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How iOS and Swift Is Ruling Mobile App Development World? Recently, a news got aired and according to that Apple is taking 94% of the profits and revenue of the entire smartphone industry?

How iOS and Swift Is Ruling Mobile App Development World?

According to IDC research, Android has already dominated 82.8% of the market share worldwide in the smartphone industry. With this, we came to know that mobile application developers are looking to be enormously successful in the enterprise vertical and are focusing on app development for iOS. Moreover, Swift being Apple’s new programming language is rapidly gaining popularity for app development. So, how Swift has revolutionized app development? Being an avid developer, you need to develop for Apple’s platforms that has platforms OS X, iOS, tvOS, watchOS. So, have you ever thought? Moreover, it has many engrossing and enticing features for mobile app developers, i.e. error-handling system, optional, and Swift’s adherence to protocol-oriented architecture. 6 Not-to-be Missed Steps to Launch Your Mobile App Successfully - AppInventiv.

In today’s digitized era, there are multifarious apps which are downloaded everyday by the users.

6 Not-to-be Missed Steps to Launch Your Mobile App Successfully - AppInventiv

Mobile apps have assumed a great importance because all the required information can be obtained by the customers at their fingertips. No matter whatever size your business is, a good mobile app certainly helps in retaining your customers, where at a single glance they can come to know about your products and make purchases from your business. Launching an app can help you with reinforce your brand and increase your accessibility by surging exposure across the mobile devices. But merely putting your app on the store might not help. Everything You Need to Know About mHealth Apps - AppInventiv. Today every user have their own Smartphone and Tablet.

Everything You Need to Know About mHealth Apps - AppInventiv

Or maybe at your last checkup your doctor used her smart device to help you know your health records. There are quite fair chances that you you are that doctor. No matter, who you are, there’s a pretty good opportunity, that you are one of the 70% of the US citizens who are using some sort of mobile health (mHealth) app every day. Whether you’re a patient or a doctor, there are good chance chances that mHealth apps will remain something of a mystery to you.

However, with such a wide range of mHealth apps, it has become difficult for you to know where to find the information you need. How Mobile Apps Can Add Value To Your Retail Business? In recent years, Retail apps have entirely changed the shopping experience and they have become a key shopping tool for consumers worldwide.

How Mobile Apps Can Add Value To Your Retail Business?

Retailers are developing mobile apps that are meant for consumers’ shopping needs including product browsing, rewards points, deals & offers, suggestions and even transactions. Now consumers have new shopping experience and are now depending on their mobile devices to enhance the overall shopping experience. Have you ever thought? - Why shoppers are increasingly using retail apps? - Because of the experience that they are gaining by using mobile is amazing. What Users Expect in Restaurant Mobile App? - AppInventiv. Gone are the days when mobile app development of a restaurant business was critical and requires a lot of investment and time.

What Users Expect in Restaurant Mobile App? - AppInventiv

But now, it has become simple. AppInventiv offers a best-in-class mobile solutions and services to serve the clients across the world, thus, making your mobile solutions quick, scalable, and cost-effective. So, if you have still not decided, we'll get a taste of what a mobile app can do for your restaurant business. 1. Has Your App Gone Through Quality Assurance? - AppInventiv. Whenever a new app is being developed by the developer, the first thing he/she needs to remember is Quality Assurance.

Has Your App Gone Through Quality Assurance? - AppInventiv

Quality assurance [QA] plays an important role in mobile app development and should never be neglected. Quality assessment means evaluating the desired level of Quality in a mobile app. In other words, it is what to prevent the bugs or the defect in the product. To improve the quality of the app there are various phases carried out for quality assurance. Proper QA means Success, if the Quality assurance is not carried out properly then it may face some problems while launching the app. Preparation. Mobile-Responsive Design: Revolutionizing m-Commerce Industry. “Mobile first!”

Mobile-Responsive Design: Revolutionizing m-Commerce Industry

Was used to be the mantra of America, but now its turning into a 'Mania'. Ensuring websites meeting client's business objectives and even delighting mobile users is on of the “must-do” tasks for 2016 and onwards. Since, 2013 to 2014, the number of leading and trending websites that include mobile-responsive designs nearly doubled, thus, hitting 18.7%. Have you ever thought? Google I/O 2016 - The Latest Announcements and Highlights - AppInventiv. Let’s take a look at the Google I/O 2016 news and launches you need to know.

Google I/O 2016 - The Latest Announcements and Highlights - AppInventiv

So, we are at the end of Google's annual developer conference. And, that’s Google I/O 2016. Still there is day presentation and event to go. To open the proceedings on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to the stage of the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California which led to a few big announcements. Since 2013, Google I/O is the biggest I/O event, taking place for three days. Android N is smarter, faster and better New set of emoji Released a new beta Show more of the new operating system A new API called vulkan New VR platform: Daydream. Get To Know The Latest Mobile App Development Trends - AppInventiv. When it comes to shopping, hiring a cab, ordering your favorite food, managing your expenses or to stay fit and productive, your smartphone does it all.

Get To Know The Latest Mobile App Development Trends - AppInventiv

Our mobile phone has emerged as our best friend these days. 8 Tips For Wearable App Development: Key Challenges and Ways To Meet Them - Part1 - AppInventiv. Enterprise mobility is a combination of wearable devices, technology and mobile solutions that are slowly and gradually transforming the equations and interactions of work involved in enterprise processes and methodologies.

8 Tips For Wearable App Development: Key Challenges and Ways To Meet Them - Part1 - AppInventiv

Due to rapid advancements in technology, wearable applications has become an extension of the mobile Android or iOS app. And, that's why it's integration with the wearable device ecosystem has made it successful. Our dexterous mobile app development team’s expertise and research has led us to find out the key factors, which must be explored to while developing a bespoke wearable app: 1. Craft a Use Case Start with crafting a set of questions that are relevant from the wearable context. 2.

There are numerous tools and APIs that are available in the market including Android, Salesforce, Apple. Which is Better for App Development: In-House or Outsourcing? - AppInventiv. The in-house vs. outsource dilemma is affecting businesses rapidly especially when it comes to mobile app development. Nowadays, many companies are struggling to create mobile apps in-house, believing that it’s cost-effective, easier, faster, controlled and more efficient. Let's take a look at the challenges of In-house app development: 1. World-class Mobile App Ideas Tailored For Your Business - AppInventiv.

The Smartphone has changed our daily lives. Be it booking tickets, paying bills or even ordering food, we are using it for everything. Whereas we are aware that these apps are changing the way customers interact with businesses, it is also true that these apps are also changing the dynamics of how business is conducted. Let us try and analyse some of the leading Business Apps that are changing slowly but certainly the way businesses and customers connect and do business. Since there are thousands, possibly millions of Business apps, we will try and segregate those into separate heads, so it’s easier for us to compare those in the same group and advise upon the ones which are better than the others.

These groups can be listed as: Resolute to Develop Mobile App, Contemplate Before Advancing Ahead - AppInventiv. There have been a rapid growth in the last few years with regards to mobile app development. Due to a vast and varied range of different smartphone devices every second person wanted to connect with the existing world through it device reason being, we do not have much time to spend on our desktop or laptops. Seeing and considering the growing number of mobile user for every possible business and most of the companies, be it start up, small or a vast owned company are planning or already have a mobile app so that their existing business does not collapse. But with the onset of mobile app, the conventional life have taken a new convolution making things easier.

Factors To Consider While Developing An Mobile App. Mobile Apps have become the new hype in the market. Be it a small or a large business there is an urge to make a great app to support every mobile device and making a user competent mobile app. The core need of making an app is that most of the population is using smartphones and due to scarcity of time everyone needs utmost information on their mobile. The best option is to offer the people with information which in return, promotes the business and increases your popularity. So the need of the time is to get a super lucrative mobile app. 7 Key Steps to Develop a Mobile App - AppInventiv.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Know How To Spread The Word About Your App - AppInventiv. Do you know your app is not all alone? Currently, there are more than 1 million apps available in the App Store, striving for users’ attention in every category. Developing a bug-free and captivating app does not mean that your app will be the next Angry Birds or Candy Crush.

Just a month ago, Apple introduced the “Best New Updates” section aiming to improve the discover-ability of apps right after their initial release. In this rapidly changing scenario, to build a successful app, we need to make proper marketing and distribution strategies to increase the visibility of the app, which in turn, helps in increasing its downloads.

Today, one of the key reasons because of that many apps are unsuccessful is poor marketing strategies. Release early and often For growing your user base and drawing the investors’ attention, you need to release core features and leverage communities such as Meetup, Hacker News and Product Hunt to grab and earn early adopters. 5 Ways to Use Mobile Apps for Small Businesses - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. Top 5 Wearable Tech Startups Trending In 2016 - AppInventiv. After a not so good ending in the previous year 2015, this year is gradually gaining momentum because of new startups being initiated. Under the category of wearable tech, new startups like new investments, new mergers and many new lucrative developments are now taking place this year in the era of wearable tech once again.

It is a highly time consuming task to keep up with ever increasing pace of the wearable tech landscape but this edition of April has altogether brought a new change in it. Here are some important wearable tech startups this year. Motiv is a San Francisco based startup which is recently started and which has raised more than dollar 8.6 million in the series of "micro-wearable devices". In this generation of wearable technology, this startup can easily connect the human body with the technology in several kinds of ways. Withings is a France wearable maker. Athos holds the second place in the wearable technology in the wearable tech startups of 2016. 5 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare - AppInventiv. As per the survey by Research2Guidance, there are 100,000 plus mobile health round the globe, with more than 4million free downloads daily. Does A Travel App Make Any Difference? – Web and Mobile App Development Company. How Mobile App Development Solutions Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company.

5 Easy Prototype Tools for Your Web App - AppInventiv. Prototyping is a very great and a handy tool especially when it comes to bridging the gap between the idea which you have formulated about the product and its actual implementation. Today, there are ample numbers of tools which are available online which help you to develop your application in a meaningful way. Latest Android App Development Trends of 2016 – Web and Mobile App Development Company. Today in this technologically advanced scenario, the app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The majority of People are increasingly using their mobile devices in order to surf the net, the android app development has received a lot of attention of the common masses. Top 5 Tips for Developing a Successful iPhone App - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. 6 World-class iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2016 - AppInventiv.

Irrespective of what pioneering venture Apple executes, the world watches with hankering eyes and is looking for seeking to get best and most recent advances. Understanding the Basics of Mobile App Development – Web and Mobile App Development Company. Why Android Is Suitable For App Development? - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. AppInventiv: Handy Tips For Developing HTML 5 Mobile Apps!

With smartphone penetration growing at a rapid pace of more than 70% per year, the demand for mobile applications written in HTML 5 is rising by the day. Given the fact that applications written in html 5 are quite light-weight, easy to use and do not take much developer resources, HTML5 mobile apps is surely going to emerge as the best bet for small businesses. Not to be Missed Features of Android N – Web and Mobile App Development Company. Google has recently released its first developer sample of Android N, its upcoming OS for smartphones and tablet which is expected to hit the market with updated preview on May 18, before the full release in this autumn.

Though the name “N” remains a closely guarded secret— maybe Nerds, or Nougat or Nutella??? Mobile Website vs Mobile Applications: The Never Ending Debate - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. AppInventiv: 5 Must-Have Enterprise Mobility Apps for the Remote Worker. Invest In iPad App Development For Sure Shot Returns – Web and Mobile App Development Company.

Coolest Mobile Apps for Modern Businessmen - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. The AppInventiv team of mobile developers share recent case studies. Why Your Business Should Invest In Mobile App Development. A look at the iPhone 7 specs, hardware & features. How AppInventiv works? - inside story of an emerging and pioneering start-up. Why To Choose Android App Development For Your Business? Mobile A/B Testing Pitfalls to Avoid for Developers. iOS9 vs Android 6.0 Marshmallow Neck-and-Neck. 5 Best Frameworks for Building Hybrid Mobile Apps. Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App? Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development. 3 Common App Development Mistakes That May Smash Your App. Right Ways To Help You Choose The Best Mobile App Platform – Web and Mobile App Development Company. How to Hire a Proficient App Developer and Not Regret It - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. AppInventiv: 3 Common App Development Mistakes That May Smash Your App.

AppInventiv Emerging as a Leading Swift App Development Company - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company. AppInventiv: 7 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For In 2016. Tips to Develop Business-centric Mobile Apps – Web and Mobile App Development Company. 5 Tips to choose the Right Platform for Mobile Application Development. Here’re a Few Steps for Novices to Develop a Successful Android App - AppInventiv - Web and Mobile App Development Company.

Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2016.