studio. Weiss Architecture & Urbanism - Project - A MODERN BOATHOUSE IN A CANADIAN LANDSCAPE. Comas Pont Arquitectes - Project - House in forest.

Double Helix House. Student Centre in the Arts University Bournemouth / Design Engine. LAMA House / LAMA Arhitectura. Sauna Huginn & Muninn / AtelierFORTE. LA HERONNIERE. House Arabellagasse, Vienna, 2009 - SUE ARCHITEKTEN. House 1101 / H Arquitectes. Ons Dorp Old School Conversion. The renovation of a house for a young couple in Toronto. A house designed for life in a tropical rainforest. Tattooing Changed My Life. Dune House, Amsterdam, 2014 - Marc Koehler Architects. Architectural Illustration: In A Digital Era, Drawing Isn't Dead. Social Housing - Beckmanngasse.

11 photos du passé qui vont vous donner la chair de poule... Vous ne pourrez plus les chasser de votre esprit après les avoir vues ! Renovating, splitting and extending a Brussels terraced-house. John wardle Architects - Project - Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne. A contemporary renovation for a 16th century barn in Sheffield, England. Stair House, Seattle, 2011 - David Coleman Architecture. Could Liquid Lakes Form on Mars Today? DesignIntelligence 25 Most Admired Educators for 2016.

Xixi Wetland Estate / David Chipperfield Architects. Lagula Arquitectes - Project - Z-Balca House. Getafe Market Cultural Center / A-cero. The Floating Kayak Club / FORCE4 Architects. El estudio y la vivienda, Santiago de Compostela, 2015 - sommos. Intelligent Simplicity: David Chipperfield’s First Tower in New York Heralds the Return of the Tectonic Skyscraper. Community Center San Bernabé. MU Architecture - Project - Malbaie V.