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Physical Therapy Pool

Treatment by a physical therapist can include exercise prescription, walking assistance devices or braces/splints, patient education, manual techniques, Physical Therapy Pool and therapeutic physical therapy modalities. Manual techniques can pertain to soft tissue mobilizations, manual stretching and, yes, massage. Some physical therapy locations have a pool available to use for treatment in water. Water will "unload" the body and can be used to decrease stress to an area or increase stress to an area dependent upon the effect warranted. Browse this site for more information on Physical Therapy Pool.

Neck Pain In Manhattan Beach. Rehabilitation In Manhattan Beach. Aqua Therapy. Sports Injury Rehabilitation. Sports Injury Rehabilitation by SeniorPhysicalTherapy 7 Views Sports Injury Rehabilitation Published on April 28th, 2017 by PhysicalTherapySports Injury Rehabilitation begins in the first 3 days after the soft tissue injury.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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