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3 Best Home Remedies To CURE AN UPSET STOMACH. 1000 CALORIES DIET PLAN For Women That Works. How To Make LEMON WATER DETOX DRINK. YOGA | Professeurs.

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YOGA | Professeurs. Fitness. Stay FIT. Fashion. 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of CUSTARD APPLE (Sitaphal) 10 High Protein Vegetarian Foods By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria. HOW TO REDUCE BAD CHOLESTEROL WITH FOOD? 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea. 2 Best SLIM WAIST Exercises For Women At Home. 3 Best CHEST EXERCISES FOR WOMEN At Gym. Delight Yourself with Exotic Foods you can't Resist during Sunburn Goa. By Rabina Dhyani · On December 3, 2013Fashion You are here: Home » Fashion » Delight Yourself with Exotic Foods you can’t Resist During Sunburn Goa Are you a foodie? Want to satisfy your tongue with some exotic flavors? Then there is no better place to visit than Sunburn Goa music festival this december. Goa, which is located on the west coast of India, is not only popular for its rich culture and exotic sights, but is a brilliant place to find the blend of traditional and western flavors.

Goa, which has proved itself a heaven for the foodies, whether they be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, offers a wide variety of exotic sea food along with traditional South Indian and spicy North Indian food. Related: Dos and Don’ts during Sunburn Goa Although the Goan food includes a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, but the true essence of it can only be found in its mouthwatering seafoodrecipes. Related: Girls – Spice up your look for Sunburn Goa Related: Places to visit while in Goa for Sunburn. Headed to Sunburn Goa 2013? 'Bare' essentials for boys - MetroMela. By Team MetroMela · On November 29, 2013Fashion You are here: Home » Fashion » Headed to Sunburn Goa 2013? ‘Bare’ essentials for boys! It’s been a long and exhausting year so far, but the good thing is that December is just round the corner. The excitement about the holidays has already started building up.

For most people, it is more like the “Go-Goa” time. Goa is undoubtedly one of the best holidaying destinations in India, especially during Christmas and New Year. If you are planning to check out the Sunburn Goa festival this year, then you will need to plan it well in advance, at least by the first week of December. Related: Places to visit while in Goa for Sunburn It’s the time to party: Most people from cities really do not know how to dress up for the beach vacations. Please be reminded, that it not a few hours of party inside a centrally air-conditioned disco, in your city. Related: Dos and Don’ts during Sunburn Goa Dark Sunglasses: Don’t forget to carry your sunshades to Goa. What is Sunburn Goa? Fashion & Lifestyles Blog - MetroMela. Sunburn is an Electronic Dance Festival held at Candolim Beach, Goa organised by Percept.

Initiated in 2007, has become the biggest crowd puller for the event. In 2009, CNN ranked Sunburn as the 9th biggest festival in the world. Sunburn 2013 Goa Sunburn 2013 is from 27th – 29th at Candolim Beach. Performers at Sunburn Afrojack, BBC, Dickster, Ajja, Rete Tong, Nucleya, Fibre Stomp, Grain, Quintino, James Zabiela, Tapan Raj, Madboy/Mink, Algorhythm, Dakta Dub, Mark Knight, Emok, Starling, Kash Trivedi, Axwell, Ummet Ozcan are some of the artists performing at Sunburn Goa, 2013. Who attends Sunburn? Sunburn has gained its popularity over the years.

Famous celebrities, such as Priyanka Chopra are also spotted at Sunburn. What to wear at Sunburn? Goa is warm during the day and gets better by afternoon and late evenings. Water sports in Goa Goa is a holiday destination for many tourists. Related: Places to visit while in Goa for Sunburn What food to have while at Sunburn? Shopping during Sunburn. Sunburn Goa! Dos and Don'ts - Infographic - MetroMela.

By Team MetroMela · On December 4, 2013Fashion You are here: Home » Fashion » Sunburn Goa! Dos and Don’ts – Infographic A few tips and suggestions while you visit Sunburn Goa Festival. The Electronic Dance and Music festival awaits you from the 27th – 29th Dec, 2013. Music, Dance, Shopping, Seafood, Flea Market, Bikes, Party and much more cannot be missed. Places to Visit Sunburn, Goa and have the time your life. Related: What you didn’t know about Sunburn Goa? Take a break from your routine, pack your bag, and holiday at Sunburn Goa!

Related: ‘Bare’ essentials for your Boyfriends during Sunburn Goa India’s Top Fashion Designers and their favorite Show Stoppers! Ramp it Up With The Lakme Fashion Week Fashion Horoscope For The Year 2014 Versace For Those With Expensive Tastes! Need a Pair of Shoes to Last a Lifetime? Why Fendi always figures on every fashionista’s wishlist Share Team MetroMela. Places to visit in Goa during Sunburn - MetroMela. By Team MetroMela · On December 2, 2013Fashion You are here: Home » Fashion » Places to visit in Goa – A Treasure Trove of True Tourist Experience Goa is a place of awe and wonder. The beauty of nature has manifested itself in Goa in such wide forms and bewildering variety that is so absorbing and mind-boggling. To enlist 10 best places in Goa means to highlight some of the best creations of nature and man. Here are 10 Best Places to visit in Goa.

Drive 20 minutes to the west of Panjim in Goa and what you can see is the history and its bygone age coming in vivid colours and frames before you. The Basilica De Bom Jesus in the Old Goa was earlier known by the name ‘Rome of the East’. Related: What you didn’t know about Sunburn Goa? Related: Dos and Don’ts during Sunburn Goa Your impression of Goa as a rustic place of beaches and idyllic scenery will get more evidence if you visit the sanctuary and the national park located here. Related: Girls – Spice up your look for Sunburn Goa The St. Salwar Kameez - Flaunt your Style in College | Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Men and Women. By Hetal Minal · On September 3, 2013Womens You are here: Home » Womens » Salwar Kameez – Flaunt your College Spirit in Style!

If the term ‘Salwar Kameez’ conjures images of boring, middle-aged women who lack a sense of fashion think again. The humble Salwar Kameez can be very trendy, particularly as college wear for the comfortable yet trendy look. You can mix and match your salwars and kameezes in a wide range of colours and styles and have them ready for daily use. Type of Material Used for Salwar Kameez Fabrics: There are many different fabrics available in the market. Cotton: Cotton is the best choice for salwar kameez as the fabric is easy to wash and blends well to suit any style.

Georgette: This fabric is soft to touch and does not require much maintenance. Type of Styles in Salwar Kameez It’s all about the cut and the style when it comes to women’s clothing. Patiala: This is a salwar kameez style that is popular for its flamboyant cut and wide, pleated bottoms. Related Articles. Chinos for Office Gal to Party-Rocker | Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Men and Women. By Rakhi Jerly · On September 6, 2013Womens You are here: Home » Womens » Chinos for Office Gal to Party-Rocker Tuck in a formal shirt and off you go to the office; roll up a cuff, throw on a tank top and you are ready for a day out; step on the heels, let your hair down and get ready to party – what would you do without the ‘humble’ Chinos?

Office style: Party style: Day Out style: They are soft, comfortable and at the same time tough. Originally introduced as military uniforms in the mid-19th century, these twill fabric trousers were quickly adapted by civilians too. The 100% cotton Khaki pants started out as a favorite work wear and now, we have them in Cotton-Synthetic blends and a spectrum of colors. While the muted earthy tones are still adored for the office, you can have a blast with the brighter colors. Related: Smartest Formal Shirts for women Keep it neutral and straight for the Office: Ditch those tacky flared dress pants and splurge on formal Chinos for office wear. Rakhi Jerly. Glamorous and Beautiful with Yellow and Green | Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Men and Women. Incredible Bollywood Sarees and Dresses Collection of 2013.

By Salita Dsouza · On November 5, 2013Latest Saree Designs Incredible Bollywood Sarees and Dresses Collection 2013 0 4 0share0 The billion dollar Indian movie industry has always influenced fashion in the country. The flamboyance portrayed by our dream merchants in Bollywood has spawned a million fashion trends down the decades. Related : Bollywood Replica Sarees – Filmy Fashion without a Fat Bank Balance! For aspiring fashion designers, Bollywood is a means to showcase their experimental, quirky creations. Let’s See Some of Bollywood Sarees and Dresses Collection of 2013 Of course, for the fashion designer, it offers the advantage of being associated with the biggest names on the silver screen. Today, with a heightened sense of awareness about fashion aesthetics, celebrity trends are keenly watched both on and off screen. Sonam Kapoor in Bollywood Sarees and Dresses This star kid has always been the talk of the town. Kareena Kapoor in Bollywood Sarees and Dresses. Salwar Kameez for an Elegant Look on Festivals | Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Men and Women.

By Kriti Nanda · On September 10, 2013Womens You are here: Home » Womens » Salwar Kameez for an Elegant Look on Festivals Traditional Indian wear, whether it be the ageless saree, salwar kameez or lehenga always provide the right recipe for elegance on ceremonial occasions. The best thing about Indian traditional wear is that they are available in a huge variety of weaves, colours and shades that can go well with a range of accessories to match every mood in keeping parties, family get-togethers, pujas, anniversaries or weddings. You can pick moderately-priced, richly embroidered or the most expensive wear from among the wide choice available, depending on the occasion you need to grace or the people you need to meet. Here is a guide to choosing the right salwar kameez or churidaar suit for festivals and occasions. Red is the colour of the season: If fond of salwar kameez or churidaar suits, red is the colour that can never go wrong for a festive occasion.

How to Wear High Waisted Shorts. How to look like Aishwarya Rai? | Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Men and Women. By Darshu · On August 14, 2013Womens You are here: Home » Womens » How to look like Aishwarya Rai? It’s more than 20 years in stardom now and yet… the 39 year old damsel, the name Aishwarya Rai continues to make heads turn. Her stunning, red carpet appearances and elegant desi avatars in beautiful sarees stand fabulous! From a model to an International star, Aishwarya’s rise to stardom has grown by leaps and bounds and today, she stands tall as the face of India globally! When it comes to movies, none can forget her as the ravishing Jodha, in “Jodha Akbar” or the danseuse with a sculpted body in “Devdas” to the super sexy scoring the perfect 10 in Dhoom2 Aishwarya Rai Desi Style – International Red Carpet Events Aishwarya Rai has been the face of Indian cinema at Cannes, gracing the event for twelve consecutive years!

Aishwarya Rai Anarkali Collections: Ash and Anarkali are almost synonymous as the damsel loves to flaunt rich, heavy and trendy Anarkali suits on any given occasion. Darshu. Biba Suits for that Gorgeous Look | Online Shopping Guide | MetroMela. By Omprakash Banerjee @omprakashindia · On October 29, 2013Womens You are here: Home » Womens » 12 Fashionable Yet Affordable Biba Suits For You! By all probability the word ‘Biba’ has evolved from the word ‘Bib” meaning the tiny apron that covers a baby’s chest.

Of course, ‘Biba’ in Punjabi stands for a pretty young girl, and the Biba brand ties its level best to endear itself to the aspirations of pretty women in its range of Churidar Kurtas, Kurta sets and salwar suits. Occasions to wear ‘Biba Suits’ Being different pays in every walk of life and fashion can always help you in that. Biba suits are just what you should go for in case you are planning to stand out in a crowd. ‘Biba Suits’ - Fabric Available Comfort is the primary aspect of all Biba suits. The secret to looking cool is feeling cool. Biba has suits for casual wear, for get-togethers, formal and wedding wear.

Related: Ethnic Designer Collection from BIBA Dresses by Rohit Bal The Price range of ‘Biba Suits’ Related Articles. How to look like Sridevi? | Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Men and Women. By Darshu · On August 15, 2013Womens You are here: Home » Womens » Want to look like Sridevi? Here’s How! It’s hard to believe that the stunning Bollywood diva, Sridevi turns 50 this 13th Aug! She has been ruling the hearts of millions of fans for decades now. Her grace and charm hasn’t faded with the age. In fact, it would be fair to say that she got a complete makeover during her hiatus away from the movies. Here are some beautiful pictures of Sridevi in designer dresses Sridevi’s red carpet appearances are breath-taking and have been even more so in the recent years! Get inspired by Sridevi’s style and be a star among your gal-pals! Sridevi-Style Extravagant Suits: Sridevi made a unique style statement at many events with some rich and ornate Anarkali suits!

Look pretty in a floor length georgette grey suit with heavy borders and decorative waistline – Cost 6500/-. A classic lavender anarkali suit in satin and net renders a softness synonymous with women. Sridevi in Anarkali suits Darshu.