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Latest news & Best tips: How Can You Benefit from a Savings Account? In times like today, where even the basic of necessities come at a huge cost, having a savings account is the need of the hour.

Latest news & Best tips: How Can You Benefit from a Savings Account?

Since most people come under the spectrum of being average earners, supporting their families with just their income is inarguably insufficient. Starting a saving account certainly help you increase your savings to a great extent due to the interest building up as compared to what y would have to survive on if you intend to rely on only your monthly salaries.

With mortgages and loan EMI repayments, this is surely a bad option, prone to leave you indebted in the long run. How to take good care of your health? How to take good care of your health?

How to take good care of your health?

Taking good care of your health keeps you physically and mentally in a good shape. There are certain factors that are leading to deterioration of health conditions. Factors such as lifestyle, environment, relying on junk food are the major reason behind the increase in a number of diabetic and heart patients in India. It is thus important to follow a particular routine to stay fit and disease free.

Use the following tips in order to achieve the good physical health. Eat healthy: Our body needs healthy and nutritious food to function properly. Exercise regularly: Take a brisk walk, run on a jogger or take some time out for yoga. Go for routine check-ups: Apart from eating healthy and exercising regularly, it is equally crucial to go for routine check-ups with your personal physician. — What National Pension Scheme is All About?

— What is right time to choose a personal loan? Ask yourself these Questions before you Purchase an Insurance Policy – financeworld2016. How to Save Tax? How to Save Tax?

How to Save Tax?

When it comes to paying taxes, several people turn agnostic. They feel that it is not fair for the government to grab a large percentage of their hard-earned money. However, taxes are unavoidable and crucial for the development of the nation. Nevertheless, effective tax planning and tax saving financial instruments can help you save a considerable amount on taxes. If wisely done, they can serve a dual purpose of meeting financial goals as well as saving taxes concurrently. What is tax saving? You can effortlessly save taxes with adequate tax planning. . · Public Provident Fund (PPF):- PPFs are a valuable investment option and save tax significantly.

. · Health insurance: - Health insurance offers tax benefits to individuals up to Rs 20,000 for senior citizens and Rs 15,000 for others, thus proving to be an efficient tax saving investment. Finance World: Why do you need health insurance? There is a very common proverb that says “Health is wealth”.

Finance World: Why do you need health insurance?

This is a fact that holds true in every sense. However wealthy a person might be, good health is required to enjoy that wealth. A health insurance plan goes a long way in ensuring good health. No one plans on getting sick or injured, but everyone needs medical attention at some point in their lives. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits as well. Many people keep putting off health check-ups because of the additional costs involved in it. 5 Things you should check before purchasing a Home Loan. ApprovalFirstly, you should know whether or not you are an eligible for a home loan as well as the specific loan amount you stand eligible for.

5 Things you should check before purchasing a Home Loan

For example, if your monthly income is Rs.50, 000/-, you will be eligible for a loan of up to Rs.30,000/-. If you are married, you can also purchase a joint loan. This is because both your incomes will be merged together as one. So ensure you get an approval from the bank before searching for a house. Everything you should know about personal loans – financeworld2016. Personal loans are also known as unsecured loans.

Everything you should know about personal loans – financeworld2016

Such loans are specially borrowed in events such as marriage, home renovations, or some unforeseen emergencies. As lenders of the personal loans do not keep anything with themselves in the form of collateral, the interest amount paid by borrower is comparatively higher than other types of loans. Factors affecting personal loan rates Two persons applying for personal loans will get completely different rates, the following is the list of factors deciding the personal loan rates. Credit score of the borrower plays a major role in rates of the personal loans, Person with a higher credit card balance and with a history of keeping dues will be charged more as compared to someone who clear off all the dues on time. What are Benefits of Having a Fixed Deposit? What are Benefits of Having a Fixed Deposit?

What are Benefits of Having a Fixed Deposit?

Savings and investments are common thoughts in the minds of every person, whether a millionaire or an average income earner. Almost everyone, at some point of time, must have looked for investment options that could have gotten them a little more profit. However, it often comes at a huge cost if you do not know where to invest. Most investment options that bring higher returns have risk factors that are unpredictable, turning it into a make or break situation. — 4 Ways to Save Tax. News Around — Debunking Life Insurance Myths for Good. Growth Plan – (ULIP) Unit Linked Long Term Insurance Plans.

Retirement Planning 101 Tutorial Guide - Articles & Tools. Why online term plans are so cheap? Term plan is the insurance cover that provide financial compensation in case of death of the insured.

Why online term plans are so cheap?

They are meant to be purchased with the intention of pure life protection and not to earn any returns out of it. Online term insurance plans have emerged as the cheapest source if someone is looking for a basic life protection cover. Most of the insurance buyers still fail to understand the reason behind low premiums of online term plans, It makes them paranoid about whether the company will settle their claims or not. All these suspicions are highly incorrect as insurance companies understands that the fundamental responsibility of the business is to pay out every single claim. So, what makes online term plans cheaper than the offline insurance plans? MAX Online Term Plan.