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For mobile app testing, ad fraud detection, interstitial ads testing, click fraud detection solutions, etc., appbiz360 is the name global businesses count on!

How You Can Publish an App on Google Play Store. The Google Play Store, with over 1 billion monthly active users, is arguably the biggest source Android users extensively rely on, when it comes to downloading apps.

How You Can Publish an App on Google Play Store

When you have an app featured prominently on the most reliable go-to source, it will ensure you a high number of downloads. Seem excited about publishing your first app on Google Play Store? No matter you are a novice or a first timer, having your app published on Google Play can seem pretty overwhelming. Like any other app store, Google Play comes with its own set of rules, regulations, and other procedures. You just need to understand its functionality so you can avoid any issues that may occur in the future. Completed the mobile application development process? In this blog, we will make it easier for you how you can get your Android (special) product published on Google Play Store. So, let us get started, shall we? Create a Developer Account The sign up process is pretty simple. Add a Merchant Account Prepare the Documents. 10 Best Shopify Apps to Improve Your Sales. Shopify is an ever expanding platform that provides a multitude of growth opportunities to merchants.

10 Best Shopify Apps to Improve Your Sales

No matter the size and range of your eCommerce business, it will help you facilitate the entire process. Busy? Have a store to run? No matter the reason, you want the most Shopify amazing app to help you tackle the problem. Pros and Cons of Cyber Security. The cyber world we live in makes us susceptible to a number of cyber-attacks.

Pros and Cons of Cyber Security

When it comes to dealing with cybersecurity, there are procedures and methods that need to be taken into account. Cyber-attacks take place every day and the average person would not know how to stay secure and protected. A workplace is where the worst cyber-attacks can happen. That is why learning about security and risk management will help you feel secure. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of cybersecurity. First things first! What is Cyber Security? Cybersecurity is an activity that is targeted at accessing, transforming, or causing irreplaceable damage to confidential information. Cyber-attacks, when successfully pulled off by any unauthorized user, can make things worse as they can enable them to gain access to your sensitive data. Types of security attacks include: Phishing Attack Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack Malware Attack Viruses Spyware and Keyloggers. How IoT is the Future of Mobile App Development. In today’s digital world, we rely extensively on smartphones and the need to acquire quick data.

How IoT is the Future of Mobile App Development

Consumers and businesses update themselves with the leading and cutting-edge technology. Right from controlling a drone to adjusting HVAC on your mobile, our world is consistently revolving around new technology. Web App vs. Mobile App: What’s better for you? – appbiz360. As technologies for both web and mobile apps have developed quickly, organizations fall into the problem of choosing the correct medium to arrive at target customers.

Web App vs. Mobile App: What’s better for you? – appbiz360

There are situations in which a web application development company can grow either a web app or a mobile app because of spending constraints. Most entrepreneurs do not, in any event, have the slightest understanding of the difference between them and what influence their companies would have. The responsibility of evaluating the right one for your organization is therefore on you. 8 Skills Required for Front End Web Developer – appbiz360. Have you ever wondered who is responsible on the websites or mobile apps that you visit for all you see?

8 Skills Required for Front End Web Developer – appbiz360

Do you have an idea who developed all those items with which you communicate when opening web pages? The images, texts, videos and all other material you see on the sites are part of front-end developer programming. The front-end developer is responsible in a web and mobile app development team for making websites appealing, interactive and accessible. The front end developer’s job covers all things involving ensuring a website functions properly and effectively. 6 Reasons to Learn Mobile Web Development? – appbiz360. Planning to boost your developer skills but cannot choose the direction?

6 Reasons to Learn Mobile Web Development? – appbiz360

Why not practice mobile web development if you want to carry out something new and exciting? It may not be as popular as the mobile or native app development, but it’s slowly growing. Advantages of Custom Mobile App Development – appbiz360. Custom mobile app is the need for the hour in today’s time.

Advantages of Custom Mobile App Development – appbiz360

Why You Need Mobile App for Ecommerce Store ? Best Practices for the Mobile App Security – appbiz360. Why Choose AngularJS Framework for Web & Mobile App Development? – appbiz360. We have a variety of technologies and languages around us for web and mobile app development, but the key challenge is to select one that meets your needs.

Why Choose AngularJS Framework for Web & Mobile App Development? – appbiz360

The language that is growing rapidly and that also covers the growth of the web & mobile application is AngularJS, if you go with the latest statistics. Well, in the latest era, if you waste a lot of time developing a web and mobile application, just stop now and choose Angular JS as your first choice. If we describe AngularJS technically, Angular JS is one of Google’s leading JavaScript open source frameworks.

Huge Benefits of Using CodeIgniter PHP Framework – appbiz360. The market offers several open-source platforms that allow a developer to develop a website free of charge.

Huge Benefits of Using CodeIgniter PHP Framework – appbiz360

CodeIgniter is one of the best open-source platforms to allow you to use PHP to build a trouble free website and application. CodeIgniter has become very famous due to its different and incredible features. It is used for the PHP app development services. The applications that work on CodeIgniter work fast and effectively because of its dynamic characteristics. This strong PHP framework assists programmers in developing a complex application. Dynamic website powered by PHP helps the user to get to the site. How Technology is Enhancing the Education System? – appbiz360. Technology helps our day-to-day lives to a large extent and this year already has a brilliant example. 2020 is a year for which no one can forget, an unprecedented global health crisis.

Each sector has had an immense global influence on lock-down. The education sector has the same experience and many of the students have already lost it. There are innumerable factors, such as online learning and comfort to incorporate technology into the educational sector. In the world of learning, this is going to make a big improvement. Should I Hire iOS App Developers in India? Why Should You Hire iPhone/ iOS App Developers in India? Mobile app startups across the world have one common challenge and it is to acquire & retain users.

Most businesses end up losing nearly 50% of their app users in the first few days of acquisition due to a number of field and security issues. The apps look & feel great and, normally, pass all tests that are conducted by the in-house quality testers. But, most of these apps fail miserably in real world. There are numerous field issues that an app may have to encounter, such as poor or no signal, CPU speed, different types of mobile devices, different Internet connections including 2G, 3G,4G, etc., app usage styles, and security issues including hackers, fraud users and more. Trust the Best Android App Development Company in India to Build High Performing Apps. Why Most Appreneurs Hire iPhone App Developers in India. Boost User Engagement with Angular Mobile Web Development. Looking for Best Hybrid App Development Services in India? How to Find the Top Mobile App Development Company in India?

Choose the Best Web App Development Company in India for Building Great Apps!