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The Odd Couple: How Ed Tech Must Support Vastly Different Types of Professors. 10 Time-Proven Moodle Plugins for Teachers and Students That You Don’t Want to Miss. Image source I thought these plugins, and Leona’s insights, would be of interest to some Moodle users and applaud Leona’s willingness to experiment with them. Of course, readers need to pay heed to their institution’s policy on plugins before running down this path. We always test them in a development environment at The College of Westchester before considering them for installation in our production environment. – KW Living in the digital era means using online tools every day. Students use them as well, and are typically comfortable using tools like these at school. Online tools can bring many benefits to the educational process. I’d like to share my experiences in using Moodle and its plugins in my classes. 1.

Some teachers pay great attention to attendance in the classroom. 2. Students upload their assignments and the teacher sees a list of submitted assignments, without grades. 3. 4. Let’s imagine you have a question regarding your class activities. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Demo. The Best Moodle Plugins. Moodle News | News, Information and Resources for the World's Leading LMS. Top 10 Rules for Developing Your First Online Course. March 3, 2014 By: John Orlando, PhD in Online Education Years of helping faculty pass to the dark side of online education have taught me a few simple rules that I brow beat (in a collegial way) into all new online teachers. Rule 1: Provide Extra Detail in Your Online Syllabus Most of us spend much of the first day of class going through the syllabus, taking time to elaborate on different points, and answering questions as we go along.

Online classrooms lack this time, and so the syllabus must be more detailed than it would be for a face-to-face class, especially when it comes to procedures. Rule 2: Begin with Community Building Despite appearances, online education is (should be) a fundamentally communal endeavor, with discussion taking center stage. Rule 3: Design for the Web I remember building my first online course by transcribing the lectures from my face-to-face course into text.

Dr. Morehead State University :: Instructional Technology :: ADA Top 10 List. Instructional Technology Center Instructional Technology Center100 Camden-Carroll LibraryCommons AreaMorehead, KY 40351Phone: 606-783-2140E-Mail: Office HoursMonday-Friday8am-4:30pm MSU Home :: ADA Top 10 List 10 Online Accessibility Modifications Use headings (aka Styles) in MS Word Use style features in PowerPoint Use OCR (optical character reader) when making scans. Instead of scans, when possible try to use electronic files. Weather Forecast © Copyright 2015 Morehead State University 150 University Blvd. MSU is an affirmative action, equal opportunity, educational institution. Accreditation and Memberships • About this site • Web site Feedback © Copyright 2015 Morehead State University - 150 University Blvd. ShareThis Copy and Paste. A Comparison of Learning Management System Accessibility.

Introduction If not designed with accessibility in mind, Learning Management Systems (LMS) can pose accessibility problems for students and instructors with disabilities. Depending on the features enabled for a given course, students with disabilities could find that participating independently and effectively is nearly impossible. Some LMS tools—Discussions, Quizzes, Chat, or Wiki tools, for instance—can be more problematic than others. Learning Management Systems are becoming richer and more complex applications, and if they are not designed with accessibility in mind, it can be next to impossible to make them accessible and usable to users with various needs. Increasing Awareness Thanks to the hard work of accessibility advocates, in particular the LMS collaboration/working groups across the country, accessibility has become part of the design criteria for most commercial and open-source LMS projects. Convincing IT administration to include accessibility in the purchase process. 1.

Some essential moodle 2 plugins pecha kucha 2012. Some Random Thoughts. Good news for those who have been snowed under the last few weeks and would have missed the deadline for submissions, we now have another two weeks to get that submission drafted. What is the Moodle Research Conference? The Moodle Research Conference (MRC) is an annual international event dedicated to research and development (R&D) in learning and teaching carried out with Moodle.

The MRC provides an opportunity for researchers, faculty/teachers, technologists, and other experts who either conduct research on the impact of using Moodle on student learning or develop tools increasing capacity to conduct research on Moodle use. Attendees share experiences and exchange research achievements and innovative developments. I attended the first two research conferences and the content was clearly quite different to the Moodlemoots. Location & Dates The timing of the conference is great this year! Topics for submissions Types of submissions Full papers Poster papers Demonstrations For more details.