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SMN 1500 (5000L RO water filter) Suits for hospitals, schools, offices, small scale factories, institutionsPurifies brackish water, well water, tap waterEquipped with RO purifying technologyEquipped with Carbon purifying technologyEquipped with Sediment purifying technologyIncludes a pressure pump Water is a priceless gift of nature that keeps us alive and happy.

SMN 1500 (5000L RO water filter)

However, due to various human activities, water pollution is increasing day by day. Water bodies are polluted when factory wastes are directed towards them. Kent Super + well water filter. Applications – Suitable for purification of brackish / tap water/ well waterPurification Capacity – Up to 15 LPH*Body Material – ABS Food Grade PlasticMounting – On the wallDimensions (mm) – L 380 W 270 H 505Inlet Water Pressure/ Temp (Min) – 0.3 kg / cm 2 / 10°CInlet Water Pressure/ Temp (Max) – 4 kg / cm 2 / 40°CFilter Cartridges – RO, Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF and TDS ControllerInput Power Supply – Single Phase 100-250 V AC, 50-60 HzAuto-Flushing System – NoWeight – 7.4 kgStorage Capacity – 8 LPurification Production Rate – 15 L/hr.Maximum Duty Cycle – 75 L/dayPower Consumption – 60 WMembrane Type – Thin Film Composite ROBooster Pump Voltage – 24 V DCMains Voltage – 100 – 250 V~ AC / 50-60 Hz Water is one of the nonrenewable and inevitable resources that we need to lead a healthy life.

Kent Super + well water filter

Unfortunately, tap-borne water or even municipal water, though it looks clear, has a lot of contaminants that are not visible to our naked eyes. PureHydro Under Sink Purifier. Removes smell- better taste7 step filtration processRemove 99.9% of bacteria (less than 2mg per liter)9500 liters or 12 months filter cartridge lifePure water flow 4L/minDrink straight from the topFree installationStainless steel strainerAcid-wash Coconut Carbon filterCalcium Sulphite ballKinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)Vacuum fiber Ultra-Fine (UF) membrane “Purifying water has become a necessity to live a disease-free life.

PureHydro Under Sink Purifier

Taking steps to filter at least the water we use for drinking and cooking purposes is vital. Using municipal water or even well water without purification could lead to several health issues in the long run. As pollution increases, water is not clean enough to directly be used for consumption without purification. PureHydro water filter pitcher. Removes smell – better taste4000 liters or 5 months filter cartridge life7 step filtration processRemove 99.9% of bacteria (less than 2mg per liter)Pure water flow 00 – 250ml/minPitcher capacity 3 litersStainless steel strainerHigh-precision pleated Polypropylene (PP) filterCalcium Sulphite ballActivated Carbon filterSoftener resinDeionization mediaVacuum fiber Ultra-Fine (UF) membrane Water pollution can cause adverse effects for human beings in different ways.

PureHydro water filter pitcher

It has been one of the major causes of death and diseases despite the measures taken by the WHO and the governments. Contaminated water bodies and unsafe well water may impact our health and well-being. There are water purification systems for municipal water in most cities and towns. Buy water purifiers & filters for the best price. 4 Don'ts Of ECommerce Marketing. 4 Don’ts of ECommerce Marketing February 27, 2021 The traditional methods of doing business are gradually losing their charm, and the new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs are jumping on the upsurge of online business – because if done correctly, it can lead your business to a whole new level.

4 Don'ts Of ECommerce Marketing

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