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Second Life

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Your Photostream. Bora Bora. Let your weekend warrior loose!

Bora Bora

Enjoy free windsurfing, hangliding, surfing and personal watercraft at tropical Bora Bora Isles. Ride whales and dolphins, explore the active volcano, meditate with the dolphins, or kick back under a palm tree by the waterfalls and watch the flying fish go by. Let the ocean, beach and warm sand relax your mind and body. You may also like... Bahia Tiki Beach. Wade through tropical Caribbean blue waters and walk on white sand at Bahia Tiki Beach — a perfect spot to relax and hang out with friends.

Bahia Tiki Beach

Grab a drink at any of the beach bars, relax on a hammock under the shade of palm trees, surf the waves at the surf shack or explore the ruins. You may also like... Free LSL script Library. Second Life: New World Notes. Philip Rosedale on the Future of VR & Virtual Worlds Philip Rosedale* recently gave a keynote speech in Second Life for an education conference and Daniel Voyager has a rough transcript here.

Second Life: New World Notes

There's a lot about the future of VR, virtual worlds, his new VR/VW startup High Fidelity and its relation to his last startup, Linden Lab. This point on latency is fascinating: How much latency can there be in face to face talking? 100 milliseconds. 100 milliseconds is necessary in establishing emotional connections. What sim am I on. 60 SL blogs you should read. Export to World * How to export. English Knowledge Base. Linden Lab Official:Intellectual Property.

From Second Life Wiki This article is about trademarked, copyrighted, and celebrity material in Second Life.

Linden Lab Official:Intellectual Property

Introduction In Second Life, we hope creators will use their imagination to make original content. Some create things that are inspired by real-world objects, like cars or jewelry. When you do that, please make sure you're not improperly using another's intellectual property – for example, a trademarked logo or brand name, a distinctive product appearance (known as "trade dress"), characters or material from a movie, book, or other copyrighted work, or a celebrity image or name (protected as a "right of publicity").

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