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La Timeline. The bronze timeline "Fifteen meters of History" with background information board, Örebro, Sweden.

La Timeline

La carte interactive. Le Gif. There are two facts at play at all times when we spend over a dozen hours a day at our computers: 1.

Le Gif

In our professional lives, online marketers are looking for innovative ways to spruce up traditional campaigns, and 2. E-book. An electronic book (variously: e-book, eBook, e-Book, ebook, digital book, or even e-edition) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers or other electronic devices.[1] Although sometimes defined as "an electronic version of a printed book",[2] many e-books exist without any printed equivalent.


Commercially produced and sold e-books are usually intended to be read on dedicated e-book readers, however, almost any sophisticated electronic device that features a controllable viewing screen, including computers, tablet computers, and smartphones can also be used to read e-books. Infographic. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.[1][2] They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.[3][4] The process of creating infographics can be referred to as data visualization, information design, or information architecture.[2] Overview[edit] Infographics have been around for many years and recently the proliferation of a number of easy-to-use, free tools have made the creation of infographics available to a large segment of the population.


Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have also allowed for individual infographics to be spread among many people around the world. In newspapers, infographics are commonly used to show the weather, as well as maps, site plans, and graphs for statistical data. Le diaporama. Aaron created this slide deck for a recent presentation on how TED’s tech team avoids problems by preparing well for all the possible pitfalls.

Le diaporama

He picked this stunning image—of a container ship about to tip—to begin it. View the whole slidedeck from this presentation. Aaron Weyenberg is the master of slide decks. Our UX Lead creates Keynote presentations that are both slick and charming—the kind that pull you in and keep you captivated, but in an understated way that makes you actually focus on what’s being said out loud. He does this for his own presentations and for lots of other folks in the office.

We asked Aaron to bottle his Keynote mojo so that others could benefit from it. The big picture… Think about your slides last. And now some tactical tips… Le Mode d'emploi/ La notice d'utilisation. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Le Mode d'emploi/ La notice d'utilisation

Le livret d'accueil. Comme son nom l'indique, le livret d'accueil est un fascicule destiné aux nouveaux arrivants de votre entreprise.

Le livret d'accueil

Il leur est remis dès le premier jour et doit leur fournir des indications utiles et pratiques sur la vie de l'entreprise. C'est le guide de premier secours du nouvel arrivant : il doit donc lui permettre de s'orienter dans les locaux (plans), se dépêtrer au quotidien des tâches basiques (coursiers, intendance...). ce peut également être un guide de référence que l'on conserve (procédures et circuits administratifs). Survey. History[edit] The first known example of an opinion poll was a local straw poll conducted by The Harrisburg Pennsylvanian in 1824, showing Andrew Jackson leading John Quincy Adams by 335 votes to 169 in the contest for the United States Presidency.


Since Jackson won the popular vote in that state and the whole country, such straw votes gradually became more popular, but they remained local, usually city-wide phenomena. In 1916, the Literary Digest embarked on a national survey (partly as a circulation-raising exercise) and correctly predicted Woodrow Wilson's election as president.

Mailing out millions of postcards and simply counting the returns, the Digest correctly predicted the victories of Warren Harding in 1920, Calvin Coolidge in 1924, Herbert Hoover in 1928, and Franklin Roosevelt in 1932. Form (document) A form is a document with spaces (also named fields or placeholders) in which to write or select, for a series of documents with similar contents.

Form (document)

The documents usually have the printed parts in common, possibly except for a serial number. Advantages of forms include the following: Quiz. A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the players (as individuals or in teams) attempt to answer questions correctly.


In some countries, a quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills. Cyberfolio. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Un portfolio ou portefolio est un dossier personnel dans lequel les acquis de formation et les acquis de l'expérience d'une personne sont définis et démontrés en vue d'une reconnaissance par un établissement d'enseignement ou un employeur.

En France, on voit parfois le terme de portefeuille de compétences. Avec le développement de l'usage des technologies, on parle maintenant de portfolio numérique ou de cyberfolio. Le portfolio diffère du curriculum vitæ dans le sens où les renseignements qu'il contient sont articulés en fonction d'un objectif, par exemple une demande d'emploi, et qu'il doit aussi présenter des preuves des acquis de la personne. Le terme portfolio est plus fréquemment employé dans le domaine des arts, en particulier dans les domaines du graphisme, de la photographie et de la programmation sur internet.

E-card. An E-card is similar to a postcard or greeting card, with the primary difference being that it is created using digital media instead of paper or other traditional materials. E-cards are made available by publishers usually on various Internet sites, where they can be sent to a recipient, usually via e-mail. It also considered more environmentally friendly compared to traditional paper cards. E-card businesses are considered environmentally friendly because their carbon footprint is generally much lower compared to paper card companies and because paper is not used in the end product. La Playlist. In its most general form, a playlist is simply a list of songs.[1] They can be played in sequential or shuffled order.[2] The term has several specialized meanings in the realms of radio broadcasting and personal computers.

In radio[edit] The term originally came about in the early days of top 40 radio formats[citation needed] when stations would devise (and, eventually, publish) a limited list of songs to be played. The term would go on to refer to the entire catalog of songs that a given radio station (of any format) would draw from.

Tutorial. A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. Webinar. Web conferencing may be used as an umbrella term for various types of online collaborative services including web seminars ("webinars"), webcasts, and peer-level web meetings. It may also be used in a more narrow sense to refer only to the peer-level web meeting context, in an attempt to disambiguate it from the other types of collaborative sessions. [1] Terminology related to these technologies is inexact, and no generally agreed upon source or standards organization exists to provide an established usage reference.

The distinction between webcast and webinar is becoming particularly difficult to define as functionality and usage becomes more similar and vendors substitute the terms freely. For more details, see Etymology below. White paper. A white paper is an authoritative report or guide helping readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.[1] White papers are used in two main spheres: government and business-to-business marketing. They may be considered as grey literature. In government[edit] The term "white paper" originated in government, and many point to the Churchill White Paper of 1922 as the earliest well-known example under this name. [citation needed] White Papers are a "... tool of participatory democracy ... not [an] unalterable policy commitment".[2] "White Papers have tried to perform the dual role of presenting firm government policies while at the same time inviting opinions upon them.

Business card. Front and back side of a business card 2008 Construction Business cards are printed on some form of card stock, the visual effect, method of printing, cost and other details varying according to cultural or organizational norms and personal preferences. The common weight of a business card varies some by location. Generally, business cards are printed on stock that is 350 g/m2 (density), 45 kg (100 lb) (weight), or 12 pt (thickness). To simulate the effect of printing with engraved plates, a less-expensive process called thermography was developed that uses the application of a plastic powder, which adheres to the wet ink.

Full color cards, or cards that use many colors, are printed on sheetfed presses as well; however, they use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) four-color printing process. BD / Comics / Manga. Storytelling Using Projection Mapping. One of the best tools in the marketers toolkits is the ability to tell a great story.

One creative way to make the story stand out and be unique is to use projection mapping! A Dandypunk combines a live performance piece and projection mapping to create this ‘magic show’ of sorts. By using real life props and projection mapping, A Dandypunk was able to create a surreal live performance that leaves you wanting more. Storytelling with Augmented Reality - The Book. Download. Website. homepage. Mobile app. Apps on Nexus 4 A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Advergame. Advertising. "Adverts" redirects here. For the English punk band, see The Adverts. Média interactif. Goodies. Packaging and labeling. Product (business)

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