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April Stoney

Hi I had learnt the true practice of law and I offer lawyer services in greater new Orleans area.

Becoming a REIP Properties LLC Agent. How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent So, you want to become a real estate agent?

Becoming a REIP Properties LLC Agent.

Do you like going to open houses on the weekend? Do you watch every real estate show on tv? Do you listen to the answers to all real estate questions? You don’t want to work Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. What are the next steps to take? 1- Get Your Real Estate License The first step in beginning a real estate career is to get your real estate license. 2- Join a Real Estate Brokerage Once you pass the state test you can practice real estate, but you must hang your license with a brokerage. REIP Properties LLC is a company that believes in training its new agents. REIP Properties LLC is the perfect place to start your real estate career.

We surrounded you with experienced real estate agents, attorneys, title companies, and preferred lenders all ready and willing to support you, answer questions, and help you close more deals. The recruiting process is pretty intimate. Yellowlettermentoring. 1- When you are new, a script can help you focus on driving the conversation by, asking the right questions.


Most newbies try very hard to wing it however, this can be costly as scripts are crucial to your real estate conversations. Scripts are as important as Michael Jordan practicing his dribble and three-point shots. The basics made him a master pro and still the greatest legend of all times, even though he was told he would never succeed in basketball. 2- Scripts help you collect necessary information without forgetting what information you need. One thing that most new agents and investors forget is, the information that will help them evaluate the property and the seller’s motivation. 3- Once you have found your motivated seller, the goal is to build rapport while getting the information you need. 4-Role playing your scripts is powerful and necessary; read them verbatim before trying to change them. 5- Practice your scripts by reading them aloud and with others.

Thank you always, Why Real Estate Investing Makes a Great Side Hustle – Yellow Letter Mentoring. There are seven reasons that make real estate investing a great side hustle.

Why Real Estate Investing Makes a Great Side Hustle – Yellow Letter Mentoring

Scripts Express – Yellow Letter Mentoring. Swimming Pool Services Long Island. Family Lawyer in New Orleans. Family Lawyer New Orleans Cases touching on family law usually escalate fast.

Family Lawyer in New Orleans

With both relationships and financial issues forming part of these cases, it quite so often leads to harsh emotional confrontations. If matters concerning family law turn to be legally or emotionally complex, then there is no better law firm to handle it than the Law Office of Sarah Pfeiffer. Dividing communal property can typically represent a crucial part in a post-marital closure. With intricate assets like retirement accounts, businesses or investments, making out what community property really is can be quite a challenge. However, property settlements can be drafted for the division of complex property for the unmarried, married and gay couples.

To avert disagreements over the separate or community properties, coming up with premarital agreements is usually a favorable idea for most couples. Most of the highly contested cases involving family law are usually about child custody. Divorce Lawyer in New Orleans. Divorce Lawyer New Orleans You might have come across a couple that has gone through a nasty and long process of divorce and maybe one that went through a similar process without a fuss.

Divorce Lawyer in New Orleans

So what do you think makes some divorces look sensible while others appalling? The answer to this will depend on a variety of factors such as the involved parties’ individual personalities, what lies at stake, including maybe, the degree of reliance on the courts and lawyers to resolve bothersome issues. Ideally, the more your attorney works and more court sessions you attend, then the higher your financial as well as emotional toll gets. As a couple it is always advisable that you try your best to sort out the thorny issues affecting your marriage before seeking the services of a lawyer. You can also involve someone neutral to mediate. When emotionally distressed or mad, deciding to turn all the hassle and details of the divorce to a lawyer can seem like the perfect solution for you. Mediator New Orleans - Pfeiffer Family Law.