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Arcade Classics

We are helping people step back in time and recreate the feelings of fun had at arcades in the comfort of our own home!

“Tetris” Might Help Prevent PTSD in Trauma Victims. Looking for an arcade machine for sale?

“Tetris” Might Help Prevent PTSD in Trauma Victims

Make sure you buy a cabinet that allows you to play “Tetris.” It may do more than entertain you. Playing “Tetris” right after you’ve experienced anything traumatic could drastically reduce the intensity of your future memories of the event. “Tetris” essentially hijacks your brain’s ability to store traumatic memories, making them less likely to reappear and cause emotional stress. How the Study Worked How did researchers find the link between “Tetris” and PTSD prevention? Top Video Game Billionaires: What’s Their Next Money-Making Opportunity? Back when classic arcade machines used to rake in the cash, gaming executives likely never believed the industry could produce billionaires, but they believed wrong.

Top Video Game Billionaires: What’s Their Next Money-Making Opportunity?

Today, not only has the gaming industry evolved considerably, entertaining millions all over the world, it’s created billionaires out of many technology-savvy business professionals who know gaming inside and out. Here are three of the top video game billionaires you’ve probably heard of: Bill Gates No list of billionaires is complete without the name “Bill Gates.” After all, he is the richest person in the world. With a net worth of $83.9 billion, he’s mostly associated with computers and software, but don’t forget: Xbox is a Microsoft product. In Microsoft’s latest financial quarter, they raked in $3 billion in gaming revenue, 14 percent of their total profits.

Grab Your Phone: “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” Is Now Mobile. Notoriously difficult upright arcade machine “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” is now playable on your iOS or Android smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Grab Your Phone: “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” Is Now Mobile

Capcom is taking advantage of the reemerging popularity of many classic games and releasing some of their best titles in modern formats. Obviously, “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” made the list. Game History The game, known as “Makaimura” in Japan, was created by Tokuro Fujiwara and released for arcades in September 1985. The game is a “run and gun” style, with gamers controlling the knight Arthur. Atari’s Classic Arcade Games Are Becoming Board Games. Nothing beats besting your high score on cocktail table arcade games, but once you’ve had your fill, you don’t have to leave the game itself behind.

Atari’s Classic Arcade Games Are Becoming Board Games

You can break out a different kind of tabletop game – a board game – based on one of your favorite classic Atari titles. Federal Government Spending $1.5 Million on STEM Video Game Development. Your “Pac Man” arcade machine is an exciting source of entertainment for every member of your family, but you have to admit, it doesn’t teach your kids much in the way of science and math.

Federal Government Spending $1.5 Million on STEM Video Game Development

Everyone knows about the popularity of video games, and slowly everyone (federal government included) is recognizing the power of video games as a teaching tool. Instead of depending solely on traditional teaching methods to educate and guide the nation’s youth towards pursuing science, technology, engineering and math careers, the government is using taxpayer funds in the form of grants to finance the production of two games to further schoolchildren’s pursuit of higher education in STEM fields. Virtual Lab to Teach Photosynthesis The first game is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation that total $728,000. The game’s purpose is to teach middle-school students all about photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a complex subject since it’s an invisible biological process. Video Game Policy Used as Political Retaliation? China’s New Korean Game Ban. China recently banned the release of all upcoming South Korean-made video games.

Video Game Policy Used as Political Retaliation? China’s New Korean Game Ban

Why? The government isn’t happy with the brand new missile defense system South Korea is building. Did cocktail arcade games ever get this political? What Is THAAD? South Korea has partnered with the U.S. to install THAAD, short for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, as a protection against escalating missile tests from North Korea. German Study Shows Video Games Don’t Desensitize. You’re not worried about your “Pac-Man” arcade machine desensitizing you to violence, but what about the intense, M-rated games you buy for your console?

German Study Shows Video Games Don’t Desensitize

According to a recent study by German researchers, playing violent video games has no effect on the brain’s emotional response. After testing the empathy levels of 15 avid gamers, the study concluded that neural patterns were the same between gamers and non-gamers when both were exposed to the same images. This finding contradicts previous conclusions drawn by some researchers, so it’s a topic that will likely be heavily researched and debated for years to come. Video Game Sales Surge in 2017. When the first arcade game machines were first manufactured and sold, did the creators ever believe gaming would make such an impact, not only on the culture, but on the economics of so many countries?

Video Game Sales Surge in 2017

In modern-day 2017, the gaming industry is thriving and expanding all the time. The sales numbers from the first months of 2017 are simply further confirmation. 2017 Is Off to a Great Start On a global scale, video game sales in the month of January increased by 9.8 percent when compared to last year’s numbers, delivering $7.47 billion in total sales. And that’s just direct digital downloads, excluding any physical software sales.

Some of the most popular titles included “Grand Theft Auto,” “FIFA,” and “ARK: Survival Evolved.” Sales of “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” were lower than the series’ last installment, though a higher overall price somewhat offset the downfall, cushioning the drop in total revenue. Video Game History Foundation Will Preserve Gaming Culture. From trackball arcade games to the latest console release, video games have become a prominent part of the nation’s pop culture and technological history.

Video Game History Foundation Will Preserve Gaming Culture

No one understands that better than Frank Cifaldi, a video game journalist for Gamasutra and creator of Lost Levels, a website all about unreleased video games. Cifaldi understands the widespread presence of video games – they drive revenue, act as educational tools, feature in films and books and they’re becoming historical symbols that are collected by the renowned museums. Playing Classic Arcade Games on Your Wristwatch? “Gameband” Will Make This a Reality.

Want to carry classic arcade games with you everywhere you go?

Playing Classic Arcade Games on Your Wristwatch? “Gameband” Will Make This a Reality

While certain games are best enjoyed on an arcade cocktail table, many people believe that wristwatch gaming will be fun and enjoyable, if the number of people who have backed the “Gameband” Kickstarter project is any indication. What Is the Gameband? The Gameband isn’t the first smart watch that allows for on-the-go gaming, but it’s definitely going to be the first smart watch solely dedicated to gaming. The FMTwo Game Inc. and Atari have struck a partnership – producing a smart watch that’s 100% designed to play some of the best classic games in history.

“Contra” Turns 30! Released close to the end of the golden age of arcade gaming in the 1980s, “Contra” was still one of the top upright arcade games for sale back in the day. Can you believe the game is already 30 years old? Contra’s Origins “Contra” is a “run and gun” action game, originally released on February 20, 1987 by Konami, also known for such titles as “Frogger,” “Castlevania,” “Dance Dance Revolution,” and more.

“Contra” originally came out as an arcade cabinet, but was later also released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and ported to the computer. Playing Classic Arcade Games on Your Wristwatch? “Gameband” Will Make This a Reality.

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Arcade Machines Offered by Arcade Classics. Play your favorite classic arcade games at home, your business or favorite getaway spot! Experience a blast from the past with one of our Arcade Classics arcade machines for sale (see machine choices above). Modern state of the art electronics play just like the original arcade games of the 80′s. Our arcade machines provide AUTHENTIC sound, graphics and action transporting you back in time, just like you remember it from your local arcade.

Add a pair of our perfectly matched ottomans and you will experience comfortable game play behind the controls of one of our world class arcade game machines. We offer a Five Year Warranty as well as FREE Shipping this week to most areas! If you’re looking for something special for the family or a new way to draw customers into your business, a Classic Arcade Machine is the perfect answer.

For over 30 years, Arcade Classics has been a leader in the industry, due to our world class arcade machines, impeccable customer service, and experienced staff. Arcade Cocktail Table. Vertical Upright Arcade Machine. Customized Arcade Machines. Personalize Your Arcade Classics Cocktail Table Arcade Machine™ We offer you 3 Artwork choices to Personalize your Arcade Classics Cocktail Table™.

Choose from Traditional Licensed Arcade Game Artwork: Pac-Man® or Ms. Pac-Man® through Namco Licensee ~ Two Bit. This is our standard artwork that comes included with our cocktail table arcade machines. Choose one of our exclusive Team Decorative’s™: This officially licensed artwork features all of your favorite NCAA® college and professional sport teams including MLB®, NFL®, NBA®, NHL® & NASCAR®.

Ottomans for Arcade Machines. Mega Mini Tabletop Arcade Games for Sale. Ultimate Fighting Arcade Machine. Upright Horizontal Arcade Machine. Arcade Classics Horizontal Upright Arcade Machine™ Experience a blast from the past with our Horizontal Upright Arcade Machine™. Your favorite horizontal classic arcade games are now readily available for play! Modern state of the art electronics play just like the original arcade games of the ’80s. Upright Vertical Arcade Machine.

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