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How to write a PhD and not to die etc

There’s an awful cost to getting a PhD that no one talks about — Quartz. When It Comes to Dissertations, Done Is Best. Katie Shives is a PhD candidate in Microbiology at the University of Colorado.

When It Comes to Dissertations, Done Is Best

Her writing can be found on her portfolio site, As an ABD student bent on finishing up this summer my personal mantra has become “The best dissertation is a done dissertation.” The Ig Nobel Prize and Other Efforts to Eradicate Complex Academic Writing. “Persistence is one of the great characteristics of a pitbull, and I guess owners take after their dogs,” says Annetta Cheek, the co-founder of the D.C.

The Ig Nobel Prize and Other Efforts to Eradicate Complex Academic Writing

-based nonprofit Center for Plain Language. Cheek, an anthropologist by training who left academia in the early 1980s to work for the Federal Aviation Commission, is responsible for something few people realize exists: the 2010 Plain Writing Act. In fact, Cheek was among the first government employees to champion the use of clear, concise language. Once she retired in 2007 from the FAA and gained the freedom to lobby, she leveraged her hatred for gobbledygook to create an actual law. Take a look at recent information put out by many government agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—if it lacks needlessly complex sentences or bizarre bureaucratic jargon, it’s largely because of Cheek and her colleagues.

Me and My Shadow CV. iStock This fall I’m serving as the designated coach for doctoral students in my department who are on the academic job market.

Me and My Shadow CV

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: First Faculty Meeting of the Year Bingo. MESA and IIIT: Islamists Infiltrating Academia. The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies. This article was commissioned by Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.Originally published under the title, "Modern Middle East Studies vs.

The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies

Scholarship. " It would be a mistake to say Middle East studies have been corrupted. For the program's very purpose has been to serve as a corrupting agent. Specifically, it puts the essence of study — the objective pursuit of knowledge — in disrepute. Here, of course, I am referring to the modern incarnation of Middle East studies: an amalgam of leftist and Islamist political dogma that masquerades as an academic discipline.

Yet, for Edward Said, the seminal figure in modern Middle East studies, the object of the game was to slander knowledge itself. How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang. Academic systems rely on the existence of a supply of “outsiders” ready to forgo wages and employment security in exchange for the prospect of uncertain security, prestige, freedom and reasonably high salaries that tenured positions entail.

How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang

Drawing on data from the US, Germany and the UK, Alexandre Afonso looks at how the academic job market is structured in many respects like a drug gang, with an expanding mass of outsiders and a shrinking core of insiders. In 2000, economist Steven Levitt and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh published an article in the Quarterly Journal of Economics about the internal wage structure of a Chicago drug gang. This piece would later serve as a basis for a chapter in Levitt’s (and Dubner’s) best seller Freakonomics. With a constant supply of new low-level drug sellers entering the market and ready to be exploited, drug lords can become increasingly rich without redistributing their wealth towards the bottom. Academia as a Dual Labour Market Figure 1. The Problem With Being ‘Just a Teacher’ “So you’re a teacher, right?”

The Problem With Being ‘Just a Teacher’

This is a question I get all the time, and I never know how to answer it. As an adjunct, I don’t feel totally honest saying, “No, I’m a college professor.” Ph.D.s Do Have Transferable Skills, Part 1. Egor Grebnev's blog. Счет времени в Оксфорде идет на недели: в году три семестра, и в каждом ровно по восемь недель (итого, с некоторыми оговорками, полгода на занятия и полгода на каникулы).

Egor Grebnev's blog

Untitled. The Unacknowledged Art of Teaching Graduate Students. Как становятся профессорами в Америке, Европе и России. Чем различается устройство научных институтов в Европе и России?

Как становятся профессорами в Америке, Европе и России

От чего зависит карьера молодого ученого и кто контролирует рынок академических должностей? T&P поговорили с Михаилом Соколовым — социологом, профессором факультета политических наук и социологии ЕУСПб, чьи прежние работы были посвящены радикально-националистическому движению в России. В настоящее время ученый занимается сравнительно-исторической социологией университетов.— Михаил, расскажите, каким проектом вы сейчас заняты? There’s No Crying in Graduate School. Как подготовить и написать диссертацию? Get a PhD—but leave academia as soon as you graduate. Enrolling in a PhD program is, from an economic perspective, a terrible decision.

Get a PhD—but leave academia as soon as you graduate

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Just don’t let it ruin your life. Here’s how that could happen: After nearly 10 years in graduate school and substantial debt, you still end up a part-time or adjunct professor (and still in debt). According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, these jobs make up 76% of the academic labor force, pay less than $3,000 a class, and lack benefits and job security. Язык академии: как написать статью для иностранного научного журнала. The Completion Agenda, Part 1. Graduate school, the job market, the tenure track, and every other stage in an academic career are so fraught with challenge that you cannot afford to dawdle too long on foolish ventures or waste time holding out for perfection when "pretty darn good" will do.

The Completion Agenda, Part 1

The first supreme hurdle — the one that scares off many potential academics and cripples the progress of others — is, of course, the dissertation. What counts as a dissertation and how long you should take to complete it vary across disciplines, institutions, and committees. But that you must complete it — and that others must approve it before you can move on — is essential. In this series I will focus on the "getting it done" aspects of the document that are not field-specific. How Grad Students Can Get Past 'The Nasty Stuff People Do' Here at Vitae, we go to a lot of academic conferences—and attend a lot of lectures, workshops, and other sessions—so you don’t have to. The Conferencegoer takes a periodic look at some of the helpful, unexpected, or otherwise interesting talks we sit in on. The conference: The Compact for Faculty Diversity’s annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring. 30 tips for successful academic research and writing.

Choosing something that you are passionately interested in to research is a great first step on the road to successful academic writing but it can be difficult to keep the momentum going. Deborah Lupton explains how old-fashioned whiteboards and online networking go hand-in-hand, and offers advice for when it is time to just ‘make a start’ or go for a bike ride. As part of preparing for a workshop on academic publishing for early career academics, I jotted down some ideas and tips to share with the group which I thought I would post here.

In the process of writing 12 books and over 110 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters over a career which has mostly been part-time because of juggling the demands of motherhood with academic work, I have developed some approaches that seem to work well for me.