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Islamic and Arabic Philosophy

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دایره المعارف اسلام پدیا » نهج البلاغه. معرفی نهج البلاغه نهج البلاغه گزیده ای از خطبه ها، نامه ها و سخنان کوتاه امیرالمؤمنین علی (ع) است که مرحوم سید رضی (م ۴۰۶ه.ق) براساس ذوق ادبی خویش فراهم آورده است، اما با وجود این، در کنار درخشش ادبی، این کتاب در برگیرنده مباحث گسترده توحیدی، اجتماعی، اخلاقی و سیاسی است، به طوری که می توان آن را «کتاب زندگی » نام نهاد.

دایره المعارف اسلام پدیا » نهج البلاغه

از جمله شاخصه های این کتاب، ترجمه های متعدد آن است، به گونه ای که می توان گفت در حوزه تمدن اسلامی، بعد از قرآن کریم، هیچ کتابی به اندازه نهج البلاغه، ترجمه های متنوع نداشته است. هر چند که برای دست یابی به ترجمه ای مطلوب راهی بس دراز در پیش داریم. Selection from Glimpses of the Nahj al-Balaghah. This is the first part of Martyr Mutahhari's book Sayri dar Nahj al-balaghah, and consists of the introduction and the first section of the book.

Selection from Glimpses of the Nahj al-Balaghah

The introduction, which the author, presumably wrote before giving the book to the publishers is dated Muharram 3, 1995 (January 15, 1975). Perhaps it may have happened to you, and if not, you may still visualize it: someone lives on your street or in your neighbourhood for years; you see him at least once every day and habitually nod to him and pass by. Years pass in this manner, until, one day, accidentally, you get an opportunity to sit down with him and to become familiar with his ideas, views and feelings, his likes and dislikes.

You are amazed at what you have come to know about him. You never imagined or guessed that he might be as you found him, and never thought that he was what you later discovered him to be. After that, whenever you see him, his face, somehow, appears to be different. The devout, the ascetic, and the Subi, 1. 2. The Concept of Freedom in the Nahj al-Balaghah. The Excavator: Henry Corbin On A Major Philosophical Difference Between Shiites And Sunnis. Das Blog zum philosophischen Werk von Mohammed Abed al-Jabri. Critical Muslims. Critique of Arab Reason. ​​The starting point of Mohammed Abed al-Jabri's work is the question of referential authority in Arab-Islamic societies.

Critique of Arab Reason

Who determines Muslim history? Who is entitled to read women's rights into the sacred texts? What kind of technical or social innovations are allowed and with what justification? These are all issues pointing to a basic conflict about the individual's power of judgement. Al-Jabri holds the view that the changes brought by modernity to the Islamic world also bring about change in the religion of Islam. Yet, this is where Jabri's approach encounters resistance in the Arab world, as many Arabs still consider themselves the custodians and preservers of the "true" and therefore only Islam. Deconstruction of Arabic thought The discussion that al-Jabri has set into motion centres on the individual and rational interpretation of sacred texts. His work revolves around the issue of how knowledge is produced.

Overcoming traditional patterns of thinking Sonja Hegasy. Islam, philosophy and the West: A millennium-old argument. Преодоление фальсафы. Под философией мы понимаем прежде всего европейскую философию.

Преодоление фальсафы

Понять других мудрецов, например арабских философов, нам мешают особенности языка и культура мировосприятия, считает заместитель директора Института философии РАН Андрей Смирнов Последнее время и в России, и в Западной Европе стала модной тема провала мультикультурализма. Об этом говорят и рядовые граждане, и лидеры государств. Возобновились разговоры о столкновении цивилизаций.

Никто, однако, не пытается объяснить, в чем, собственно говоря, причины тех проблем, с которыми сталкиваются представители разных культур при взаимном общении. . — Де-факто то, что называют всемирной философией, является западной философией. Свою задачу как философ я вижу в решении вопроса, как мы можем понимать культуру, к которой сами не принадлежим.

А проблемы возникают уже при переводе текстов. . — Понятен набор слов, но непонятен смысл? — Что это значит? — Попробуем описать окружающие нас предметы. На этом стоит европейская философия. L'averroïsme aujourd'hui - Histoire de la philosophie médiévale - Jean-Baptiste Brenet - Collège de France - 12 mai 2015 10:00. Fa.pdf.