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Raw USA Economic Data

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ETA Press Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report. ADVANCE MONTHLY SALES FOR RETAIL AND FOOD SERVICES: Latest Relea. Consumer Price Index (CPI) The Consumer Price Indexes (CPI) program produces monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Consumer Price Index March 15, 2013 On a seasonally adjusted basis, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 0.7 percent in February after being unchanged in January. The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.2 percent in February after rising 0.3 percent in January. More... ( HTML ) ( PDF ) Current CPI Economic News Releases CPI News Release ( HTML ) ( PDF ) Subscribe to the BLS News Service —receive the Consumer Price Index news release by e-mail. Archived Notices Revised Seasonal Indexes UPDATED Each year with the release of the January CPI, seasonal adjustment factors are recalculated to reflect price movements from the just-completed calendar year.

Social Security COLA CPI Published Numbers Contacts Information and Analysis: (202) 691-7000. The Conference Board - Trusted Insights for Business Worldwide. Institute for Supply Management - Home Page. Federal Budget Spending and the National Debt. New Residential Construction Index. Databases, Tables & Calculators by Subject. US Census Bureau Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orde. This Javascript allows the page in IE to resize to the minimum width of 853 pixels and no less.

US Census Bureau Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orde

You are here: › Business & Industry › Manufacturing › Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders Skip top of page navigation This Javascript highlights what section of the main navigation you are on and unlinks its URL. Overview The Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders (M3) survey provides broad-based, monthly statistical data on economic conditions in the domestic manufacturing sector. Advance Report Highlights February 2014 Advance Report released March 26, 2014 at 8:30 A.M. Full Report Highlights February 2014 Full Report released April 2, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. Benchmark Reports Highlights Benchmark Reports released May 17, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. Summary of Revisions and Survey Information Excel [2.58mb] Annual Benchmark Data and Benchmark Procedures Excel [6.03mb] Trading Day Diagnostics Excel [1.96mb] Seasonal Summary Measures Excel [2.02mb] [PDF] or This symbol.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. St. Louis Fed: Economic Data - FRED® Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization. Release Date: March 17, 2014 Industrial production increased 0.6 percent in February after having declined 0.2 percent in January.

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization

In February, manufacturing output rose 0.8 percent and nearly reversed its decline of 0.9 percent in January, which resulted, in part, from extreme weather. The gain in factory production in February was the largest since last August. The output of utilities edged down 0.2 percent following a jump of 3.8 percent in January, and the production at mines moved up 0.3 percent. At 101.6 percent of its 2007 average, total industrial production in February was 2.8 percent above its level of a year earlier. Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization: Summary Seasonally adjusted. Finance. Boston Globe - 2 hours ago Continue reading below.


Stocks managed a late rebound for the second time in two days as investors seemed to brush off lower confidence among home builders and simmering tensions in Ukraine. Tech Times - 36 minutes ago Is the big secret in Silicon Valley finally out? That is, is it a no win-win in signing on as Yahoo board director? Reuters - 7 hours ago SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asian share markets made broad gains on Wednesday after China reported economic growth a touch above forecasts, a relief for investors who had feared a much weaker outcome. Los Angeles Times - 5 hours ago After website troubles sparked a two-week extension, California officials wrapped up the first open enrollment for Obamacare coverage with nearly 1.3 million consumers signed up since October for the state-run exchange.

Wall Street Journal - 9 hours ago The U.S. blasted China for its recent currency moves, calling the decline in the yuan 'unprecedented.' Foreign Trade - MAIN. Yahoo! Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News. BigCharts: Stock Charts, Screeners, Interactive Charting and Res. U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) - Home Page.