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Strategy by Design. It's remarkable how often business strategy, the purpose of which is to direct action toward a desired outcome, leads to just the opposite: stasis and confusion.

Strategy by Design

Strategy should bring clarity to an organization; it should be a signpost for showing people where you, as their leader, are taking them--and what they need to do to get there. But the tools executives traditionally use to communicate strategy--spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks--are woefully inadequate for the task. You have to be a supremely engaging storyteller if you rely only on words, and there aren't enough of those people out there.

What's more, words are highly open to interpretation--words mean different things to different people, especially when they're sitting in different parts of the organization. Next Level Innovation Blog: Survival of the creative – how to ge. In Part I we left off at the question "what does it take stay creative"? I would not be much of a consultant if I did not have some P’s, S’s, C’s, or any other letter for that matter, up my sleeves. The four P’s of creativity are considered to be Press, Process, Person and Product. And have been introduced by Rhodes in 1961 and taken further by Isaksen in 1987. First of all press is about the environment someone is in. It is concerned with the climate and culture and all factors influencing them.