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APPtechnology provides security against cyber attack real time to every organisation to eliminate threats like identity theft, security breaches and data hack. Protect your sensitive and confidential data using the latest in online security. Our heuristic is advanced enough to thwart the threat before our clients are compromised.

Learn More About Application Management. Avoid Malware Attack Using Windows 10 OS. Avoid Malware Attack Using Windows 10 OS - Windows 10 Compatibility, Windows 10 Migration. Avoid Malware Attack Using Windows 10 OS - Windows 10 Compatibility, Windows 10 Migration. Why Companies Fear To Test Windows 10 Compatibility. Legacy Applications Must Be Updated But With Care. Windows 10 Migration. SCCM Peer to Peer. If you have challenges supporting SCCM systems management traffic across your WAN because of unreliable and low bandwidth links.

SCCM Peer to Peer

We can deliver alternate content provider (ACP) solutions that will ensure business traffic is never impacted, whilst optimising the delivery of SCCM content into those locations. With the capability of removing upwards of 80% of your dedicated SCCM infrastructure, we can ensure that the cost and effort of running your SCCM estate is slashed. Streamline: Eliminate the need for 95%+ of the servers in your SCCM estate! Reduce the cost of support for new offices/locations by eliminating the need for dedicated distribution points.Allows SCCM to extend easily across locations, ensuring that your enterprise can react and respond to opportunity.Content is only ever downloaded once to a site regardless of the number of PCs.

Enhance: Legacy Applications. Legacy application solutions for Windows 10 In order to support your Windows 10 Migration most organisations will need to undergo an application migration exercise to ensure all applications are ported onto the new platform.

Legacy Applications

Whilst the majority of enterprise applications can be handled in a relatively straightforward manner, the cost and effort of upgrading or re-coding for a legacy application migration can potentially run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Legacy by APPtechnology is a hosted solution for application management that can remove all of these problems for as little as £1,599 per month and unlock your Windows 10 migration. Enable your business users to seamlessly run critical 16-bit applications or old NT and XP 32-bit applications on a secure 64 bit Windows 10 platform.

Capable of running on virtually any device, on any platform securely today and into the future. Running an enterprise 16bit Application on Windows 10 How Legacy by APPtechnology works Any App Any Device. Migrate to Windows 10 For Better Interconnectivity. Small Companies Need To Take Cyber Security Seriously. Small Companies Need To Take Cyber Security Seriously There is a recent survey in the USA among all the small and medium companies which brought forward a rather worrying information.

Small Companies Need To Take Cyber Security Seriously

Among all the small companies, 1/3rd have been subjected to one type of cyber attack or the other. Even worse, more than half, almost 3 out of every 5 companies said, they were not even aware when it happened and discovered it a lot later. Finally, a vast majority of companies, nearly 70% of the companies said that they don’t have a strategy ready to combat this threat. Small companies have a few problems!! Secondly, the small companies believe that investing in online security is an added expense which is again a perception which doesn’t go well. Small companies or big companies, they both share another mindset that real time cyber security is the responsibility of the IT team. Use IE11 To Your Advantage.

Application Management. 16bit application. SCCM Asset Management. We can help deliver a smart power and asset management solution for your enterprise.

SCCM Asset Management

With seamless integration into SCCM you can power up and down your offices globally around your core business hours. With the capability to wake-up and deliver application updates, security updates or OS migrations you can massively reducing power consumption whilst actively improving PC health and security. Maintenance: Wake up PCs when required to increase the efficiency of out of hours patching.Automate reboots to enhance security and health of your estate.Power polices can be implemented at a granular level, allowing tailoring for specific offices, countries and regulatory jurisdictions. Reporting: Savings: Reduced energy spend by an average of £16/PC per annum.When implemented as part of your systems maintenance process the solution can extend the lifespan of you PC estate.

Cyber Attack Real Time. Upgrade From ie8 To ie11. Windows 7 to 10 Migration. 4 Reasons to Install Windows 10 Right Now. Are The Boards Prepared for Cyber Attacks? The possible negative effect of cyber attack on a business is so grave that it is time for the cybersecurity and information risk management is to be elevated and have its own category of INFOSEC (information security) and should be reported to the CXO level.

Are The Boards Prepared for Cyber Attacks?

Board of director, chief information security officer, general counsels and chief risk officers need to comprehend and monitor the planning and readiness to address the threats of cyberattack. A recent study by a prominent body in cyber security found out that one third of all the general counsels surveyed believe that their board is not ready to handle cyber attack real time. Less than half of the CEOs said that their companies have a formulated and approved method for handling cyber attack.

However, on a positive note, almost four fifth of all the general counsel and CEOs said that they are ready to detect a cyber security breach. What Is The Difference Between MSI And EXE Installations? What Is The Difference Between MSI And EXE Installations? Two Basic Requirements to Ensure Safer Application Packaging. Simple Tips to Perform Windows 7 to 10 Migration with Great Ease. Simple Tips to Perform Windows 7 to 10 Migration with Great Ease Windows 10 is the new talk of the town and its impressive features is making everyone interested in downloading and using the same.

Simple Tips to Perform Windows 7 to 10 Migration with Great Ease

If you don’t wish to perform a clean install, then you can easily perform the Windows 7 to 10 migration process in no time. Upgrading your existing OS to Win 10 can help in keeping all your applications, files, and folder structures in place. Read the following tips to ensure that you perform the Windows 10 upgrade process with ease and comfort, without losing any of your important files: What All You’ll Need? Basic Tips to Avoid Cyber Attack Real Time in Big Business Houses. Basic Tips to Avoid Cyber Attack Real Time in Big Business Houses Business data and financial details are something that online hackers, scammers, and phishing professionals always look out for.

Basic Tips to Avoid Cyber Attack Real Time in Big Business Houses

In order to add an additional layer to security and privacy to your sensitive business details, it is highly imperative to adopt certain policies and technicians that can help you track cyber attack real time. If you’re new to IT policies and security patches, then read the article below to learn a few things that can help you prevent massive data losses at your business: 1.

Upgrade From ie8 to ie11. Corporate Cyber Security.