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ARC & B — ARC&B- Integrated interior design and architecture... ARC&B- Commercial interior design company in Dubai. Find commercial interior design company in Dubai. Bring About a Summer Look in the Interior Design Dubai of Your Home – ARC&B. Home is the place where our heart is. It is for this reason interior design Dubai plays such a huge role in transforming the look of your house. With the summer coming soon, everyone wants to add a hint and a bit of the summary fun to their house. There are a few interior design ideas that can add the bright summer hue to your home and make you feel like you are in some summery paradise. Here are a few interior designing ideas that will help you to add little summer touches to your home- Paint-Painting is one of the best ways to make your house look cheerful. Misk Nursery - UAE Business Directory - ARC & B - Interior Design Dubai - ARC & B - Contact Details & Reviews.

ARC & B – Interior Design in Dubai UAE – ARC & B – Interior Design Contact Details, Telephone Numbers, Website, Address, Location Map, Direction, Photos, Videos, Opening Hours, Email Address, Offers & Deals. ARC & B – Interior Design Office 304, Block E, Office Park, Al Sufouh 1, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesTel: +97142765415 Email: ARC & B is a fully integrated interior architecture, design and build company with offices in Dubai, Milan and Beirut. Inventive design and superior execution are the hallmarks of what we do. The ARC & B staff has over 100 years of collective design and construction experience. Our blend of backgrounds creates a rich foundation that sets us apart from our competitors. Our Expertise By integrating design and build practices, we’re able to consistently translate our client’s vision into architecture with enduring and inspiring quality.

ARC & B is a multi-discipline firm with interior contracting as its core activity. Contact Information: The Trends of Designing Observed Among the Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai – ARC&B. With the change of generations, there is a change of trend. The same rule may be applied in the case of architectural designing. Whether it is a residential structure or a commercial one, the craze of interior designing gets changed occasionally. Some of these fashions include the following Upper cabinets are now old-fashioned It is one of the trends that you can find among interior fit out companies in Dubai. If it is a large sized kitchen, you may see that there is space for storage in lower cupboards or pantries. Sustainable patterns Most of the architects of interior fit out companies in Dubai are now giving a very high focus on the stylish appearance of a room but they never comprise the aspect of sustainability. Blue- The most chosen color among many homeowners Among the interior designers and homeowners, there is another trend of choosing blue color for interior designing.

A blend of different textures Simple painted walls are not acceptable Outside and inside- Now merged Spa in house. Office Design Trends That Can Increase Productivity – ARC&B. Employers tried multiple types of office layouts over the years. This is how we went from stand along desks to cubicles and desks in a row. But recent surveys among employees showed that working for eight hours a day in a cubicle is not making them productive, which brought a change in the interior design of office. What makes you productive? The latest concern of employers is getting productivity boosting office design in Dubai and one of the things which makes employees work more effective is working standing up. It may sound crazy, but more and more offices are gambling on stand up desks; some see them as an alternative for a productive break, while others are thinking of them as the new type of office. Comfort is king Employees need to feel comfortable in order to boost their productivity, so offices are embracing a new fit out in Dubai: natural light, natural plants and good ventilation are all part of the game for a productivity boosting office layout.

The relaxation area. Architects in Dubai Can Deliver The Elegant Designs – ARC&B. It is a completely new world, where the approach and planning regarding various issues have been changed a lot and quite different from the erstwhile ideas and methodology. This particular symptom can be seen in the construction world also and especially in different segments of this growing and most important industry, which helps in getting absolute support for the development process. It is well-known fact that for any construction project, be it a residential, commercial, industrial or corporate; the architects are playing the most crucial and important role, which determines the quality and the look of the respective buildings. The architects in Dubai are having all the requisite knowledge and skills, which can be of great help in delivering some innovative ideas and structural details of any building construction.

Interiors and Its Features. The Unique & Exceptional Service of Construction Companies in Dubai – ARC&B. The advancement of science and technology has paved the way for the massive development of the civilization, especially the urbanization, is taking a great leap forward. The construction is considered as the most important and effective industry, which spearhead the society towards growth. In the Asian region, two to three decades ago, there were some major cities, but for last 3 decades, Dubai has emerged as the most prominent city for its strategic location and witnessed a massive growth. To contemplate this huge growth potential, construction companies in Dubai with adequate experience, manpower and machinery support have taken the center-stage in the development process. The team of the most professional, skilled and knowledgeable personnel, is the key asset of the construction companies, who is having the potential of delivering the most crucial service in completing any construction project in Dubai.

The Industry Features. Make your office design elegant and beautiful. For a house to become a home it needs to reflect the personalities and tastes of its inhabitants, be it a large mansion, a cozy apartment or another place you call your house. After a day of work, you are going home to relax and spend the rest of the day – this is when and where your real life starts, so the space needs to be beautiful functional and in complete harmony with your desires. Your home needs to reflect who you are and in most cases, this includes from where you are.

Nowadays the level of globalization had reached its peak, so most people feel the need to include their culture into their home designs. This is how culture became integrative part of interior design, as well as an important source of inspiration. Like it or not, your culture is an important part of who you are and there are lots of reasons to include it in your home design, as well as entire building structure. Decorating and building with culture in the mind Culture goes hand in hand with religion. Find a fully integrated interior architecture, design and build company in Dubai Milan and Beirut. ARC&B provides Interior Designs, fit out services for Residential and Commercial Sectors. Find Expertise Fit-out, Interior Design Company in Dubai, UAE | ARC&B. Residential, Commercial and Hospitality interior design Projects | ARC&B. Know more about ARC&B Interior Design Company in Dubai, UAE. Architecture, Fit out, Interior Design consultants Firms in Dubai, UAE.