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Manga Fox: Short Cuts Vol.01 Ch.004 Online Manga Scans. Science Project - Top 10 High School Science Fair Projects. When I got this assignment all I could think was “They want me to make fun of kids!”

Science Project - Top 10 High School Science Fair Projects

Something I’ve been doing since like 5th grade. Easiest assignment all year. 10. Poopie Science A sphincter says “what”? 9. It’s the GQ Snoop Dog doll! 8. Looking at these two it’s kinda hard to tell who lost out on this partnership. 7. “That’s right Stella… get it going nice and fast and…” ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz. 6. There’s no way in hell I’d trust this kid with my credit card information. 5. The kid on the left is the son of a plastics manufacturer and the one on the right looks like the son of Donald Trump… yeah Son of Trump… Has a ring to it.

Okay there was NO WAY I was buying this. 3. Trust me on this one kid- people who research animal magnetism never actually achieve it. 2. I know… you’re wondering how I’m gonna rank on this one right? 1. In an attempt to save his 4.0 grade point average C.A. March 2010. Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery. Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker" Random Comic Older Comics Search ND: Text Titles Share this comic: (Direct link) @nataliedee is made byNatalie Dee. 05/25/10 Natalie Dee: the spider and mans inhumanity to man More Natalie Dee comics: 12-18-07: theyre in love duh Share this comic: 04-05-09: death by dry spot 03-04-07: march is headlice awareness month 05-18-09: he is 100 percent dudelybug 06-12-07: wash him 02-06-07: the dude has mad ass for sure 03-13-06: romantic dinners for couples 05-12-12: quick to the fatmobile 02-22-08: indulge in those extra stitches OUR OTHER SITES: Super Black: Glitter & Holographic Nail Polish / Super Black Nail Art / Natalie Dee Machine: Comic GeneratorOUR FRIENDS: Aggro Gator / Cyanide & Happiness / Ignorant Facts.

Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker"

The Crap Blog » Observations. The Simple Image Sharer. Lead Paint Comics - Bad days and Dog-proof clothing. You’d be amazed how fast Hand-puppet Swayze gets old.

Lead Paint Comics - Bad days and Dog-proof clothing

Had myself a nice little Captain America weekend this week, picking up both Millar’s new Ultimate books and Captain America: Reborn 1 and 2. The Ultimate books were pretty good I guess. The plot so far isn’t anything jaw-dropping, but Millar’s dialogue is still pretty sharp (most of the time), and there are a lot of nice little details and well-presented panels in the books that are pretty cool too. It’s kind of weird to see the Ultimates in such a bright, cartoony style, especially when mixed with Millar’s fairly violent writing, but not in a bad way. The juxtaposition is actually kind of cool I think.

Captain America: Reborn is also pretty good. I also picked up book 12 of Fables. And last, but certainly not least, we had our first donation last week! <3 Mike. Chuck & Beans.