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I am working at Aptech Visa Global immigration Pvt Ltd Delhi, India From 2014. Company deal in PR visa, Immigration service, Tourist Visa for Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc.

A Complete Guide for Skilled Worker Application- Nova Scotia Immigration. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of Canada which is flourishing with its natural resources and there is an increasing demand of skilled and qualified workers every year.

A Complete Guide for Skilled Worker Application- Nova Scotia Immigration

The people here believes in life is for living. To immigrants who want to settle in the province of Canada, it offers them global opportunities with respect to employment, educational and in various aspects. Are you also desirous to settle into this province, then Nova Scotia PNP is an excellent option to immigrate to Canada. The province is a part under provincial nominee program wherein the Nova Scotia PNP can select and nominate the foreign skilled workers who qualify any stream of this program. Successful candidates who will receive a nomination certificate from Nova Scotia PNP, it will speed up the immigration process to Canada. Ontario PNP Issues 703 Invitations for Express Entry Tech Applicants on 13th May 2020. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has invited Express Entry Tech candidates on May 13, 2020 wherein the total number of 703 invitations was issued to apply for provincial nomination for permanent residence.

Ontario PNP Issues 703 Invitations for Express Entry Tech Applicants on 13th May 2020

It has issued targeted Notifications of Interest (NOI) to applicants who had Canadian work experience and qualify for Ontario Express Entry Human Capital priorities Stream. Eligible Candidates with CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) scores between 421 and 451 were invited to apply. In order to be eligible for OINP nomination, applicants must demonstrate work experience in one of the following six tech sector occupations: Software Engineer and Designers (2173)Computer Engineers (2147)Computer and Information systems Managers (0213)Database analysts and data administrators (2172)Computer programmers and interactive media developers (2174)Web designers and developers (2175) For further information about OINP and other PNP programs, get in touch with Aptech Global.

How to Apply For Nova Scotia PNP Application Process to Move to Canada. Nova Scotia PNP is one of the key provincial nominee programs of Canada which provides huge number of job opportunities to well qualified and skilled individuals.

How to Apply For Nova Scotia PNP Application Process to Move to Canada

The PNP used to select those applicants who can serve the province and contribute towards the growing economy. It invites applicants to apply for provincial nominee programs through various visa categories like skilled worker stream, International Graduate Entrepreneur stream, and Express Entry stream and so on.

The growing popularity of Nova Scotia province motivates a number of skilled professionals from around the globe in order to apply under Nova Scotia PNP and make this place as their new home. Under this PNP program, those foreign nationals will be chosen who are interested to move to the province and have right skills to address the local provincial needs and requirements. How Much Provincial Nominee Program Costs You To Migrate To Canada? Canada has always been a well known immigration destination to settle and work for all migrant applicants as everyone in the nation greets people with open hands.

How Much Provincial Nominee Program Costs You To Migrate To Canada?

The advanced standard of life, the picturesque elegance, the amenities and the bluster economy bolster huge number of migrants in order to migrate to Canada. As the Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants every year through various gateways, PNP Canada is one of the most desired pathways to relocate over there. British Columbia PNP Issues 237 Invitations in the Newest Draw on May 7, 2020. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) has announced its newest invitation round results on 7th May 2020 wherein a total number of 237 invitations were issued for Skills Immigration and Express Entry British Columbia visa category.

British Columbia PNP Issues 237 Invitations in the Newest Draw on May 7, 2020

The number of BC PNP nominations depends on various immigration programs and on economic factors to invite skilled workers overseas. Manitoba PNP Published #89 Draw under the EOI System on 7th May, 2020. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has declared its 89th EOI draw on May 7, 2020 under which a total number of 123 letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) were issued across various streams for provincial nomination.

Manitoba PNP Published #89 Draw under the EOI System on 7th May, 2020

Out of 123 LAA, 14 were issued to applicants who declared a valid Express Entry ID and job seeker validation code. The invited applicants must have profiles under Manitoba Expression of Interest (EOI) pool and apply from three Manitoba provincial nominee program streams as mentioned in the following: Skilled Worker Overseas The number of letters of Advice to apply issued under this stream is 14 who were invited directly through MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiatives and the Ranking score of lowest ranked candidate in this stream at 802.

British Columbia (BC PNP) PNP SIRS Points Calculator 2020. For making the selection process for British Columbia easier and transparent the government of British Columbia introduced a new scoring system in January 2016 known as Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS).

British Columbia (BC PNP) PNP SIRS Points Calculator 2020

The SIRS system determines the score of a candidate to verify whether they can be invited for British Columbia or not.. BC PNP Assessment Form For applying under British Columbia PNP, the provinces has offered 3 ways for obtaining the permanent residency in British Columbia. Every way among the three categories have different categories under which one can apply.

Secure a Place for Your Family through the Canadian Sponsorship Immigration Program. Canada is a community that values family relationships and it is well popular for family reunification which allows an aspirant reunites and to live and work along with family members.

Secure a Place for Your Family through the Canadian Sponsorship Immigration Program

Do you wonder that as a Canada permanent resident or citizen, you are able to sponsor your spouse, dependent children or other eligible relatives through Canada Family sponsorship? As a permanent resident, you might often want to bring your closed family members in Canada. In such case, the process of family sponsorship will solve the problem. The program has not only opened up new gateways for your loved ones but also they can access free education as well as public healthcare and they will be able to live a life with safety, security, tolerance and in Freedom.

Are you eligible for Canada Spousal Sponsorship? If you are a holder of PR visa or a citizen of Canada, then you need to bring off some of the eligibility criteria in order to be eligible for sponsoring your loved ones. AptechVisa Reviews- Talk To Our Experts +91-7503832132. Ontario PNP Issues Notifications of Interest (NOIs) To French Speaking Candidates.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has recently issued Notification of Interest on 30th April 2020 under Ontario Express Entry- French-speaking Skilled Worker Stream.

Ontario PNP Issues Notifications of Interest (NOIs) To French Speaking Candidates

Candidates who may qualify for this stream were eligible to apply for provincial nomination. In order to manage the demand, the candidate who had (Comprehensive Ranking System) CRS Score between 432 and 454, they were given preference to get PNP nomination. Since candidates invited in this draw have profiles in the federal Express Entry system; they will be able to receive an additional 600 CRS points toward the overall points score. Ontario PNP Issues Notifications of Interest on April 29, 2020 under Skilled Trade Stream.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has recently issued Notifications of Interest (NOI) for Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trade stream on 29th April, 2020.

Ontario PNP Issues Notifications of Interest on April 29, 2020 under Skilled Trade Stream

If candidates received a NOC (National Occupational Classification), they don’t require contacting the program. OINP has targeted eligible candidates with having work experience in 14 NOC codes. The following NOC are listed out for Skilled Trade Stream: Ironworkers (7236)Structural metal and platework fabricators and fitters (7235)Electricians (7241)Electrical power line and cable workers (7244)Carpenters (7271)Steamfitters, pipefitters and sprinkler system installers (7252)Concrete finishers (7282)Roofers (7291)Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews (7302)Heavy duty equip mechanics (7312)Refrigeration and AC mechanics (7313)Machine fitters (7316)Elevator Constructor and mechanics (7318)Crane operators (7371)

How do you get Provincial Nomination to Immigrate to Canada? Anada has always been the well-renowned place to opt for all immigrant applicants as everyone in the country welcomes people with open hands. Every year, a large number of applicants visit this country to satisfy their dream desires. The picturesque elegance, advanced standard of life and it thrilling economy, all captivates the prospective migrants. To identify immigration goals, the Canadian Government offers several alternative pathways, and out of these, one of the most desired after and a fast track way to immigrate is known as Canada PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) for every region or territory. Nova Scotia PNP Invites Express Entry Candidates in the Latest Draw on 27th April 2020. The Nova Scotia PNP has recently invited Express Entry Candidates to apply for provincial nomination for Canada permanent residence under its labor Market priorities stream on April 27th, 2020.

To be eligible for this Express Entry draw, candidates must have selected French as their first official language and have a minimum 8 CLB (Canadian language Benchmark) or above in all language abilities (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Selected Candidates must have English as second official languages with CLB score of 6 or above in English in all language abilities. In order to apply in this draw, candidates are required to either hold a Bachelor’s degree or completed a program of three or more years from a university, College, trade or technical school or from other institute.

They must have a valid Express Entry number and require meeting minimum criteria to be accepted for the Express Entry pool. Ontario PNP Latest Invitations Issued On 22nd April 2020 under Entrepreneur Stream. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has conducted its latest round of invitations for Entrepreneur stream on April 22, 2020. In this OINP draw, a total 26 Invitation to Apply (ITA) were issued to receive Ontario provincial nomination. Those candidates whose Expression of Interest (EOI) received and scored by the OINP between 22nd November 2019 to 17th April, 2020, they were eligible for this ITA round of invitations to apply for permanent residence.

Additionally, ITAs were issued under the Entrepreneur stream for EOIs with scores between 132 and 200. Aspirants who received an ITA, they will receive two emails that contain login information as well as instructions to submit an Ontario PNP applications. Can I apply for Manitoba PNP and Saskatchewan PNP at the Same Time? - Canada PR from India "PNP" Check Canada Family Sponsorship.

Of course, yes, you can apply in Manitoba PNP as well as Saskatchewan PNP at same time while you lodge a visa application, provided you must be eligible to apply in these Provincial nominee programs. There are different eligibility requirements for each province of Canada, thus, you first need to check if you can bring off key criteria of any desired province before moving towards next step. Canada PNP used to nominates skilled candidates who have relevant skills and talents to contribute the growth of economy.

PNP operates a point based system under which points will be allotted through various factors such as age, relevant education, employment experience, Language proficiency and other additional factors. Choose BC PNP To Enter Into Canada Quickly and Easily – Canada PNP. Canada is the second-largest country after Russia which mostly populated with outside migrants as well as Canadian citizens. It is developed country under which many provinces are exploring their unique beauties and ravishing surroundings. British Columbia is one of the magnificent provinces of Canada located in the western-most of Canada and borders the Pacific Ocean.

Manitoba PNP Published #88 MPNP Draw under the Expression of Interest System on April 23, 2020. British Columbia (BC PNP Draw) Invites Skills Immigration and Express Entry Candidates on April 21, 2020. The BC PNP draw has recently conducted the newest draw on 21st April 2020 under the tech pilot stream. Alberta PNP (AINP Draw) Released Two Latest Round of Invitations in April 2020. What You Should Do If Saskatchewan PNP Application Got Rejected or Returned. Saskatchewan is one of the elegant and most popular provinces of Canada which is being known as world leader in agriculture as it becomes the sixth largest onshore producer in Canada. The province is a great place to live and work along with family and provides you the opportunity to get buzz out all its vibrant art, culture scene and plenty of sport with recreation activities. Are you wondering about Saskatchewan PNP? If Saskatchewan beauties tempted you and all you have decided to move there, you need to follow up the immigration path which known as SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program).

BC PNP Issues 271 Invitations on 16th April 2020 under Skills Immigration and Express Entry Category. The British Columbia PNP has recently conducted its New Invitation round on April 16, 2020 under the category of Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC. An Ultimate Guide to Apply For Canada Family Sponsorship Program. Immigration to other country can turn out to be a thrilling process when you think about new life and opportunities for better future prospects. What better place is there other than Canada which is popular for family reunification with inviting diverse cultural communities? Apply Manitoba PNP through 3 Easy Step Process. Aptech(Visa) Global Clients Reviews - Canada Visa Experts. A Simple guide to Apply for Germany Job seeker Visa - Germany Job Seeker Visa Process.

Germany has become the most coveted immigration destination from around the world which is considered to be the most beautiful country in Europe. The country provides huge employment and career opportunities that makes you to live in a better standard of living. But Before get into Germany, you need to get a visa called Germany Job Seeker visa. Acquiring a Germany Job Seeker visa is such a daunting task that the whole visa application includes the procedure that you need to follow up step by step to get into the federal republic of Germany and to fulfill all the desires that you wish for. Germany Job Seeker Visa. Know All About Manitoba Immigration Key Requirements. How To Immigrate In Prince Edward Island PNP? Prince Edward Island PNP 2020 — Check PEI PNPs Elibility.

Prince Edward Island is one of the eastern Canada's maritime province. It is smallest province according to both land area and population. IELTS Requirement For Canada PR 2020 — Minimum Score. Nova Scotia PNP 2020 - Finding NSPNP immigration. Certain Education, Work Skills and Experience Holder Can Apply Canada PNP – Canada PNP. Apply Canada PNP 2020 ® Check All PNPs Eligibility. Saskatchewan Latest Draw and EOI Draw 2020. SINP Occupation in Demand Revised Job list 2020. Saskatchewan Points Calculator. Saskatchewan Immigration 2020. New Zealand Partner Visa ® Partnership Visa 2019. Eligibility of New Zealand Work Visa ® Register Here! Saskatchewan Immigration.

Manitoba PNP Points Calculator 2019 ®Know Your Score. New Zealand (Latest Skill Draw News) 27th Nov 2019 EOI Draw, Invites 795 Skilled Applicants. PNP Canada 2019 ® Know Which PNP is Open Now? SINP ® Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program PNP. How to Get New Zealand PR From India? ® Consult Now. How Do I Apply For Saskatchewan PNP-2019 Process. Manitoba PNP Guide ® Apply Online Application 2019. New Zealand Tourist Visa fee For Indian Passport. New Zealand {EOI} Expression OF Interest 2019. Updated New Zealand Skill Shortage New-List 2019.

New Zealand Immigration Points Calculator. New Zealand PR From India- Consult Now. Immigration "New Zealand" Master Guidelines & NZ Process. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program- Blog - Saskatchewan PNP is one of the popular Canadian immigration destination inviting potential migrants to come and settle in the province on permanent basis. Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant List in India - Blog. SINP- Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2019. Tizmos. India no 1 immigration consultant. Canada immigration consultants in Gurgaon. Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant List in Gurgaon, India. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Online Application. Manitoba PNP Latest Draw. Manitoba PNP and Immigration By Provincial Nominee Program. Alberta PNP Points Calculator 2019- Free Assessment. Manitoba Immigration Skilled Workers List. AptechVisa Reviews. AptechVisa Global Immigration Pvt Ltd (@aptechvisa1)

Aptech Visa Reviews - AptechVisa Clients Success Stories. Manitoba "PNP" Provincial Nominee Program Application. Untitled. Saskatchewan Express Entry- Application Guide. SINP Processing Time With Category Wise - Check Online Here. Mubeen Safura Got SINP Nomination Approval- Saskatchewan Immigration. Saskatchewan Express Entry- Application Guide. Saskatchewan(SINP) Immigration Points Calculator. SINP Processing Time With Category Wise - Check Online Here. SINP- Occupation in Demand Updated List 2019-20.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program- SINP-Application. Manitoba Express Entry Know Eligibility 2019. Saskatchewan Express Entry- Application Guide. Alberta Issued 262 Notifications of Interest in Its Latest Express Entry Draw - Latest News. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program can be your immigration pathway for 2019 – Canada Provincial Nominee Program – PNP. Germany Job Seeker Visa Checklist - Must To Check Before Apply. Aptech Visa Reviews- Service Quality Management. AptechVisa - Aptech Visa Reviews Online Official Portal. Start New Chapter of Your Life by Applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa - Germany Job Seeker Visa From India. Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement To Apply.

Apply For Germany Job Seeker Visa Submit Application Here. AptechVisa Globla Immigration Pvt Ltd. Post-1 Eligibility Requirements For Sponsoring Spousal Sponsorship Canada! - Family Sponsorship Canada - Spouse Parents Grandparents Children. Family Sponsorship Canada - Spouse Parents Grandparents Children. New Zealand Long Term Skill Shortage List. Newzealand eoi reports. New Zealand (EOI) Expression of Interest 2019. AptechVisa Review Feedback of Customer. NZ Immigration Contact 0750-383-2132 Process OF 2019. Application Of New Zealand Visit visa From India. New Zealand ielts Band Requirement and Score 2019. New Zealand Long Term Skill Shortage List. Rules of Spousal Sponsorship Canada Complete in 3 Parts.